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Blog Tour: His Reverie by Monica Murphy

His Reverie
By: Monica Murphy
Published: July 28, 2014
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GR's Summary:

I knew from the moment I first saw her she was the one. The only girl I could ever want. The only girl I could ever love. She is light. I am darkness. She is innocent. I’ve done too much. She is good. I am bad. She is my every dream. I should be her every nightmare. We come from different worlds. She’s…perfect. And I’m… Not. Somehow she wants me anyway. So we’ll grasp at what we can...

My Thoughts:

His Reverie was a gripping story about the innocence of first love, and how when you meet that special someone, you completely get lost in them and want to spend every waking moment together.

Reverie Hale comes from an ultra-conservative family.  Her father is a televangelist, and even though she has had a life of wealth and privilege, she also has been suffocated by her parents ideologies and prejudices.  Reverie is a romantic at heart.  She daydreams of the day she will fall in love and be moved by a guy the way that the characters are moved in her books and television shows.  When she see's Nicholas, the new hired help for the summer, she thinks he is absolutely gorgeous.

Nick had been down on his luck for most of his life.  His father left his mother, and then died a year later.  He got wrongfully convicted and sent to jail for a crime that he didn't commit, because his best friend lied about him, and now that he is released, he quickly ends up losing his mother to terminal Cancer.  However, when he gets hired for the summer to work at the Hale's summer vacation home, he hopes to save enough money to begin a new life.  When he meets Reverie, he is taken aback by her beauty, innocence, and sweet disposition.  He knows Reverie is out of his league, but he wants to do something to make himself happy for a change.

Soon Reverie and Nicholas find themselves sneaking around every spare moment to be together.  However, the odds are stacked against them with Nicholas' jealous and conniving ex-girlfriend, Krista, threatening him, as well as Valerie Hale making it clear to Nick that her daughter is off limits, or she will destroy him.

His Reverie pulled me in right away.  I fell in love with both main characters right away.  Even though Reverie was a bit naive and innocent about life, she was very sweet, loving, caring, and compassionate.  She reminded me a lot of myself when I was younger.  I couldn't stand her mother Valerie, who acted jealous of her own daughter, and felt the need to compete with her for her father's attention.  I felt for Nicholas' plight.  The poor guy had the odds stacked against him.  Yet, he was resilient, hard working, and wanted to make something of his life.  He made some mistakes, but he learned from them.

The romance between Reverie and Nicholas was very passionate, and I was rooting for the two of them the whole time.  I loved how this story was realistic and included sex scenes.  Many Y.A. stories aren't realistic in the fact that they do not include more that a kiss, and act like teenagers don't know about sex.  The scenes were not frequent, or explicit in nature. However, at 17 years old, most teenagers have some knowledge of sex,  and some are even experimenting with it, as was the case with Reverie and Nicholas.  

I also loved how the story was told from Nicholas' point of view, yet we also got to read some of Reverie's thoughts through her daily journaling.  I kept waiting for the last shoe to drop for these two, and had an idea of how I thought the story would end.  Boy was I wrong!  I was shocked by the ending of the story!  The suspense meter was at an all time high during the last third of the story!!!  Then, I was delivered a massive cliffhanger!!!

My Rating:

I give, His Reverie, by Monica Murphy 4 Obsessive First Love, Suspenseful, Passionate, Dreaded Cliff-Hanger Filled Stars!!!  I can't wait to read the sequel, and am glad that it is coming out later this month, so I don't have to wait too long!

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About Monica Murphy:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Monica Murphy is a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite. A wife and mother of three, she writes New Adult and contemporary romance for Bantam and Avon. She is the author of One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend.

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  1. i love the adventure the whats gonna happen next aspect of reading a Young Adult novel its fun you just wanna keep reading till you find out what happens

  2. I want the first love story that I never got. I love finding a great young adult book and love be able to get lost in it. Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to reading this one.

  3. The fact that the characters are so young, not always as free, but still they can do silly things and let go..it's a first for most things, like fall in love, and making mistakes, learning from them and grow up and be a better person

  4. I'm in the middle of this one. I'm glad it surprised you because I keep thinking I get it. I hope I'm surprised too.


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