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Blog Tour: Seamless by R.L. Griffin



R.L. Griffin
December 10th 2013 
by Author Self Pub 
ARC for Review 

GoodReads Summary

Professional, successful, survivor Stella has mastered the art of appearances and conquering what life throws at her. Time after time, she chooses to fight even though she's consistently poised to break. It's that fight to get her life back, to make things right, to survive that defines who she is. She's been loved, left, lost, blown up, shot, and exploited. Physically, she's almost completely put back together. Mentally, Stella's one step from a vindictive retaliation that may or may not be her best choice. 

In Seamless, Stella has no choice but to step into the ring with someone who she once loved. It's a dirty fight that will take all she has. Will she do what it takes to win? Will she make it out alive? 

You'll cheer her on until you realize all is not what it seems. Appearances can be deceiving.

The Way I See It 





Okay so let me be honest here and say I was afraid, deathly afraid, I didn’t want to read this final installment. I love these characters so much I didn’t want to let them go. OH MY eGADS!!! What a thrill this has been! Seamless was everything I could wish for and more!! RL hit it out of the ball park with this one!! Everyone got what they deserve and Griffin’s delivery was SHOCKING!! 

S-tella, she has been through so much and her strength is what has kept her standing.
E-ntertainment, the FBI beauty means to lay all questions to rest. All Stella wants is to get back to a boring and normal life.
A-imed, Stella’s past keeps coming back wanting revenge. It has become more of an obsession.  Everyone has to watch their back.
M-agic box, without her friends, Stella doesn’t know where she would be. She doesn’t fear for herself.  She fears for her loved ones.
L-ove, George was able to bring her back from the abyss.  Stella will love him forever.
E-vil, though she is safe, Stella will always be a little broken. Her plan has worked and the threat is gone, but some of the pain remains.
S-evered, George doesn’t know what to do.  He has tried so hard and fought so much.  He no longer has the strength.
S-urprise, after reaching her loneliest breaking point, Stella is given a gift that will mend her soul and make her heart soar.

The ending was absolutely amazing!! There is something that made me SCREAM (seriously, I did,) but hey Stella is my girl and I love her no matter what. I will just say one word... Patrick, Gah!!! That man is amazing and confusing and frustrating. He is a little bit lost I think, but his character has been instrumental in this series. What I’m trying to say is I LOVED this book, and I’m sad its over, BUT I’m HAPPY about the way it ended. Seamless is about love, passion, planning, calculating, determination, destruction, and rebuilding, and love, oh did I mention Love? The ending was PERFECT especially for Stella. I highly, highly recommend this series!! Go get it now!!!

My Fav’s 

DUH! I know you knew that was coming. She is so strong and beautiful, but not without faults. It's her mistakes and her passion that makes her who she is. I hope this isn’t the last I see of her, because I feel her character has more to do! Eeeep! Oh well, wishful thinking perhaps.

My Rating

4.5 Interview, Only You, Voxer App, Porn Martini, Red Heads, Beach house, Miracle, Rebuilt Love filled Stars!!! From the first turn of the first page I was hooked on this amazing series...Check it out! Fall in LOVE! Do IT!! #OnlyYou #Sigh 

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About The Author
R.L. Griffin R.L. resides in the Atlanta area with some cool dudes: her husband, son and two dogs.  She was born and raised in the South.  She attended Georgia Southern University and moved to Washington, D.C. to intern in the United States Senate during the impeachment trial.  Falling in love with the city, she went to law school at American University, Washington College of Law.  By A Thread is R.L.’s second book, but is the first in a series of books.

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  1. My friend Amanda loves this series. Sounds like I need to give it a try. Great review, Ria!

  2. I'm reading this right now to review tomorrow, but I haven't read the first two, so I don't know what the heck is going on! Seems like a good series, though.

  3. I haven't and I would like to have these books so I can read all of them.


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