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Waiting on Wednesday (79)

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Million Dollar Devil
By: Katy Evans
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Release Date: May 28, 2019

Goodreads Summary:

Big-city sophistication meets carnal hunger in this devilish contemporary romance from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katy Evans. 

Heir apparent to her father’s company, Lizzy Banks needs a man. The perfect man. But when the rich “fundbabies” she usually rubs shoulders with prove impossible to hire, she takes a chance on a raw beast of a man salvaged from the wreckage of a bar brawl. 

James Rowan earns a modest income as a YouTube daredevil, but he can’t refuse Lizzy’s million dollar deal. As she polishes his rough edges, creating a sophisticated gentleman fit for the highest circles of society, not only does she bring out the perfect man—it’s like she’s making the man of her dreams. How can she resist? 

Though Lizzy loves seeing James in his clothes—and out of them—he isn’t the kind of man you bring home to Daddy. Her father’s disapproval and the pressure of the campaign have her eyeing the straight and narrow, but Lizzy’s finding it awfully hard to resist the devil on her shoulder…

Why I'm Eagerly Waiting:

I love Katy Evans!  Her Real Series is one of my favorite contemporary romance reads!  If you want some of the sexiest and steamiest characters that you will read about, coupled with a romantic storyline; I recommend reading her books!  When I saw Million Dollar Devil, I didn't even care what it was about.  All I had to see was that it was written by Katy Evans, in order to add it to the top of my wish list/TBR.  

What Are You Waiting On?

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Book Review: Rome's Chance (Reapers MC 6.6) by Joanna Wylde

Rome's Chance
Reapers MC #6.6

Joanna Wylde

Evil Eye Concepts

April 24, 2018


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Book Synopsis:

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Joanna Wylde comes a new story in her Reapers MC series… 

Rome McGuire knew he was in trouble the first time he saw her. 

She was sweet and pretty and just about perfect in every way. She was also too young and innocent for the Reapers Motorcycle Club. He did the right thing, and walked away. 

The second time, he couldn’t resist tasting her. 

Gorgeous and smart, fun and full of wonder, she jumped on his bike and would’ve followed him anywhere. Still, she deserved a shot at happiness somewhere bigger and better than a town like Hallies Falls. Walking away wasn’t so easy that time, but her family needed her and he had a job to do. 

When she came around a third time, he’d had enough. Randi Whittaker had been given two chances to escape, and now it was time for Rome to take his. 

This time, the only way Randi would be leaving Hallies Falls was on the back of Rome’s bike.

**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**


Reapers MC Series:
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My Thoughts:

The Reapers MC is my favorite biker series.  I have read every single one, and every time I hear that a new one is coming out, I get so excited!

Rome's Chance was a wonderful novella.  Sweet, sexy, heartfelt, and a great reading escape, are words I'd use to describe this novella.  I read the story fairly quickly, because it was a smooth and easy read, that I quickly fell in to.  For being a novella, the story was fully developed.  

Randi comes from Hallies Falls, oldest of five children from four different fathers.  Randi's mother had her at a young age, and the brunt of the responsibility of raising her siblings fell on her.  

Eight years ago, Randi met Rome McGuire at a party, and hopped on the back of his motorcycle.  Shortly thereafter, wildfires forced her family to evacuate, and she ended up relocating and attending college in Missoula. Eight years later, Randi returns to her hometown to attend her high school reunion.  

While in town. she runs in to Rome, and the chemistry that they share is as strong as ever.  He hasn't been able to get Randi out of his mind after all of these years, and asks her out on a date.  While Randi tries to turn him down, because she can't see anything really come of it, she eventually can't resist.  Despite their connection, Randi doesn't think that her and Rome have enough in common, and she worries that the MC biker lifestyle would not be for her.  Rome knows that Randi is the woman for him.  Can he convince her that they are meant to be?

I loved Rome and Randi's story.  There were some passionate moments, romantic ones, and some sad ones.  Through it all, Rome convinced me that he was a genuine, thoughtful, and caring man, who wanted a real relationship with Randi.  She had a lot of worries, but when she stopped thinking so much and let her heart lead her, she was at her best!  I loved watching the romance develop between Randi and Rome. I also enjoyed her interactions with her two younger siblings Lexi and Kayden, previous characters in the series, Tinker and Gage, as well as Peaches Taylor, who the next novella will be about.  Fans of the Reapers MC will enjoy this novella, and best of all, even if you haven't read the previous books in the series, Rome's Chance can be read as a standalone. 

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About the Author:

Joanna Wylde is the New York Times bestselling author of the Reapers MC series. She started her writing career in journalism, working in two daily newspapers as both a reporter and editor. Her career has taken different paths, from managing a homeless shelter to running her own freelance writing business, where she took on projects ranging from fundraising to ghostwriting for academics. During 2012 she got her first Kindle reader as a gift and discovered the indie writing revolution taking place online. Shortly afterward she published her breakout book, Reaper's Property, and started writing fiction full time. 

Joanna lives in the mountains of northern Idaho with her family.

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Stacking the Shelves & Sunday Post (35)

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This week I was busy getting ready for Easter.  I got goodies and gift cards to fill baskets for my husband, daughter, and parents.  I got things ready for my daughter's Egg Hunt and class party, as well as a bunch of things to cook and bake to go over to my In-Laws Home, as well as my parents home for Easter.  I got some pampering in; hair and nails, so that was fun!

I am in to learning about natural ways we can make our bodies healthier.  This became a quest for me, due to the fact that my daughter has a lot of health and sensory issues due to her autism, and I have health problems as well.

It's been so much fun learning about essential oils, the healing power of herbs, and how drinking herbal teas, making my own smoothies, juicing, and eating as many raw fruits and vegetables can naturally heal the body.  

I bought a mini binder kit from Barnes and Noble that has dividers, note paper and adhesive notes that I am going to use to put herbal recipes, essential oil recipes etc. and organize by ailment.  For example, I will have sections for Naturally Boosting Immunity, Healthy Gut, Acid Reflux/Heartburn, Flu, Arthritis, etc. along with all of the natural recipes and remedies that I have learned about.  I am really excited for this project! 

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Discussion Post: What 3 Books Would You Ask the Book Genie For?

If You Came Across a Magic Lamp, and Instead of Granting You 3 Wishes, the Genie Offered You 3 Books, What Would They Be?  Why?

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-10at30733PM_zps3fa63e3f.png
 photo ScreenShot2013-03-06at114109AM_zpsaef99db4.png

Books are so precious to me, and I would be so excited if I came across my very own Book Genie!!!!  Well, this is a hard decision, because there are a TON of books that I want; but here are my Top 3:

Hands down JLA is one of my favorite authors!  I've read everything that she's ever written, and I love her!  She has amazing world-building, fun stories, and the best characters!  Her leading men always make me swoon, and her characters always make me feels so many emotions.  When I read her books, the characters feel so real, that as far as I'm concerned, it's like they are walking right off of the page.  They come to life before my very eyes.  The Lux Series is my favorite, and The Burning Shadow is part of the spin-off called The Origin!  The first book in the new series, The Darkest Star, was a 5 Star Read for me, and Luc is my newest man-crush!  

So I just finished reading The Wicked King and the ending just about killed me!  I was completely lost in the land of Faerie; the beauty, danger, deceit, and epic Love/Hate story between Jude and Cardan!  What a wild ride!  I don't want this adventure to end, and it's absolute bookish torture waiting for The Queen of Nothing!  As an extra, I just LOVE the book cover, and I love pretty things!!!   

I just can't get enough of the shadow hunting world!  Action, danger, magic, fierce female leads, and of course, beautiful love stories!  I've loved The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, and The Dark Artifices.  Chain of Gold gives me a brand new series to love; The Last Hours!!!  Plus, book covers are one of the things that make me want to read a book, and Chain of Gold's cover is beautiful!  It reminds me of a watercolor painting, and I want the hard copy for my book shelves!  

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-06at114109AM_zpsaef99db4.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-06at114109AM_zpsaef99db4.png
 photo ScreenShot2013-03-06at114109AM_zpsaef99db4.png
2019 started off with a bang when it comes to my reading escapes. Every year I have a list of books that make it on my "Most anticipated book" list and for this year, these 3 books completely have my attention.

1. Nine (King, #9) by T.M. Frazier- Gah!!!! This book is my most anticipated book of 2019 and the waiting time is passing so slow because I want to be reunited with the King Series crew so bad!!! They are some of my favorite characters in book town. If you have not met Preppy Clearwater, you are seriously missing out on one of the most intriguing and fun character that you will ever meet! This book is about his younger brother Kevin Clearwater. T.M. Frazier always exceeds all of my expectations. I am positive that this book will leave me breathless and on the edge of my seat, just like the other books in this series. If you are a fan of dark romance, T.M. Frazier is an author you want on your TBR list. 

2. Raphael (Deadly Virtues, #1) by Tillie Cole- I'm a huge Tillie Cole fan and I love that she writes in so many genres. I love the way she writes dark romance and I can't wait to get my hands on this new series!!! I have no doubt that it will be an all-consuming reading journey from beginning to end!

3. Orlando (Boyle Heights, #4) by Elizabeth Reyes- I have read every single book that Elizabeth Reyes has published and I'm really excited for the next book in the Boyle Heights Series. Would you look at that book cover??? *Swoon* I love Elizabeth writes style. When I read one of her books, I always feel like I reunite with my family. I want to know what the Boyle Heights crew has been up to so this book can't come soon enough!!!

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-06at114109AM_zpsaef99db4.png

What 3 Books Would You Ask the Book Genie for?

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Did I Mention I Miss You? (DIMILY #3) by Estelle Maskame

Did I Mention I Miss You?

Estelle Maskame

Sourcebooks Fire

December 6, 2016

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Book Synopsis:
One last chance for love. 

It’s been a year since Eden last spoke to Tyler. A year since he left her all alone after nearly destroying their family. But Eden picked herself up and headed to Chicago for college where she found a new boyfriend—someone who doesn’t run when things get tough. She’s finally moved on from Tyler…right? 

Despite their breakup, Tyler’s determined to rekindle what they once had. He’s restarted his life in Eden’s hometown of Portland, and he wants her in it. But when a tragedy draws them together, Eden must search her heart and decide if Tyler is worth the risk once and for all. 

The DIMILY Series:

My Thoughts:

Tyler left Eden behind to get his head on straight.  Even though he had matured a lot, he still had a lot of anger from the abuse he had endured, and couldn't keep it in check.  He felt that often times Eden was the reason why he made better decisions; that is he didn't want to upset her.  He realized that he needed to learn to be a better person on his own, and promised her that he would return when he felt like he had accomplished that.  

Eden was extremely upset by his decision and begged him not to go.  Nevertheless, he left her, and she was forced to deal with the fallout due to everyone knowing about their relationship.  She had to deal with her father, friends and step-brother Jamie's anger, as well as the staring and sarcastic comments from acquaintances and people on the street.  Tyler didn't keep in touch or return any of her phone calls.  

When he shows up a year later, tells her he's changed, and wants to be with her; she is livid.  To top it off, their family is in an even bigger uproar with his return.  Eden's step-mother, Ella forces the family to take a vacation to Sacramento, hoping that she can help mend her family back together.  In the meantime, Tyler is working on Eden's forgiveness, and begging for her to go back with him to his new home in Portland, and to give their relationship another chance.  Eden decides to go for it.  Will Eden and Tyler finally stay together, or is their relationship doomed to end in heartbreak again?

The first half of the story was slow moving for me, as it took a long time for Eden to stop being angry at Tyler, and to take another chance on their love.  Character wise, Tyler completely grew up.  He was faced with challenging situations, but he was patient, and managed to keep his cool.  His character really grew on me.  I love when we see character growth, and Tyler was the perfect example!  I was satisfied with the second half of the story, and loved the ending.  Loose ends were wrapped up, and there was a bit of nostalgia for me as this series came to an end.  I really enjoyed the reappearance of secondary characters that I had grown attached to, the fact that Tyler and Eden's romance had matured, and that I got to see them enter a new phase in their lives.  Best of all, I got my happily ever after!  

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About the Author:

Estelle Maskame started writing at the age of 13 and completed her DIMILY trilogy when she was 16. She has already built an extensive and loyal fanbase for her writing around the world by sharing her work in instalments on the digital platform Wattpad. Estelle's trilogy will now be available for the first time in book and ebook formats. 

The DIMILY Trilogy has had more than 4 million hits on Wattpad, and Estelle tweets to almost 170,000 followers as @EstelleMaskame.