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Avoiding Intimacy by K.A. Linde

Avoiding Intimacy (Avoiding #2.5)
K.A. Linde 

Pub. Feb 26, 2013

Gr’s Summary

Growing up, Chyna was handed everything on a silver platter. She never wanted for anything, except love—unconditional love from her parents. Love was a foreign emotion, and watching her parents love/hate relationship was never easy.

So when it came to her personal life, she made sure she never had to relive that. With looks that could kill, it was simple for Chyna to be the love 'em and leave 'em kind of girl.  And she had always been okay with it.  She would rather be single the rest of her life then end up as miserable as her parents.  So when a man rescued her after she was drugged in a night club, she never expected to start a relationship with him.

But one chance meeting changes it all. Chyna is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity that could sky rocket her career, and she is forced to make a decision that could ruin everything.

The Way I See It 

Eeeeeeeeeep!  When I say, K.A. Linde does NOT DISAPPOINT...I flipping mean it!  The Avoiding Series is one of my many guilty pleasures(winky face)!  This Novella was my W.O.W. a while back, and can I just say, I’m glad I pushed all of my other books aside for this! Chyna is one of “My Fav’s” because, she is absolutely fabulous!  When I saw there was to be a Novella about her, I was floored!  When I saw how long it was, I was delighted! This book is “real,” fluff-free, and chalk full of drama! Just the way I like it!

A-lluring, Marco is without a doubt a delicious honey trap.
V-icious, modeling is a cut-throat industry, and K.A. Linde shows us how crushing it can be! 
O-pportunity,Chyna reaches for the stars, and achieves her heart's desire...
I-ncredulous, was Chyna, at what Cassandra drops in her lap!
D-evour, what you will do with this great read!
I-ndecisive, is what I am over Adam or Marco.
N-aughty, steamy, sexy and sultry! ;)
G-orgeous Star!  Chyna shines throughout the book, and I love her even more!

I-ntimacy, something Chyna doesn’t yet know she truly desires.
N-otorious, Marco carves his way into her life, introducing her to his lifestyle.  
T-ame, Adam loves Chyna in a way she has never known.
I-ncriminating... vengeance finds a way to crush unrealized Dreams.
M-arco, Marco, Marco!  I want more!  I need more of him!
A-dam, honest, Kind, Loving, and he is all the things Marco is not.
C-hyna, Strong, Desirable, Confidant, she shines, and sucks you right in.


A Seriously entertaining, and deliciously captivating read!  Drama, drama, drama, love, love, love, Chyna’s story!  It was everything I’d hoped for and more!!

My Fav’s 

Was there any doubt?  Don’t think so!!  I love Chyna, and I will shout it from the roof tops!  Avoiding Intimacy  highlights her strengths, but doesn't leave out her weaknesses.  Even though Chyna is flawed, she comes out on top!  Not only does she come out on top, she does so effortlessly,  Okay, maybe it was a struggle, but she does the right thing, and she continues to impress me!  I doubt anyone else would have her strength.  That is why she continues to be one of my fav’s in this wonderfully dramatic series!


Okay I’m not exactly sure why I love him so much, because he’s an A**!  He has done some awful things, and will stop at nothing to ensure all debts are paid.  I want him to be more.  I know he is broken, and I want to fix him!  I want to know more about him, and how deep his love runs.  I want to see more of him, and I want to know what makes him tick, and do the things he does.  I hope one day he gets the opportunity to redeem himself.  I can see him doing great things.  He is sexy, and I may be stupid for saying this, but I love him, and he is definitely one of my fav’s.

My Rating

4.5 Milan, Photo camera, Bright star, A-hole brothers, Sweaty basketball game filled stars!  I highly, highly recommend this book for a great drama-filled afternoon!! I love all of these great characters and hope you do too. Go on!!  Go read it!!

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