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Blog Tour: Untouchable by Lindsay Delagair

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Untouchable #1
By:  Lindsay Delagair 
Release Date:  July 30, 2011
Genre: New Adult 
Contemporary Romance

Picking a boyfriend can be murder, but for Annalisa Winslett, it might end up being the literal death of her.

No one at Pensacola High School suspects the girl they know as Annalisa McKinnis to be a wealthy heiress in hiding, but things begin to unravel when two new guys enroll. Both guys are gorgeous, and both are trying to win her over. The only problem is that one of them has a million dollar contract to put a bullet in her.

This book is the beginning of a wild ride in a trilogy that will make you wonder if the power of love can truly conquer all.

When her pure and innocent heart is offered to him, will this cold and empty hitman fall, or will he remain untouchable?

My Take on this Journey:

Untouchable, by Lindsay Delagair, was a riveting novel that had me wanting to know the who, what, why, when, where, and how of everything.  The main character, Annalisa, known as Leese, is a seventeen year old high school student, who has been rushed off from Palm Beach with her sister Kimmy, to her "aunt and uncle's" home to live until danger passes.  Then, she can return home.  Her mother is convinced that her daughter's are in danger, and need to be in hiding.  Leese doesn't realize she is in danger.  She thinks her mom is over-reacting, but she goes.  Little does she know, there is a hit man after her, and she needs to be careful.

Untouchable had a lot of mystery and intrigue, and was full of secrets, and danger at every turn.  In the story, Leese meets two new boys, Evan, and Ryan.  The reader gets so caught up, and confused, that they keep going back in forth wondering what is true, and what is a farce.  This is a love story with a lot of confusion and innuendo.  You think you know who the hit man is, and what's going on, and the next thing you know, you're questioning yourself again.  

Once Leese finds out who the hit man is, she makes a deal with him to help her find out who has a  hit out on her, and who is endangering her mother's life, in exchange for five more weeks of life.  He agrees, and they begin a slow developing relationship that turns into love and admiration for one another.  Still, Leese knows, that at the end she must die, or her family, and her new love will be killed.  This novel was great!  There were no crossing of lines.  Leese was sweet, innocent, loving, kind, and sang in the church choir.  The hit man was a swoon-worthy hunk, buff, beautiful to look at, with mesmerizing green eyes.  He was loving at times, and crazed at other times.  When he was on the verge of killing, his eyes would go blank, and he was untouchable.  He felt nothing in his heart, and could destroy anyone.  When he began to feel, for the first time in his life, he was frightened, but Leese could see the tenderness that no one else could see emanating from his soul.  

This story made me feel fear deep within my bones, and then I was completely outraged when I found out who ordered the hit on Leese, and was making her mother think she was going crazy, and why.  Untouchable was an excellent all-around ride of your life story!   It had every aspect a reader could desire within its storyline.  I loved this book! 

I give Untouchable 5 Sharp-Shooting, Nail-Biting Stars!

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                                   About the Author:
                                    Lindsay Delagair

Lindsay lives in Florida on the west coast.  She is married and has three children.  Although she holds a degree in technology, writing full-time (someday) is her dream job.  She enjoys different genres, but always comes back to writing romance.


Heart of the Diamond (published)

Untouchable Trilogy:

Untouchable - Book 1

Unforgiveable - Book 2

Untraceable - Book 3

Kingdom Hill

The Substitute (novelette)

Lindsay enjoys hearing from her readers.

Feel free to contact her at:

                       Lindsay's:  Goodreads/Facebook/Twitter

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  1. Untouchable sounds like it's a gripping suspense...which I like those! Wonderful review Ro. I think making a deal with a hit man is a bit risky.

    1. I definitely agree with you! This book had me shaking in my boots in parts. I'm a real scaredy cat!!! Lindy and Ria are the gals that like SCARY...not me! I must admit, I love mystery and intrigue. So this was the perfect read for me!!!

      Happy Reading!!!



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