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Book Review: Keep You from Harm (Remedy #1) by Debra Doxer

Keep You from Harm 

(Remedy #1) 
Debra Doxer 
Pub September 25th 2013 
by Createspace 
ARC for Review 

GoodReads Summary


They weigh you down. I’ve kept a secret all my life. It’s my mother’s secret, too. I inherited it from her along with a unique ability that only we possess. She’s gone now, another victim of addiction. If her death isn’t enough to bring me to my knees, her betrayal flays me to the bone. Because the secret my mother and I have been keeping is just one of many she’d kept. She never told me I have an older brother. And now he’s here, eager to be my guardian.

There is no one else. So I move across the country to live with this stranger, my brother. But experience has taught me that most situations are temporary and forming attachments only leads to hurt in the end. That’s why I’m determined to keep to myself in this new place, struggling to seem aloof while I’m quietly breaking apart.

Then I meet Lucas…

His magnetism is hard to resist, and most girls at school aren’t resisting. I don’t fall so easily though, especially not for guys who use their good looks as a weapon. From the start, our interactions are tense and volatile. I know it’s because I’m denying the unwelcome desire that grips me when he’s near. I think he feels it, too. He looks at me with an intensity that threatens to unhinge my resolve. Soon he’s trying to break through the walls that past hurts have built.

But I’m not what I appear to be, and it wouldn’t be fair to get involved with him. At least that’s what I tell myself. Until a terrible act of violence reveals that Lucas has a secret, too. It’s a secret that links us together and ties us to an evil history I could never have imagined.

The Way I See It

Keep You From Harm is Sooooo Unbelievably AWESOME definitely one you must try! I’m one of those people as you all know by now that “Judges Books By Their Cover” I’m not shy about it. Its a Fact, plain and simple. When I saw the cover I was blown AWAY! I knew I had to get my little hands on it! As Soon As Possible. Let me tell you it Does NOT disappoint! The cover is super mysterious as is the story I kept guessing and guessing what was going to happen next. The writing was gripping and it will keep you engaged.

id, Raielle has not had a pretty childhood dealing with abandonment and a cooky mother has messed up her chances at normalcy.
ventful, Raielle is used to the hustle and bustle of her very active apartment building this evening it seems eerily silent.
ssence, something is off. Raielle finds out in the most shocking way there is nothing she can do to save the person who was finally be saving herself.
olice, a young detective reveals Raielle is not alone in this world. Kyle her brother(she never knew about) wants to take her into his home.

oung, but astute Raielle knows her options are limited. Moving across the country seems like one of the only ways to achieve her ultimate dream.
utcast, Myles is sweet and charming he will make Raielle feel welcome. Her beauty has given her popularity with the boys and a target on her back with the girls.
nwelcome, Raielle is not used to certain attentions she will do what she can to keep the creepers away.

orce, so many emotions whirl around its hard for Raielle to keep her guard up rejecting her impulses is crippling.
ude, Raielle knows Lucas was the one she was drawn to her first night in town. For some reason he acts like he has no clue who she is and gives her a cold shoulder.
bstacle, a night out with friends Raielle knows Lucas is unavailable moving on she runs into someone she should not recognize, yet she does. His eyes widen with recognition, if it weren’t for the bouncer, Lucas and her friends she would have ran to the “stranger”.
ysteries, so much has happened Raielle doesn’t know what she will uncover next. One thing is for sure EVERYTHING Raielle thought was wrong.

ope, correcting two wrongs created by evil Raielle feels like perhaps she can be normal. This dream doesn’t last long when she realizes she must make a difficult sacrifice.
lone, Raielle has to find out more about who she is this is her last chance before fate takes the remaining of her strength away.
esigned, a familiar face comes back to remind her of who she is and the potential of who she can become. Ray is forced into a corner and must make a tough decision.
eter, Raielle’s is just about out. When you dive in the deep end you have to learn to swim or you drown...Raielle has one choice.

GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about a cliffhanger!! holy moly WTF?! I’m like frantically dying until I can get my hands on the next one! When does it come out? Whats it going to be titled? I’m DYING! This was quite the enjoyable thrill ride Ms Doxer’s writing will hook you the way it hooked me.

My Fav’s

Hands down without a doubt this girl is super kick a$$ without actual a$$ kicking but still a ninja master! Her life hasn’t been easy but she has worked so hard and kept her head down she can almost feel her dreams come true. Raielle does have a super power, the power of detachment. She knows how to distance herself from people and situations this has always helped her adapt she is beyond smart and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing things she is destined for. Being surrounded by her family has made her a bit vulnerable so she opens up. I love how strong willed she is and she really doesn’t take any Sh** from anyone. AWESOME SAUCE!!

I love his name and his personality. He has a certain aura about him that will draw you in. I know he is instrumental and I can’t wait to find out exactly how much! I cant wait to see how his character develops. I’m totally looking forward to it!

My Rating

4.25 Junk Mail, Kitchen Table, Bloody Hair, Neighbor Next door, Advanced Courses, Hallway Confrontation, Scoops Ice Cream, Driving Lessons, Bridge Lookout, Prom, Forgiveness, Love accepting filled stars!!! WATCH OUT!! This Series will KNOCK you OFF your FEET its so GOOD!! I can’t wait to READ MORE!!!!

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About The Author

Debra Doxer has always loved to write. She also loves to read, often finishing several books a week. By day, she works as a writer in the network and software security field. By night, she writes fiction novels. 

Debra lives with her family outside of Boston and is currently working on her next book.

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