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Book Review: The Assassin's Heart by Julie Kazimer

The Assassin's Heart
By:  Julie Kazimer
Releases:  March 1, 2014
Publisher:  Camel Press
Source:  Publisher
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Book Summary:

When CIA assassin Hannah Winslow mistakenly kills the wrong man, she vows never to take another life. Unfortunately Hannah's superiors believe the killing was intentional. Now Hannah is the target.
Hannah always knew it might come to this. Surprising her colleagues, she manages to disappear completely into a new, screamingly dull life, assuming a fake identity, shacking up with an overweight cat, and starting a new career as an ad executive.
Hannah's past finally catches up with her at a company retreat in Hawaii, where her former partner Benjamin Miller has tracked her down. Is it a coincidence that assassination attempts on her life are now as common as rum, suntan lotion, and tiny umbrella drinks? What is the real reason for Ben's presence? Will he be her savior or her assassin?

My Take on this Journey:

The Assassin's Heart, by Julie Kazimer, was a fast paced ride through the eyes of a deadly, heartless assassin, named Hannah Winslow.  Hannah has a one track mind, a body to die for, and is "too beautiful for her own good."  She thoroughly investigates her next target, for the sake of making the world a better place to live in, working for the C.I.A. She never takes chances, and never leaves anything to chance.  Ben Miller is "Six's," (his name for her) partner, Scots-Irish with penetrating green eyes with a gangster look, and together they are unstoppable.  Each knows the other like the back of their hand, and there is a mutual attraction that is not acted upon.  One day, while doing a hit in Arizona, after hours in the sun with her sniper rifle in her hand ready to take out her target, she gets the go ahead from Ben and shoots down the man she kissed goodnight a few nights ago.  All of them were in costumes at a theme park, so they had to depend on their signal.

Not knowing what went wrong, Hannah is mortified when she see's the face of the man she has just murdered in cold blood, and realizes it isn't her target, John Pillars, but OPS agent Davis Karter.  Was it a conspiracy, a set up to make Hannah the fall guy for something more sinister?  Hannah is being investigated by Assistant Director Paul Fuller, a friend and mentor of Ben's.  All Hannah knows is that now she is going to be the target, and she has to get herself out of town fast.  She leaves without a word to Ben, thinking that he double crossed her.  Ben is led to believe that he never really knew his partner of 3 years, and that she used him and was in on some plot to kill the C.I.A. agent that died.

Hannah leaves town, changes her looks, gets fake identity with the name of Linda Burke, gets a fat independent cat, (that she dislikes) and goes to beautiful San Diego to start a life that is dull, where no one could possibly find her.  She stays inside for some time until she finally decides it is time to go to the outside and find a job where she can use her brains and get some money.  She becomes a marketing manager for a bottled beverage company called H2. 

Linda, (Hannah) finds herself on a trip to Hawaii for the company with co-workers and her young, good looking boss, Zach Coleman, and while on this get away, she lets her hair down.  To her surprise she is shot at while on a walk with Zach while he is stealing a kiss. Then a few hours later she is face to face with her ex-partner, Ben Miller.  She knows she is the target, and then all the excitement begins with twists and turns, anger, sadness, lust, love, and friendship questioned.

I loved the characters in this novel.  The fast pace, excitement and thrills were great.  Ms. Kazimer weaves a great tale and the reader will get thoroughly engrossed in the story line.  The characters were all well developed, and the edge of your seat suspense pulls the reader in.I give The Assassin's Heart, by Jamie Kazimer, 4 Exciting, Breath Taking, Exhilarating Stars!!!   

About Julie Kazimer:

J.A. Kazimer is a writer living in Denver, CO. Books include The Junkie Tales, The Body Dwellers, CURSES! A F***ed-Up Fairy Tale, Holy Socks & Dirtier Demons, Dope Sick: A Love Story, SHANK, and Froggy Style: A F***ed Up Fairy Tale. Forthcoming, The Assassian's Heart, from Coffeetown Press and The Deadly After Ever series from Kensington Books.
When j.a. kazimer isn't looking for the perfect place to hide the bodies, she spends her time surrounded by cats with attitude and a little puppy named 'Killer'. Other hobbies include murdering houseplants, kayaking, snowboarding, reading and theater. After years of slacking, j.a. received a master's degree in forensic psychology in 2007, mostly to fill a 8 x 10 blank spaces on her wall.

In addition to studying the criminal mind, she spent a few years spilling drinks on people as a bartender and then wasted another few years stalking people while working as a private investigator in the Denver area.

Cheaters, drunks, deadbeats and family hold a special place in j.a.'s heart, as well as a few pages in her novels.

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  1. I love the author's surname! There's a character by the name of Kazimir in Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. Anyway, this sounds like a good read and fact paced books always make it a fun read. I wish the character was named Lindy and not Linda. :P Lovely review!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts


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