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Other Side of Forever, by Shannon Eckrich

Other Side of Forever
Shannon Eckrich 

Pub Jan 23, 2012
Crescent Moon Press

Gr’s summary

Seventeen-year-old Allie Anderson's telekinetic powers are anything but useful--she can't bring her father back, can't stop her mother's downward spiral into alcohol, and can't keep her from falling in love with Ethan Bradley. Loving Ethan is easy, but it comes with a hefty price: Ethan is prohibited by his people from interacting with mortals--because he isn't mortal himself. When Allie and Ethan's love is discovered, there's someone who will do anything to keep them apart. If Allie can't learn to control her powers and fight to save Ethan, this dark entity will make every attempt to stop her beating heart. And if that happens, not even the energy of an immortal can bring her back.

The Way I See it 

What a roller coaster! Gathering thoughts... This was a good read, here is why; Typically, I have some sort of idea or guess as to whats coming next.  With Other Side of Forever, I didn’t have a clue.  Not a single clue.  Sure, I made guesses and had assumptions.  That's just part of my nature, and usually I’m pretty certain.  S. Eckrich had me guessing, and second guessing myself at every turn!  Even to the point of frustration, lol!  I was seriously stumped, until all of the answers started being revealed.  It does take a little while for things to get going, but then it was a frenzy!  Non-stop, earth- shattering action, until the very end  Kudos to Ms. Eckrich for keeping us shrouded in mystery, page after page, until she opens the flood gates!  Though there wasn’t a cliffhanger, there were some unanswered questions.  I hope she continues the series.  I would love to visit Asteria to see what its like, my guess is it’s absolutely beautiful!

My Fav’s

He is extremely put together and I really like him for Allie.  He is drawn to her, and I would love to find out exactly why. That question is left unanswered, but I hope in the future we find out what it is.  Ethan has a heart full of compassion, he has endured a lot of pain, and I feel as though he uses that toward improving himself.  It's stated in the book that Allie changes him.  I’m curious to know a little more about the way he was before Allie.  He has possible Book Boyfriend material.  I can’t wait to see him fully shine.  He and Allie sizzle, and their relationship once accepted really takes off.

This poor girl!  It's almost as though all the cosmos are against her.  Rightfully so, she is very guarded.  Allie has two close friends, and it seems as though they are the only ones she can open up to.  Having said that, she keeps secrets from them, but is later forced to face those said secrets.  Allie has a lot of room for growth, and I can see her become a total bad a**, once she truly accepts who she is.  After a little growth and acceptance, two things she sorely needs we see some growth.  Allie starting to come into her own, is awesome.  I want to know her roots, and I also want to know more about her parents.  I’m looking forward to getting to know her better.

My Rating

4.0 Asterian, Confederate, Energy orb, Beautiful pond, Eternal, Always and forever infinite Stars! If your looking for an intriguing read that leaves a bit of mystery this book is for you!

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About the Author:

Born and raised in Delaware, Shannon Eckrich lives with her husband, two children, and chocolate lab, Chewy, along with her newest addition, Taylor, a spunky little kitty who loves to terrorize her while she’s writing. 

Shannon’s second love is the paranormal. Ghosts, angels, vampires, aliens, immortals, it doesn't matter, she’s obsessed with it all, which is why she’s compelled to write stories in the paranormal genre.


  1. Ah! I love it when I think one thing is going to happen, but something else entirely takes place! Other Side Of Forever sounds really good and though I'm not a huge Paranormal/Fantasy fan, there's something about boys whose name is Ethan. ;) I tend to love Ethans and I can't wait to meet this one! Amazing review, Ria! Glad you liked the book.

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  2. Thank you Sarika!! Yes I can't wait to see where it goes from here...There are so many amazing possibilities!!!


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