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Book Review : Room for Just a Little Bit More (Cranberry Inn, #2.5) by Beth Ehemann

Room for
Just a Little
Bit More
Cranberry Inn, 
# 2.5
by Beth Ehemann

August 9th, 2014



Five years ago, my dreams were shattered in an instant. 

One year ago, a horrible rainstorm flooded a bridge in town, leaving us with an Inn full of stranded travelers. Turns out one of those travelers would give me a whole new set of dreams, ones I never thought possible. Brody Murphy spent the last year teaching me what it was like to live, and more importantly love, again. 

Two days ago, he asked me to marry him, and if I’d said yes any faster, I would have interrupted the most romantic proposal ever offered. I can’t wait to marry him and spend the rest of our lives spoiling our Twinkies. 

One year from now I’ll be Mrs. Kacie Murphy, assuming everything goes nice and smooth.

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I have been waiting for this moment to arrive since I read one of the most beautiful proposals of all times. It was BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL! I was so happy for them that I thought that my heart was going to burst into one million pieces of happiness. This series has it all!!! It's emotional, romantic, sexy and fun!

Room for Just a Little Bit More was PHENOMENAL! I wanted Kacie and Brody to have the most beautiful wedding and an amazing HEA. Beth Ehemann exceeded all of my expectations! I did not think that Brody Murphy could get any more romantic. Oh, boy! Was I wrong!!!! Prepare for some major swoon attacks!!! Brody Murphy is all that and a pack of Oreos! Kacie is one lucky lady! I laughed and I cried tears of joy while reading Room for Just a Little Bit More. When I finished reading it,  I was left with a huge smile on my face and a happy heart. 

This is a novella so it was shorter than the two previous books, but every chapter was packed with tender, sweet, romantic and unforgettable moments. This book is all about the craziness that goes on before a wedding. The details, the tears, the romance, and even the unexpected that a couple has to deal with. I have been cheering for this amazing couple to finally get their HEA, and they did! While reading this last installment in Kacie and Brody's memorable journey I fell in love with them even more! This series is one of my top five favorite series EVERRRRRR!!! I hope all the paperbacks will be available soon so I can add them to my wish list. Having the ebooks on my reading device just won't do! They need to go on my top shelf with the books that hold a very special place in my heart. 

This is one series that YOU do not want to miss! I wish that I could read about these characters forever!!! Why can't series be like soap operas? They last for years!!!! LOL!!! I just wanted to mention that the characters in this series are FANTASTIC!!!! Viper, which is Brody's teammate and good friend, is getting his own book. I can't freakin' wait!!!! He's so funny!!! I'm crossing my fingers that Andy will get his own book as well. He's such an amazing man! He deserves his HEA! Oh, and I really hope that the twinkies and Emma get their own books too! I can't get enough!!! I want everybody to be happy! <3


I give, Room for Just a Little Bit More, by Beth Ehemann 5 precious, exceptional, sweet, romantic, I-will-never-forget-this-series stars!

About the Author

Beth Ehemann lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago with her 4 children and her husband, who is really just a big kid himself most of the time. She loves reading, writing, photography, martinis and all things Chicago Cubs.

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