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Promotional Blog Tour: Tied (Tangled #4) by Emma Chase

Tangled #4
By: Emma Chase
Published:October 7, 2014
Publisher: Gallery Books
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GR's Summary:

In the fourth sexy romance by the New York Times bestselling author of Tangled and Twisted, Drew and Kate can’t wait to tie the knot—if they can survive the pre-wedding festivities.

For most of my life, I never imagined I’d get married. But Kate did the impossible: she changed me. I think we can all agree I was pretty frigging awesome before, but now I’m even better.

The road to this day wasn’t all rainbows and boners. There were mistakes and misunderstandings worthy of a Greek tragedy. But Kate and I made it through with our inexhaustible lust, boundless admiration, and everlasting love for one another intact.

That being said, there were some unexpected incidents in Vegas last weekend that could have been a problem. It was kind of... my final test.

I know what you’re thinking—what the hell did you do this time? Relax. Let’s not judge, or call for my castration, until you've heard the whole story.

And hold on tight, because you’re in for a wild ride. Did you expect anything less?

Tangled Series:
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Lindy's Thoughts:

The Tangled Series has been phenomenal from the very beginning to the very end!  I have loved every single book in this series, and it is vastly different from anything that I've ever had the pleasure of reading before. What stands out to me is the way the writing flows so seamlessly and smoothly.  Every word melts on your mouth like a decadent and richly flavored dessert.  Ms. Chase truly has a unique talent for writing witty, fun, highly entertaining, romantic, and sexy stories.  The humor in her books flows naturally, and doesn't come out as forced or contrived.  The characters are each colorful, authentic, and unforgettable!

In Tied, Drew and Kate are preparing for the big day of the wedding!  Told exclusively from Drew's perspective, he walks down memory lane as he tells us all about his and Kate's relationship from after the birth of their 2 year old son James, to the present, and then their wedding day.  I loved Drew's narrative.  He was as truthful, lovable, and funny as ever!  I didn't think that he had the ability to surprise me any more, but boy was I wrong!  I think it would be wonderful to have someone like Drew in life.  He always keeps things interesting, tells it like it is, is loyal, supportive, and has grown up so much since book one, Tangled.  With an amazing supporting cast, and truthfully, the best I've ever read, Alex, Steven, McKenzie, Dee-Dee, Matthew, Billy, Jack, and Erin all make this story stand above the rest!  This series deserves an award!  If you need a pick me up, feel like a good laugh, or just want to read a guaranteed phenomenal read; this is the one to pick up.  You will be laughing at each of these characters antics, and the things that come out of their mouths!  Most stories are character driven or plot driven in nature.  Ms. Chase gives the reader a win-win with her endearing, fun, entertaining, and unique characters, as well as a plot that gets you hooked and has you clinging to each and every page! 

I give Tied 5 Brilliant, Spectacular, Witty, Outrageous, Romantic, Sexy, and On the Edge of You Seat Filled Stars!!!  Emma Chase stands at the top tier of excellent authors who bring you the absolute best time and time again.  When readers ask me to recommend my favorite authors to them, Ms. Chase is always at the top of my list!

My Favorite Quote:

"I love you, Kate.  I'm going to love you forever.  And whatever comes after forever--I'm going to love you then too." (eARC, Loc. 3265)


Mikki's Review:

It only seems like yesterday that I met Drew Evans. It took less than one chapter of Tangled to make me a Drew Evans fan. I have never met a character like him! He's absolutely unique, and I love him to pieces! The Tangled Series, by Emma Chase, is in my top 10 favourite series. It's the funniest series I have ever read! If you have not read this series yet, I highly recommend it! You have  no idea the level of awesomeness that is Drew Evans. Yup! Mr. Pringles has left his mark on my heart and I will never forget him!

Tied, which is the fourth installment in the Tangled Series, is all about Kate and Drew's quite unique and unforgettable journey leading to their wedding day. Can you spell trouble? Yes? Ok, because Drew gets into A LOT of it! LOL!! My stomach is hurting from all the laughing that I did while reading Tied. These two have been in my top favourite couples since the moment I met them! They are fire together! Plenty of hot *Fans self* moments in this installment. The chemistry between them is out of this world! Planning a wedding is very stressful, but honestly with Drew Evans in the picture how can you not have a fun time planning one? This installment is told from his POV and I loved every second of it! His inner monologue is freakin' GOLD! What I love about Drew is that he calls it like it is. The way he describes every moment of their journey leading up to their wedding is unforgettable! The bachelor/bachelorette part is pretty freakin' awesome! I was crying from laughing so much! Their little journey in Vegas is going down in history! Be prepared for the unexpected when Vegas gets tangled into their journey. Be prepared to see Drew Evans like you have never seen him before! He's changed quite a bit since his ''Influenza'' days .. lol!!!

This is a series that I will never forget! All the characters in this series are super funny, lovable and addictive! They have all brought their own touch of awesomeness. I don't think this series would have been the same without them. If you have read any of the books in this series, you know that Drew and Dee-Dee's constant verbal battle is freakin' EPIC! I have to admit that at one point of the series I was on Team Dee-Dee and I wanted to pin Drews family jewels to the wall ... lol!!! He's really something!!! But, come on! Who can resist Drew Evans? He's pretty awesome and unforgettable! I'm really happy about how Kate and Drew's journey unfolded. It was everything I expected and more! Emma Chase has written an amazing series that I will never forget! I really wish that Mackenzie, Drew's niece, would get her own book once she grows up. This little lady is pretty memorable, just like her uncle. She learned from the best, right?! 

Emma Chase is writing a new series and I can't wait to fall in love with these new characters! I am so excited to meet all of them and I am positive that they will steal my heart just like the characters from the Tangled series did. I highly recommend the Tangled series! You will not be disappointed! Emma Chase's brilliant writing style will leave you with a happy heart and a huge smile on your face! 


I give, Tied, by Emma Chase 5 epic, fantastic, sexy, hilarious, panty-melting, I-can't-get-enough-of-Drew stars!

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About the Author:

By day, Emma Chase is a devoted wife and mother of two who resides in a small, rural town in New Jersey. By night she is a keyboard crusader, toiling away the hours to bring her colorful characters and their endless antics to life. She has a long standing love/hate relationship with caffeine. Emma is an avid reader. Before her children were born she was known to consume whole books in a single day. Writing has also always been a passion and with the 2013 release of her debut romantic comedy, Tangled, the ability to now call herself an author is nothing less than a dream come true.


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