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Untraceable (Untouchable #3) by Lindsay Delagair

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Untouchable #3
By:  Lindsay Delagair 
Pub:  July 8, 2012
Genre: New Adult 
Contemporary Romance
EARC, 343 pages
Source:  Author (for an honest review)

GR's Summary:

The final installment in the Untouchable trilogy winds through a tangled web of shattered lives, the pursuit of power, and the unfailing strength of love.

Annalisa knew from the beginning that she was falling in love with a dangerous man. But, she also knew that underneath his cold and empty hitman exterior, beat the heart of the man who would love her forever. Against insurmountable odds, Micah and Annalisa have finally reached a place in their lives where he can make a promise to her. It is a promise he never thought would have been possible at one time: He will never take another human life.

But when tragedy strikes, and their happiness is destroyed, Micah must decide if he should keep his promise, or should he pursue those responsible. Especially when he realizes it involves the most feared man in the U.S. mafia, a man who can make anyone...Untraceable.

*If you have not read the first and second book in this series, Untouchable, there are spoilers in this review.

My Take on This Journey:

Pow!  The beginning of this book is actually near the end of the book!  The reader is grabbed from the first paragraph, and thrown into a tailspin!  Everything is in reverse.  Then the author rewinds to the beginning of the book!  How smart is that?!  Ms. D. knows how to get you hooked every time!  The chemistry between Annalisa, (Leese) and Micah is so amazing, and the faith Leese has in her husband is anything but ordinary.  The glass is always half-full when it comes to him.  They have a playful banter that keeps the reader intrigued.  In this third book in the series, Leese and Micah renew there wedding vows to each other, and take over where they left off.  They Make wild passionate love to each other, in every way  possible, while trying to make up for the valuable time they've lost.  Ms. D lets the reader see through  the window into the  soul of Micah.  We see him raw, and vulnerable.  We see the childhood he lost at the young age of 14, and  we see his guilt eating him from the inside out, for the life he has lived, and the lives he has taken.  The reader feels the inner turmoil, and the demons he is fighting within, and the acceptance he is starving for from his parents.  He doesn't think he is deserving of his wife, and their child.  He can't fathom his life without them now, and can't think of ever being able to go back to his old life, even if he has made a deal with the devil herself.  

In this novel, the reader gets to see the tender side of a one-track mind of family killers.  David, (Micah's brother), falls in love with Leese's mother, (Nadia).  The transformation is gradual, and amazingly so, he becomes a likable character.  This book is a fully-blossoming story.  A saga, if you will, by itself.  It is generational, with a lot of surprises.  I figured out some of the the plot twists, but other twists and turns of the plot were so amazing, and I didn't see them coming. It was a wonderfully exciting thrill ride through adventure!   It left me breathless at times to see how wonderful MS. D. put it all together, and her intriguing thought process.  What a talented, and insightful Author!

This ride was a thrill of a lifetime, with so many plot twists!!!  Just when the reader is pulled in, and thinks there couldn't be more, they get hit again.

I give this Phenomenal, Rapture-Filled, Bullet-Proof, Tear Jerking Saga, A Big 5 stars!!!  This is a definite read friends!  

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                                                 Lindsay Delagair

Lindsay lives in Florida on the west coast.  She is married and has three children.  Although she holds a degree in technology, writing full-time (someday) is her dream job.  She enjoys different genres, but always comes back to writing romance.


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