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Book Spotlight : Exposed by Fate (Serve, #2) by Tessa Bailey

Exposed by Fate
Serve, #2
by Tessa Bailey

October 27th, 2014

Entangled: Brazen



He’ll train her to lure another man. She’ll lure him instead. 

When interior designer Eliza Ballas accompanies a friend to New York’s premier BDSM club, she’s taken aback by the sheer want that overruns her body—especially when a sexy Brit assumes Eliza is adept at dark, sensual arts. If she’s going to play, she’ll need an erotic education, and she knows just the man to teach her how to submit… 

Oliver Preston isn’t one to turn down pleasure, but Eliza’s his sister’s best friend, and he’s torn between a sense of duty and his rock-hard need to find out if she tastes as delicious as he’s dreamed. Unable to handle thought of another man owning her body, he draws Eliza deep into his world of exquisite pain and pleasure. He has three lessons to instruct her. Three lessons to drive them both to the brink of ecstasy. And three lessons before he must give her to another man...if he doesn’t lose himself first.

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*Ahem* Please give me a moment .... I'm still doing this ....


Hot Damn!!!!!!!! 

Mr. Oliver Preston ... Where have you been hiding all this time?? In Tessa Bailey's naughty vault of course!!!! What would I give to spend a day in that vault ... Gahhhhhh!!!! I have been waiting to read Oliver and Eliza's story from the moment I met them in Owned by Fate, which is the first installments in the new deliciously addictive Serve series.

Eliza Ballas needs somebody to teach her about the mysterious and seductive world of Club Serve. She knows exactly who that person will be. When playboy Oliver Preston comes face-to-face with his sister's best friend at Club Serve, he can't walk away from her proposition. Three lessons that's all she wants. What Oliver never expected was to fall hard for Eliza. He wants her for himself. Three lessons are simply not enough, especially after he sees the way Eliza's body responds to his touch. Will Oliver be able to reveal his feelings to Eliza or will he let her walk away into another man's arms?

Some words of advice before you read Exposed by Fate ....

Forget about wearing panties .... They are a waste of time ... Mr. Preston said so! And, trust me when I say that they will melt right off of you! You heard Oliver ... Skip the panties! 

Be prepared. Tessa Bailey's newest dirty talker will turn your world upside down! You will be thinking about him for DAYS after reading Exposed by Fate!

I don't even know how to describe the chemistry between Eliza and Oliver. It's so powerful and erotic. They have known each other for years. They both have feelings for each other, but they never said anything or acted on those feelings. He promised her three lessons, but he knows that it won't be enough. He wants to be the man in her life. That scares him and he thinks that he's not good enough for her.  OMG! Oliver's filthy mouth is so DELICIOUS!!!!  The things he says to Eliza?!?!?! It's insanely hot!!!! Don't even get me started on the sex scenes .... they are FIRE!!!! This book has the hottest shower scene EVER!!! *Fans Self*

If you have read Tessa Bailey's previous books you already know that she writes the most amazing characters! Eliza and Oliver stole my heart just like every other character she has written. The story and couple might change, but Tessa's writing style is always PERFECTION! She pulls you into the story and she never lets you go until the very last page is turned! The banter, the romance, the funny moments and the passionate ones. Everything is set up so that you get an unforgettable reading escape every.single.time. 

It's no secret that I am a HUGE Tessa Bailey fan. Her books are the reason I love reading so much! Her stories make me happy. No matter where the story takes place, I feel at home. I read about characters that feel so real that I have a hard time believing that they are fictional characters. She creates a world where I want to live in!

The Serve series has one final installment. It's going to be EPIC! I can feel it! I already know that the two main characters of the last installment will ROCK MY WORLD! Is it February yet?!?!?!


I give, Exposed by Fate, by Tessa Bailey 5 smokin' hot, page-turning, the-split-gets-a-makeover, no-panties-required stars!

Author Interview

First we want to start off by saying thank you for joining us. We are huge fans and are thrilled to get inside your mind for a little while. 

Hello!! Thank you for having me. You’ve been so supportive of my books and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. Thrilled to be here :)

Let's get this party started!

We want a glimpse into behind the scenes of the Serve series…what was your inspiration for the titles of this series and when was that “aha” moment that you knew you had to put these stories to pen? 

To be honest, when I was first approached about doing this series, it didn’t seem like it was for me. The stories take place at a BDSM club, which isn’t a world I’m overly familiar with, apart from a few research trips. I needed it to be about the characters, like my other books. There is a BDSM theme, but it doesn’t necessarily dominate the storyline, which is where I found my comfort zone. I had the “aha” moment when I did a character outline for Jonah. Once I got inside the characters’ heads, I couldn’t wait to start writing. 

Did writing this series teach you anything about future stories you would like to write? 

Yes, I think I’m definitely allowing myself to take more risks, thanks to this series. I’m taking the sexual intimacy and kicking it up a notch. I wrote blue collar cops for so long that these heroes are a necessary change of pace. If you’d asked me a year ago if I would write a BDSM club owner I would have told you I wasn’t right for the job. But I made him my own by giving him a Navy background, a slightly odd sense of humor, a knack for poker. I think mostly it’s becoming more and more exciting that I get to create whoever I want and bring new characters to life with each book. 

What were some of the challenges in bringing this series to life? 

There is another author (Katee Robert) who is going to release some books with Serve as the setting, so we needed to build a world we both agreed upon, even though our characters/storylines won’t connect. What exactly is located on each floor of the club, the d├ęcor, the layout, safety protocol, etc. In terms of challenges, it wasn’t really difficult, though, because Katee is really easy to work with :)

Which song would you say represents best …

Jonah & Caroline

How it Ends by DeVotchka. I listened to this song on repeat while writing OWNED BY FATE and it sunk its claws in. There is a lyric that goes, “You already know how this will end,” which I thought was a major theme in the book. They were doomed to end, but their hearts wouldn’t allow it. AND DAMN. That should have been the tag line.

Oliver & Eliza

Every Night by Jose Salvat. This song is SO SEXY it makes me cry. Sexy tears. It’s just so Oliver. He doesn’t deserve the girl but he can keep her coming back with his body. UNFFFF. 

If you could describe each of the characters of the Serve series with only one word which word would it be? 

Oh my GOD. This is tough. 

Oliver: Hidden 
Eliza: Starved 
Jonah: Enigmatic 
Caroline: Loyal 

Do you have a favorite part from Owned by Fate and Exposed by Fate? 

I’m sure I have favorite parts in both books. When Jonah meets his daughter for the first time in OWNED BY FATE. That was a great moment to write. In EXPOSED BY FATE, I think my favorite scene is a toss-up between Eliza kissing Oliver on the dance floor at the gala. OR when she’s juggling on his kitchen floor while doing the splits :) 

*Ahem* The split will never be the same after reading Exposed by Fate ... lol!!! 

If you could cast your characters in the Hollywood adaptation of your books, who would play your characters? 

OH MANNN. These are such good questions. Good thing I’m prepared! Wait. Can I bring people back from the dead? 

A young Marlon Brando, circa On the Waterfront. 
Elizabeth Olson (the other Olson sister). 
For sure, Chris Pine with darker hair/slightly taller. 
Carey Mulligan. 

Great picks!

If any of the Line of Duty characters would meet your Serve characters, who would you think would get along the best and why? 

Haha! I think Daniel Chase and Oliver Preston would definitely size each other up, ex-playboy vs. ex-playboy. Eliza and Story would probably get along well, too, being that they’re both fun-loving, but strong when it’s required. In some ways, I think Jonah was similar to Derek Tyler, actually. Strong, silent type. I’d love to get them all in a room together! 

OMG!!! That would be awesome!!!! Dirty Talkers reunion!!!! Eeeeep!!!

In Exposed by Fate we meet Frankie De Luca the heroine of the next installment of the Serve series. Can you tell us a little about her book? 

All I can say is, hold on to your hats for this one. I’m almost done writing it and – hands down – the sex is the most explosive and daring I’ve ever written. This is a serious case of opposites attract. Controlling Brit meets irreverent tomboy. Something about these two together just works so well – I’d go as far to say the dialogue is just as good as the sex. I hope, anyway! Frankie is edging her way in as one of my fave heroines :)

We are so excited for Driven by Fate!!!!

We can’t let you go before we celebrate your sexy new series.... 

Let’s pretend for a moment that you are sitting at the bar of Club Serve. The barman brings you a Red lollipop-garnished Martini and a shot of Ouzo. Which one do you accept and why?? 

This is the hardest question yet. Is BOTH an option?? LOL. I would probably slam back the shot of ouzo and chase it with the martini. I’ve just outed myself as a lush! 

Both is an option! I think we would have done the same thing!!!! Teehee! ;)

Thank you so much for stopping by Tessa! We can't wait to see what's next! 

Thank you so much for having me – I had an awesome time. Great questions! xoxo 

About the Author

Tessa Bailey is originally from Carlsbad, California. The day after high school graduation, she packed her yearbook, ripped jeans and laptop, driving cross-country to New York City in under four days. 

Her most valuable life experiences were learned thereafter while waitressing at K-Dees, a Manhattan pub owned by her uncle. Inside those four walls, she met her husband, best friend and discovered the magic of classic rock, managing to put herself through Kingsborough Community College and the English program at Pace University at the same time. Several stunted attempts to enter the work force as a journalist followed, but romance writing continued to demand her attention. 

She now lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband of seven years and three-year-old daughter. Although she is severely sleep-deprived, she is incredibly happy to be living her dream of writing about people falling in love.

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