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Unforgivable (Untouchable #2) by Lindsay Delagair

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Untouchable #2
By:  Lindsay Delagair 
Pub:  Dec. 30, 2011
Genre: New Adult 
Contemporary Romance
EARC, 341 pages
Source:  Author (for an honest review)

GR's Summary:

Annalisa believes she finally has a chance to share forever with Micah, but her fear that something will destroy their happiness grows stronger every day. He changed everything to be with her, leaving his horrible past far behind as they begin to see a bright and beautiful future together. Unfortunately, someone in the mob isn't willing to let go of their best hit man.

The second book in the Untouchable trilogy takes you on a journey of love, passion, sacrifice, heartbreak, and hope. She touched his heart, but what happens next should be…Unforgivable.

*If you have not read the first book in this series, Untouchable, there are spoilers in this review.

My Take on This Journey:

This is the sequel to Untouchable, and the love story of Micah, and Annalisa, (Leese), and their continuing saga. Micah and his family are a part of the Mob, and very connected.  Micah is one of the top hit men in the organization. Each and every one of his immediate family members is an intricate part of this organization.  Leese comes from old money. She is wealthy, and was brought up in Palm Beach.  This story starts with the preparations for the wedding of Micah and Leese.  They planned on getting married in September, but there was a mix up in dates, when making the paperwork, and the date was changed to August. Leese believes in divine intervention, and that things happen for a reason.  Nothing happens by chance, so they go ahead and move the date of their marriage up by a month.  Both of them can't wait, especially since Leese has been saving herself for Micah, and their wedding day.

The wedding goes off without a hitch, and the family and friends are all staying at the same hotel for a few days, before Micah and Leese leave for Maui.  A few days after the wedding, Leese leaves the suite alone to get the key to the Maui house from her mother. Micah stays in the room to wait till she returns.  This is when all hell breaks loose, and the mob gets a hold of Leese, and gives her a proposition she can't refuse.  Leese is made to leave her husband that she loves dearly, and make him believe that she has changed her mind, and left him for Ryan, a friend from her past.  Ryan has always loved Leese, and will do anything to help her.  He makes their running away together believable, to help Leese save the lives of Micah and his family.  He is filled with hope that he can eventually win Leese over to his side.  Will Leese feel vulnerable enough to fall into his arms?  It gets pretty steamy at times.

Again, Ms. Delagair, has hit the jack pot!  What a roller coaster ride this book has been. From the second I started reading this book to the very last page, I was riveted.  What an amazing, horrifyingly scary, head turning ride!  It was filled with excitement and character growth.  There are parts that will tear your heart out from the roots.  There are explanations for every action, forgiveness, and road blocks galore.  There are times that the violence will scare the living daylights out of you, and you'll wonder how the character could have done such a thing.  I laughed, sobbed, was broken hearted for Micah at times, then at other times I wanted to kill him.  

I was really happy that Ms. Delagair made Leese a stronger character in this sequel.  She was, at times, a bit sappy in the first book, and very innocent.  I know she was suppose to be, but honestly, I wanted to strangle her, she was so gullable!  There was one thing that I felt was a bit unbelievable in the book, and that was that I didn't agree with the fact that if my husband was a hit man, I would tell people.  

There is a lot of corruption, some sadistic behavior, and some wild rides in this book, and believe me when I say, it was all necessary to the plot!  I think that you will definitely love some of the twists and turns in this book.  This story is not predictable, and the plot will keep you wanting more. 

I give this book 4 1/2 long, lonely, heartbreaking stars!  Happy Reading!!!  Now onto the third book in this series.


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                                                    Lindsay Delagair

Lindsay lives in Florida on the west coast.  She is married and has three children.  Although she holds a degree in technology, writing full-time (someday) is her dream job.  She enjoys different genres, but always comes back to writing romance.


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Untouchable Trilogy:

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Unforgiveable - Book 2

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Lindsay enjoys hearing from her readers.

Feel free to contact her at:

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  1. I'm glad I saw this post, It reminded me that I need to bump Untouchable up my TBR list. Then I will be reading this one! Great review, I can't wait to start this series!

    1. Thank You so much for the kind comment. I am so glad that you are bumping up the book/series on your list. I really think they are quick reads, and grab you from the beginning to the end. I am well into the third book in the series, and Ms. Delagair has got me again!!!
      Congratulations on your lunar Hop! I recognized your name. Your prize went out Friday.

      Happy Reading!!!


    2. Thank you Ro! I think I will enjoy Daughter of the Moon!

  2. I haven't read this series. I actually haven't even heard of it. But it is new adult and it does sound interesting so I shall check it out :)

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts

    1. Glad to hear that I have got a new reader on board for this series. It is Great! There are a lot of twists and turns in this book, and some disturbing content, but like I said before, it is necessary to the story! Let me know how you like it.

      Happy Reading!!!



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