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Book Review : Uncivilized by Sawyer Bennett

by Sawyer Bennett

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Released: September 8th, 2014

This book is a wild, sexy beast of a read. 

Putting a woman on her knees before me is what really makes my c*ck hard. I f*ck with dominant force and absolute control. I demand complete surrender from my conquests.
  Savage man, loner, warrior… I am dangerous at my core. I have lived amidst the untamed wild of the rainforest, in a society that reveres me and where every woman falls before me in subjugation.
Now I’ve been discovered. Forced to return to a world that I have forgotten about and to a culture that is only vaguely familiar to my senses.
Dr. Moira Reed is an anthropologist who has been hired to help me transition back into modern society. It’s her job to smooth away my rough edges… to teach me how to navigate properly through this new life of mine. She wants to tame me.
She’ll never win.
I am wild, free and raw, and the only thing I want from the beautiful Moira Reed is to f*ck her into submission.

She wants it, I am certain.
I will give it to her soon.
Yes, very soon, I will become the teacher and she will become my student. And when I am finished showing her body pleasure like no other, she’ll know what it feels like to be claimed by an uncivilized man.

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Woweeeee!! Trust me when I say that the warning at the beginning of this book is spot ON! It really was one sexy beast of a reading escape! 

I fell in love with Sawyer Bennett's writing style while reading her Last Call Series. In each an every one of her books, I have connected with her main characters and they have all left me with a happy heart. When I first read the blurb to Uncivilized, it caught my attention right away! Oh, and let's not forget that sexy cover. Hot!!! I could not wait to start reading it and fall for Moira and Zach just like I did for her other characters. I knew that this book was going to be a bit different from her other ones, so I went into this story with no specific expectations ... New book, new characters, new story ... Final result? I really liked it! :)

Dr. Moira Reed has one mission. Bring Zach Easton back home. She knew this mission wasn't going to be easy. Zach went missing when he was eight years old. When she finds him, she can't deny the attraction she feels towards him. He's raw, dominant and unforgettable. Her mission is simple, bring Zach home and teach him all about the modern world. Will she be able to accomplish her mission without giving into temptation?   

Holy crapola! Moira and Zach are FIRE together! Every single lick, touch, kiss was deliciously sensual! They had great chemistry together and I can't even begin to tell you how many *Fans Self* moment I got while reading this book. Sawyer Bennet writes some pretty HOT sex scenes! What I loved about Zach is that even if he's a dominant male in and out of the bedroom, he learned how to let go and let Moira take the lead. You won't be surprised if I tell you that Zach totally rocked Moira's panties world! When he touches her, she looses all control. And, the same goes for Zach. He never thought that somebody could get under his skin like that. 

Overall, this was a great story! I loved the flashbacks of Zach's life in the Amazon. It gave us a peek at was his life was like and how he dealt with it all. It was intriguing to see him in action. From his discovery of the internet to learning how to eat with utensils, his journey back to the civilized world was interesting and memorable! I loved Moira's character as well. She really caught my attention as the story progressed. She was confused by all the feelings that she had for Zach, but his honesty and perseverance made her cross that line that would allow her to explore unimaginable pleasure. Even if the storyline was predictable and that Zach adapted too fast to the civilized world, in my opinion, I really enjoyed this book! I can't wait to see what Sawyer Bennett is up to next!


I give, Uncivilized, by Sawyer Bennett 4 intriguing, erotictly delicious, uncivilized stars!

About the Author

USA Today Best-Selling author, Sawyer Bennett, is a snarky southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. She is married to a mobster (well, a market researcher) and they have two big, furry dogs who hog the bed. Sawyer would like to report she doesn’t have many weaknesses but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate.

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  1. Whew! Yeah this was a scorcher! It was my first of hers. I'm going to go back eventually and read her others. Will be interesting to see the differences :)


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