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Blog Tour: Made for You (The Best Mistake #2) by Lauren Layne

Made for You 

(The Best Mistake #2) 
Lauren Layne 
Pub October 28th 2014 
by Forever 
ARC for Review 

Three years ago, Brynn Dalton made a rare error in judgment and had a one-night stand with the one man she swore would never get into her designer panties. Will Thatcher was exactly the type of sexy playboy that good girls like Brynn stayed away from. And when Will moved across the country just days after their fling, Brynn vowed to put him behind her, even as the memories haunt her.

Now Will Thatcher is back, and just in time to see Brynn's perfectly structured life begin to crumble. Her job is dull, her social life is tedious, and Brynn's perfect cardiologist boyfriend doesn't seem to be in any hurry to get to Tiffany & Co. More than ever, Brynn needs her childhood nemesis to keep his distance.
But Will isn't content to be Brynn's dirty little secret any longer. This time, he's out to show Brynn Dalton that the imperfect man might just be the best mistake of her life.

One Step Closer to The One
Lauren Layne is quickly rising to the top of my fav authors. Made for You is the 2nd book in The Best Mistakes Series and she delivers another hit. This was a great read! The first book in the Series was about Sophie and Grayson in which all of the same characters are in. This time around the main focus was on Brynn(Sophie’s sister) and Will(Sophie’s best friend) for as long as anyone can remember Will and Brynn have been at each others throats. There was a hugely epic scene between Brynn and Will in the first book that had me jumping up and down! I really wanted to see these two together so I instantly became their cheerleader!! Though there isn’t anything dark or haunting this dazzling little read is jam packed with emotion. I definitely recommend this series for those that are looking for a great fun banter filled read. 

M-apped, Brynn has always had a plan but even with all of her accomplishments she feels as though something is missing. 
A-ccustomed, James and Brynn are perfect for each other on paper but even with all of their similarities they are too dry together and seem to be drifting further and further apart. 
D-etermination, Will has a strong resolve moving away three years ago may have seemed rash but he has a plan and Brynn doesn’t know whats about to hit her. 
E-xcuses, Sophie and Will have been best friends for a very long time its this bond that cuts through all of the crap. Knowing Sophie has seen straight through him Will confesses his feelings.

F-ormulate, without a doubt there is an uncanny attraction between Brynn and Will but knowing her all too well Will meticulously plots a way to make her realize whats always been in front of her. 
O-rdeal, blindsided with a breakup Brynn doesn’t know if she’s upset because it happened or upset because she feels a sense of relief at no longer being attached to James. 
R-ebellion, throwing caution to the wind Brynn ditches all of her lists and careful planning. Taking a break from herself and making some drastic changes is just what she needs to really find herself. 

Y-earning, being with Will is so natural but knowing things do not have a chance of becoming more Brynn refuses to let him see her heart. Passion unlike anything she’s ever known is not enough the fear of letting her heart go to Will is absolutely crippling Brynn. 
O-bstacle, admissions of the heart are made freezing Brynn to the core shock steals her tongue and the price to pay is her happiness. A failed attempt to move on only cements her true feelings. Not willing to give up on what she knows is right Brynn makes the most difficult of sacrifices proving that her love is true and their happiness is what matters most. 
U-nresolved, fifteen years ago Will saw something that was labeled “the one” ever since he has worked incredibly hard towards not only acquiring that dream but also the heart of the girl who has always held his.

Sigh** There are about 500 happy butterflies fluttering about in my heart and tummy right now! If your looking for a smart, sexy, sweet, full of fun moments and tons of sass read... then look no further this is the one for you. Layne delivers another hit! I can’t wait to see whats next in this wonderfully adorable series. Gray’s sister? I’m looking forward to seeing more of these wonderfully quirky characters that have captivated my heart! I most absolutely recommend this read!

My Fav’s 

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Who knew this guy had it in him?! There were several times throughout the book that I felt he was a bit too harsh on Brynn but his love for her was incredible. Knowing the tension filled banter they’ve always shared Will felt comfortable pushing Brynn’s buttons. I was hoping these two would find a way to be happy and once it happened I could not stop smiling. Will does things pretty extremely and loving Brynn is not an exception. Knowing he is going to have a huge challenge ahead of him doesn’t stop him in the slightest. Rising to the occasion and exceeding all expectations Will takes what has always belonged to him.

Very level headed. determined, motivated, and calculated. Thats Brynn’s exterior in a nut shell. Being with Will wakes something up in Brynn that calls to her soul. Strong willed she fights what her heart is telling her with every fiber. Realizing the truth was only part of Brynn’s dilemma. Trusting her heart in someone else's hands was what kept Brynn at bey. The pain of never knowing becomes too much shedding her persona is just what she needed to pursue the thing that matters most. Watching these two was a great deal of fun! I can’t wait to see more of them!! Fingers crossed.

My Rating
4.5 31, Birthday, Boston, Earrings, Headache, Neighbor, Cookies, Flat, Wine, Furniture, Hiatus, Mismatch, Fling, Tattoo, Hair, Ocean, Dinner, Dessert, Confession, Chicago, Lists, BBQ, High school Prom, The One, A love years in the making filled stars!! Eeeeep these two were absolutely to die for!


I have been waiting for the release of Made for You, by Lauren Layne, since the moment I finished reading Only with You, which is the first installment in The Best Mistake series. In Only with You we met Sophie and Gray. I was absolutely swept away when I read their fun and romantic journey together. In their book we also get a glimpse of the cats-and-dogs relationship that Brynn (Sophie's sister) had with Will (Sophie's best friend and a royal pain in her butt)

With the few scenes that Lauren Layne included of Brynn and Will in Only with You I knew that their book was totally going to make me laugh and swoon. These two can't stand each other. When Brynn decides that it's time to let go, she gives in to that sexual tension that has been building up for years with Will. Will is everything she does not want in a man. Yet again, she can't stay away. He knows exactly how to get under her skin and make her lose control. Will Brynn go back to her boring follow-the-list kind of life or will she give in to temptation and allow Will to make her feel things she has never felt before?

Eeeeeeep! This was such a fun reading escape!!! I absolutely adore Brynn and Will. I have to admit that even if I love them to pieces I wanted to shake some sense into these two a couple of times while reading their sweet, sexy, romantic journey. Will was kind of a douche nugget sometimes. I was like ... Oh no you didn't just say that!!!! Will!!!! He got a few virtual slaps in the face from me ... LOL!! Besides his douche moves and comments, I really fell for him. He's extremely charming and sexy. I don't blame my girl Brynn for falling for him. He's really a special kind of guy when you really take the time to get to know him. And, that is exactly what Brynn forgot to do these past years. Get to know him. She was so stuck in ''Brynn world'' that she did not see who the real Will was.

What happened between Brynn and Will in Only with You made me want to read their story and I was cheering for them to finally find their HEA together. Their chemistry was AMAZING and the banter between these two is out-of-this-world hilarious!!! I LOL so many times that my husband actually interrupted my reading (he knows that's a big no no when I read) and asked me who was making me laugh so much. These two characters gave me all kinds of different emotions while I read their journey. I really liked them both and what I liked the most is that they are characters that we can easily relate to. 

Brynn was obsessed with all the LISTS in her life and I can see a bit of me in what she did. I think everybody at one point of their life make some kinds of list of what they want to accomplish by a certain age. It does not always happen the way we want it, but sometimes something better comes along. This is exactly what Brynn learned. I loved how the author wrote her ''Wild Brynn'' moments. It's scary when you try to let go of something. And, Brynn had to let go of her old personality to finally start living. Will was the perfect person to teach her how to feel alive again. He was a real pain in her butt sometimes, but you could really see that he wanted her to come out of her comfort zone and try something different.

I was happy to see that Sophie and Gray, as well as Sophie and Brynn's parents had a few scenes in this book. These characters are all charming and the moments that they all shared together are really special. Sophie and Will's friendship is heartwarming! They are a great example that a guy and a girl can totally be best friends.

The Best Mistake series is extremely addictive! I highly recommend it! After reading Only with You, I had high expectations for Made for You. Lauren Layne completely exceeded all of my expectations for this book! I absolutely see a reread of this series pretty soon. This series is the kind of series you hold on to when life gets chaotic and you need something that is going to put an instant smile on your face and make your heart happy. 


I give, Made for You, by Lauren Layne 4.5 sweet, sexy, fun, enemies-turn-to-lovers stars!

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Brynn huffed. “I don’t know why I bother.”

“Bother with what?”

“Talking to you!” she said, shaking her keys in his face. “Just when I think you’re going to be nice, you get me all . . .”

Will took a small step closer. “Get you all what?”

Brynn swallowed dryly and resisted the urge to take a step backward. He was just inches away, and if she’d been slightly sweaty before she felt downright hot and bothered now.

“Please step away. Your man-stench is making my hair frizz.”

He didn’t move. “You didn’t finish your sentence. I get you all what? Riled? Panting? Hot?”

“I was going to say nauseated,” she snapped, starting to move around him.

He moved his body and blocked her way. “I don’t think so, Brynny.”

Brynn glanced at her watch and winced. Even with Will’s help, she was probably going to be late. In the time she’d spent arguing with him, she might as well have waited for AAA. At least then she wouldn’t be so . . . oh, damn, he was right. She was riled and hot. And possibly on the verge of panting.

About the Author

Lauren Layne writes contemporary romance for Grand Central Publishing (Forever) and Random House(Loveswept).

After dabbling in an e-commerce career in Seattle and Southern California, Lauren moved to New York City where she now writes full time.

Lauren graduated from Santa Clara University with B.S. in Political Science that she has yet to put to good use. She lives with her husband and plus-sized pomeranian in a tiny Manhattan studio. 

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