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Waiting on Wednesday (99)

A Lie for a Lie
All In #1
By: Helena Hunting
Release Date: October 15, 2019
Publisher: Montlake Romance

Book Synopsis:

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Pucked series comes a romantic comedy about instant attraction, second chances, and not-so-little white lies. 

Sometimes I need an escape from the demands, the puck bunnies, and the notoriety that come with being an NHL team captain. I just want to be a normal guy for a few weeks. So when I leave Chicago for some peace and quiet, the last thing I expect is for a gorgeous woman to literally fall into my lap on a flight to Alaska. Even better, she has absolutely no idea who I am. 

Lainey is the perfect escape from my life. My plan for seclusion becomes a monthlong sex fest punctuated with domestic bliss. But it ends just as abruptly as it began. When I’m called away on a family emergency, I realize too late that I have no way to contact Lainey. 

A year later, a chance encounter throws Lainey and me together again. But I still have a lie hanging over my head, and Lainey’s keeping secrets of her own. With more than lust at stake, the truth may be our game changer.

Why I'm Eagerly Waiting:

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I'm a huge Helena Hunting fan!  I love the way she completely pulls me in to her stories, to the point where I don't want to do anything else but read, and once I finish, I'm always left with a major book hangover.  This story sounds a little different from her usual books with the element of mystery and the blurb gives me the impression that the story will be more serious than what I've read of her books so far.  I'm definitely curious, and extremely excited to read this book!

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Blog Tour: Holding on to Forever by Siobhan Davis and S. B. Alexander

Holding on to Forever


Siobhan Davis & S.B. Alexander


Sept. 15, 2019


eARC from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for a honest review

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Book Synopsis:

Secretly dating Coach Parker’s daughter was never part of the plan. Neither was becoming her dealer… 


Returning to my drug-dealing past wasn’t on the agenda when I accepted the full ride to play ball at Cypress U. But Mom lost her job. And my sister’s medical bills are mounting. So, I’ve no choice but to change the playbook. 

When Emily walks into my life, like a fallen goddess with the ultimate power to destroy me, I know I’m screwed. I should steer clear, but I’m the one supplying her poison of choice. Falling for her is a complication I don’t need, but the more she’s around, the harder it gets to walk away. She needs me, and I crave her more than the sport I love. 

Now, it’s all on the line. Including the NFL career that’s tantalizingly close. 

The stakes are high, but family means everything, so I’ll take my chances. 


It’s only a problem if it’s out of control. And I have it in hand.  

Except a certain a-hole discovers I’m using again, and he threatens to rat me out to my folks. Mom’s president of Cypress U, and Dad’s the illustrious football coach. Appearances mean everything to them, and I’m a continuous disappointment. They told me I’d be out on my ass if I fell off the wagon, so keeping it a secret is my number one priority. 

Until the super-hot all-star QB takes more than a passing interest in me. Adam gets me, in a way no guy ever has, filling my head with ideas of forever—and now, I want more. 

Dating my dealer is a recipe for disaster, especially when it’s forbidden, but I can’t help myself. 

Because I’ve fallen too deep. 

And the hole is too large to crawl out of.

My Thoughts:

Holding on to Forever was a real page turner!  I read the story in two sittings!  There is a lot of drama and possible triggers, as it deals with sexual assault, and serious drug addiction, but boy was it one very wild ride!

Adam is the star quarterback for Cypress University, which he attends on a full football scholarship.  He hopes to make it to the NFL one day and the only thing more important to him than football is his mother and younger sister Phoebe.  His sister suffers from cystic fibrosis and when she gets seriously ill and is hospitalized, he learns that it's because her vest broke and his mother can't afford to repair it; due to the loss of her job.  He decides to sell drugs in order to be able to help his mother pay to fix the vest, as well as Phoebe's extremely expensive medical bills that are continuously piling up.

Emily is addicted to the drug Molly, (a form of Ecstasy).  She uses it to escape her past as well as present bleak reality.  She officially meets Adam when she is trying to score Molly with her friends
.  In the meantime, Emily is being blackmailed by Weston, who is trying to force her in to sexual situations, and what he is holding over her head is pretty bad.  When Adam tries to save her from Weston's forceful advances at a frat party, these two have instant attraction and chemistry.  This is the beginning of them falling for one another, but both have the odds stacked against them.  Will Adam destroy his future by dealing?  Will Emily be able stop Weston and beat her drug addiction?  Can love win when the odds are stacked against the both of them?

I enjoy angst filled romance with lots of twists!  There wasn't a dull moment in Holding on to Forever, and I loved how unpredictable the plot was, and how it completely held my attention from the very beginning, until the very end.  I enjoy the fact that the authors gave us a dual narrative, so that we could see the internal as well as external struggles going on with Adam and Emily.  

We got three horrible villains, a great supporting cast of secondary characters, and two main characters that I was rooting for, even though I didn't foresee any way that they could possibly get out of the messes that they were in.  If you enjoy a fast paced, angst filled, and dramatic romance, check out Holding on to Forever! 

Book Teasers:

Book Excerpt:
I’m half-tempted to call Donnie to make sure he gave me the correct address when headlights brighten the narrow alleyway. 

The SUV is crawling toward me, and my nerves are jacked. I shouldn’t be doing this. I should find a decent part-time job to pay for my sister’s medical expenses, but I see no other way. We have to get her vest fixed or buy a new one. Selling drugs is the only way to make some quick cash. Besides, I’m good at it. I sold dope and pills for years, and I’d never been arrested. I always had my pulse on the neighborhoods, and I knew where cops loitered at night. 

You’ve been out too long. Things might have changed, and you’re in a new state. 

I push my inner thoughts aside. None of that matters. I’m always alert. I always know what’s around me, and as Mom tells me, I’m perceptive as hell. I have to be. Taking care of Mom and Phoebe—especially Phoebe—I have to be alert to her sounds, her breathing, and her emotions. 

Thinking of my sister sends pain slicing through my chest. I can’t let anything happen to her. She spent two days in the hospital, where the doctor pumped her with antibiotics, until she started feeling better. 

The SUV pulls to a stop, and a short stocky guy gets out of the front passenger seat brandishing a gun. The driver, a taller man than his compadre, follows. 

I lift my hands as if a cop is arresting me. “I’m unarmed.” 

Aiming the gun at my head, he stalks toward me. His dark eyes are hard, his mission resolute. “Move and you’re dead.” His deep voice is lethal. 

An all too familiar wave washes over me, and I’m tempted to back out of this stupid idea to sell drugs and run before he pulls the trigger. I’m not any good dead to Mom and Phoebe. But I know his words are just a scare tactic while he frisks me. 

I stand statue-still while the second dude, sporting a thin beard and no mustache, pats my sides, my lower back, down my legs, and straight down to my ankles. He sticks one finger in the air. “All clear.” 

The stocky dude lowers his gun, and, inwardly, I grin. The goon didn’t find the blade in my boot. I’m not about to use it though. But I don’t walk into situations like these unarmed. Still, I make a mental note of the type of men I’m dealing with. 

A tall man climbs out of the back seat. He’s sporting baggy jeans and a New York Yankees ball cap, and the gold bling around his neck probably weighs ten pounds as it glints off the dim light on the side of the car repair shop.

It’s all I can do not to roll my eyes. Donnie doesn’t show off like this dude. Donnie’s motto is blend in with the crowd. Standing out only draws attention. 

“You must be Wrangler. I’m Ray Diaz.” Ray struts over to the metal garage door. “You understand I have to be careful.” He punches a code in on the keypad tacked to the frame of the door. Within a second, it opens. 

I tuck my hands in my jean pockets. “I’m well aware of the industry.” 

A deep chuckle erupts from Ray. “I heard. Donnie told me you were a cocky punk too.”

It’s my turn to laugh. “When I need to be.”

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About Siobhan:

USA Today bestselling author Siobhan Davis writes emotionally intense young adult and new adult romantic fiction with swoon-worthy romance, complex characters, and tons of unexpected plot twists and turns that will have you flipping the pages beyond bedtime! She is the author of the international bestselling Kennedy Boys, Saven, and True Calling series’. 

Siobhan’s family will tell you she’s a little bit obsessive when it comes to reading and writing, and they aren’t wrong. She can rarely be found without her trusty Kindle, a paperback book, or her laptop somewhere close at hand. 

Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Siobhan forged a successful corporate career in human resource management. 

She resides in the Garden County of Ireland with her husband and two sons.

About SB:

I'm Susan Alexander, and you'll find my books under S.B. Alexander. I'm an independent author with close to 20 titles to date. I write young adult and new adult romances that span the sub-categories of coming of age, sports, paranormal, suspense, and military fiction. My stories are emotional, angsty, and character driven.
In between writing, I spend time with my soul mate of 21 years who got a bad deal in life. Four years ago he was diagnosed with ALS. It's a horrible disease, but we both have been making the best of life, laughing, smiling, and doing what we can together.
But writing is a great outlet for me to take my mind to another place. Plus, I have a great network of family, friends, fans, and so much more. I truly have an angel on my shoulder. My mantra is make the best of life because it's too darn short.
I love to hear from readers and fans. Drop me a line by filling out the contact form on my website or you can email me at or stalk me on social media.

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Sunday Post & Stacking the Shelves (45)

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This week I continued my detox cleanse, and it seems to be getting easier.  I have been binging on the Once Upon a Time series on Netflix and watching Bachelor in Paradise on Hulu.

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Book Review: Glow of the Fireflies by Lindsey Duga

Glow of the Fireflies
By: Lindsey Duga
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Release Date: October 1, 2019
Source: eARC from the publisher in exchange for a honest review
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Briony never planned to go back to the place she lost everything.

Firefly Valley, nestled deep within the Smoky Mountains, is better kept in her past. After an unexplained fire gave Briony amnesia, her mother disappeared and her dad moved them to Knoxville.

But now her grandmother needs a caretaker and Briony's dad volunteers her to help. The moment she returns, her whole world shifts. She feels a magical connection to this valley, as if it's literally part of her somehow.

And when she meets a hot guy who claims he was her childhood friend but now mysteriously keeps his distance, Briony starts piecing together her missing past...and discovers her mother didn't leave to start a new life somewhere. She's trapped in the hidden world within the valley.

Now, Briony will do whatever it takes to rescue her, even if it means standing up against dangerously powerful nature spirits. Even if it means giving up her first love.

My Thoughts:

Glow of the Fireflies was a unique, and adventurous fantasy.  It was simplistic and imaginative. This story is perfect for middle schoolers.  I loved the vivid imagery that Lindsey Duga crafted with the setting of Firefly Valley.  I could clearly see the Smoky Mountains, the wisps, the animal spirits, and all of nature.

Briony has both literal and metaphorical scars from a fire that occurred in her old home in the Smoky Mountains.  She suffered amnesia after the incident and can't remember her past.  Shortly after, her mother left and Briony always blamed herself; thinking that it was because her mother couldn't handle her amnesiac condition.  

Briony's father moved them to Knoxville, but after her maternal grandmother needs a caretaker, she is tasked with returning to the Smoky Mountains.  She meets the gorgeous and mysterious Alder, and together, they are about to embark on a perilous journey to rescue her mother from a dangerous nature spirit...

Glow of the Fireflies had beautiful and descriptive writing.  The pacing was moderate, and I loved the main characters Briony, and Alder.  Briony persevered against all of her obstacles and never even thought of giving up when circumstances were at their bleakest.  I loved Alder, because he was loyal, heroic, sweet, and willing to sacrifice himself for Briony.  He encompassed unconditional love, and gave me all of the feels.  My only critique of the story was that I expected the plot to be a little more layered, and complex.  Like I said, it was a pretty simple story, and I think it would be perfect for middle schoolers.

If you are an animal and nature lover, and enjoy a unique and imaginative story with lovable characters, adventure, and beautiful visuals, I highly recommend Glow of the Fireflies!

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About the Author:

Lindsey Duga is a middle grade and young adult writer with a passion for fantasy, science fiction, and basically any genre that takes you away from the real world. She wrote her first novel in college while she was getting her bachelor’s in Mass Communication from Louisiana State University.

Other than writing and cuddling with her morkie puppy, Delphi, Lindsey loves catching up on the latest superhero TV show and practicing yoga.

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Waiting on Wednesday (98)

Getting Played
Getting Some #2
By: Emma Chase
Release Date: October 8, 2019

Book Synopsis:

A magnificent new romance by New York Times bestselling author Emma Chase. 

Dean Walker is all about keeping life simple. He's effortlessly talented and intelligent—spending his summers playing drums in the local band and the rest of the year teaching high school in the same Jersey town where he grew up. He likes his love life simple too, enjoying the commitment-free hook-ups his good looks and sexy charm have always made oh so easy. 

Then he meets Lainey Burrows. And his simple, easy life gets turned upside down. 

One wild one-night stand was all it was ever supposed to be, so Lainey is shocked when she discovers that her sizzling summer fling is also her son's new math teacher. But that's nothing compared to the most unexpected twist of all—their hot hook-up left Lainey knocked up, and now they're about to become parents. Together. 

What ensues is an addictive, insatiable, sweet and tender romance that won't be simple, but it will be more than worth the fight.

Why I'm Eagerly Waiting:

Emma Chase is one of my favorite contemporary romance authors.  Her stories always deliver laughs, feels, and swoony romance!  This story sounds like it's going to be a fun one with all of the twists as well! 

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Blog Tour: Best of Me by LK Farlow

Best of Me
By: LK Farlow

Sept. 5, 2019

eARC from Author in exchange for a honest review

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Book Synopsis:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the dark to my sister’s light—the awkward loner to her social butterfly. Growing up, she had it all: our parent’s unyielding approval, perfect grades, a permanent spot at the popular table, and the attention of the hottest guy ever—Duke Kincaid. 

After eighteen years of living in her shadow, I couldn’t wait to escape—to finally be my own person. Yet here I am, I’m back in my hometown, once again in Valorie’s shadow. Only now, it’s eternal. 

I had life all planned out: join the force, marry Valorie Parsons, and start a family of our own. I have the job, but the girl and all my dreams died before my very eyes. 

Finally ready to move on, I agree to a blind date. Imagine my shock when I arrive and find, Valorie’s twin sister, waiting across the table from me. Mallory should be a reminder of all that I’ve lost, but instead she feels like my redemption . . . like maybe life’s giving me a second chance.

But, how can I be enough for her when I’ve already given her sister the best of me?  

My Thoughts:

Best of Me was the first book I've read by LK Farlow.  While it is not a part of a series per say, I noticed on Goodreads that Best Laid Plans and Best of Intentions feature secondary characters that are prominent in this story.

Mallory Parsons was treated horribly by her parents, while her identical twin, Valerie, was treated like she was utter perfection.  At school, Mallory kept to herself, and had a low self-esteem due to always being told by her mother how worthless she was.  This created a major rift in her relationship with her sister.  Valerie had it all; friends, popularity, a fairytale like love, success in all of her endeavors, and their parents unconditional love.  So it came as no surprise that the moment Mallory turned eighteen, she moved far away from her family to attend college.

Duke Kincaid found his soulmate as a sophomore in high school.  He took one look at Valerie, and knew that she was the girl he was going to marry.  After Duke is situated as a police officer, and Valerie has gotten her first job as a lawyer, he plans to propose, and move in to their dream home.  However, life has other plans, and on the day that the proposal is planned to take place, Valerie dies in a car accident.  Duke's life is forever changed, and he knows that there will never be another woman for him.

Mallory has put in applications all over for teaching, but the only call back she gets is in the town right next to where her parents live.  She doesn't want to be anywhere near them, but is excited to get her career started.  Mallory ends up befriending her landlord, Jenny, who is the fiancee of Duke's police partner, Nate.   She finds herself growing close to Jenny's best friend, Natalie as well.  Through her new friendships, she encounters Duke, who she is shocked to come face to face with.  As these two are repeatedly forced to interact, there is much to be discussed, unwanted attraction and chemistry on both ends, and a second chance at love.  However, will the guilt they both feel over Valerie's passing and moving on, hold them back?

Best of Me was an effortless story.  I read it fairly quickly and enjoyed the push-pull dynamic that took place between Mallory and Duke.  Mallory was a sweet character, and I especially enjoyed page time as she interacted with her new friends Jenny and Natalie, as well as her day to day life conversations with her Kindergarten students.

Duke frustrated me at the beginning of the story, because he let his feelings of guilt and anger, steer him in his interactions with Mallory.  His poor treatment of her frustrated me, and made me angry.  However, once misconceptions and misunderstandings were ironed out, we saw the good side of Duke.  He was able to admit when he messed up, and he was very romantic in showing and not just telling Mallory how much she meant to him. 

I really loved the secondary characters, and want to go back and read both Jenny's and Natalie's stories.  If you enjoy a fast paced romance, and are a big fan of stories that feature a second chance at love, you should check out, Best of Me.

Book Excerpt:

Nate follows my line of sight and smirks. He may be my best friend and partner, but damn if I don’t want to knock that smarmy-ass look right off his face. And when he opens his mouth, the feeling intensifies. “It’s okay to—” 

I shoot him a withering glare before stomping off toward Mallory. 

I don’t stop until I’m close enough to feel the heat of her body. She has to tilt her head back to see me, and when our eyes meet, my name topples from her lips on a breathy sigh. “We need to talk.” My tone is all business—my cop voice, as Nate calls it—as I wrap my fingers around her forearm, prepared to drag her along behind me if necessary. Luckily, she comes all too willingly—so why am I still holding on to her? 

The feeling of her soft, sun-warmed skin beneath my palm sends little zaps of electricity under my skin, into my muscle. Her nearness has me strung taut like a drawn bow. Here’s to hoping like hell I don’t snap. 

Deep down, like really fucking deep, I know I’m acting like a colossal asshole, but much like a prepubescent boy picking on his schoolyard crush, it’s the only way I know how to deal with all of the conflicting feelings she stirs in me.

Purchase At:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU 

About the Author:

LK Farlow (A.K.A Kate) is a small town girl with a love for words. She's been writing stories for as long she can remember. A Southern girl through and through, Kate resides in beautiful, sunny LA--that's Lower Alabama, y'all--with her amazing husband and three rambunctious children. When she's not writing, you can find her snuggled up on the couch watching car shows while she crochets or with her nose in a book.

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