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GiveAway: Tension (By a Thread #2) by R.L. Griffin


(By a Thread #2) 


R.L. Griffin 

We recently had a chance to chat with the lovely R.L. Griffin so we asked her a couple of questions gnawing away at us…

Give us 3 quirks about Stella no one knows...
Quirks…I don’t think there is anything about Stella you guys don’t know. 
1- She will only eat coffee ice cream because it's her mother's favorite flavor.  
2- She’s banned all citrus products from her house, including oranges, lemons and limes. 
3- She’s already gotten two new tattoos and has plans for more.  

What was George's real first impression when he first saw her...
George was taken with the spark in her eye showing her mischievous nature and her soul that shined at that time. She was so full of hope and the future, before anything had beat her down. It was nice for him to see someone so full of expectation without any cynicism. He also thought she had a tight ass and a great smile. 

If Stella could've talked to "he who shall not be named" without the animosity do you think they could've worked things out?
Probably, depending on when that chat would have been. Listen, Jamie did not start off where he ended. His circumstances made him into someone that she didn’t know, someone that he didn’t want to be. Maybe not, because she would never forgive him for lying to her and she never him a chance to explain that maybe it was not all his fault. The person that would also need to be involved in this conversation would be Patrick and that may put a wrench in the “no animosity” party. 

Last but most def NOT LEAST…

Had Patrick been honest with Stella from the beginning do you think their path in life would've been different? (shh don't tell Marly we love her to bits!)
I think this is a great question.  Did you read the Alternative Universe post I did?  It answers that question and yes. It would have been very different.

What?!!! NO?!! OMG y’all here is a link where you can find it…

Eeeep Awesome! Thank you for stopping by!!

About The Author

R.L. Griffin lives in the Atlanta area and is surrounded by awesome dudes: her husband, son and two dogs. She went to law school at American University, Washington College of Law, but only after she fell in love with D.C. R.L. worked in the Senate during the impeachment trial and wanted to stay. After law school, she worked for a bit in the area, then moved to Atlanta. 

If you ask anyone who knows R.L., they know she loves reading and reads all sorts of books. Any free time she has she’s either reading, writing or drinking with friends.


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  2. Coffee ice cream I can get behind but no limes? Um...just no.


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