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Book Review : Painless (The Story of Samantha Smith, #3) by Devon Hartford

The Story of Samantha Smith, #3
by Devon Hartford

January 30th, 2014



At last! The exciting, steamy, action packed conclusion to the Story of Samantha Smith! PAINLESS follows Samantha through the remainder of her first year in college at sunny San Diego University.

Oh, and what about that hot hunk Christos Manos? When we last left him, his life balanced on the brink of disaster. What is going to happen to him?

You’ll have to read PAINLESS to find out!

Find out what happens to Samantha, Christos, Romeo, Kamiko, Madison, Jake, and everyone else in PAINLESS, the third and final volume of the series!

This book is full of surprises!!

WARNING!! Once again, the steam factor in PAINLESS is much higher than in FEARLESS (book 1), but similar to RECKLESS (book 2)

 The Story of Samantha Smith Series

Fearless (The Story of Samantha Smith, #1)

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Painless (The Story of Samantha Smith, #3)

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My Review:

The Story of Samantha Smith Series was a fantastic reading escape! I read the three books in this series back-to-back, and I loved every moment of it! Outstanding work by Devon Hartford!

Painless is the last installment of The Samantha Smith Series. This book starts exactly where Reckless ended. I was so nervous to read what was going to happen next! Reckless ended with a HUGE cliffhanger! Samantha and Christos have been through a lot of ups and downs since the beginning of their relationship. As Samantha and Christos continue their journey together they will embark on an emotional roller coaster ride that will have them making decisions that will change their lives forever. 

Painless was the perfect ending to a great series! I have seen Samantha and Christos grow not only as a couple, but as individuals as well. Samantha is a totally different person from who she was in Fearless. She is more confident and strong. Christos' support and encouragement have made her become the person that she truly wanted to be. Samantha had to deal with a lot of difficult situations. Her mom was such a B*tch!!!! OMG!!! My stomach is turning just thinking about her!!! What a horrible person! With her decision of changing her major from Accounting to Art, Samantha is seeing firsthand that her decisions come with consequences. I was so proud of all the decisions that she made! She had to fight for what she wanted and with Christos' love and support she achieved her goals. Christos ... Where do I start with Christos?!?!?! His love for Samantha was beautiful and touching. Even if he was going through some difficult times, he was always there for Samantha when she needed him. Christos is an artist and he had to find true inspiration to continue his work. True Love was what he really needed to find is way back to painting. Together they created beautiful paintings and memories. In Painless, family bonds will be tested, people will change, career choices will be made and love will overcome all obstacles.

Madison, Jake, Kamiko and Romeo are absolutely amazing characters! I love them to pieces! The banter between them is incredible! I would love to see what is next for all of them, but at the end of Painless the author mentioned that for now it was the end for these characters :( Another character, Victory Payne, will be getting her own story. I cannot wait to read this new series! Word is that her love interest, Kellan Burns, is HOTTTTT!!!! Bring it!!!!! ;)

I give, Painless, by Devon Hartford 4 fast-paced, hot, unique, love filled stars! 

About the Author:

A lot of people ask me, “Why is a guy writing romance novels for women?”
The answer is simple. Everyone falls in love. Even Men.
Imagine that. ;-)
Of course, I’m half-joking, but also half-serious. Most men behave as if they have no emotions and certainly never—GASP!—talk about them. Men control their emotions. No man is a man if he lets his emotions get the best of him, right? Men conquer their emotions.
Emotions are as much a part of a man’s human experience as they are a woman’s. I’m sure the specifics are as different as individual people can be. But if a man wants to have a complete experience as a human being, he must embrace his emotional nature and learn to understand it.
What better way to explore emotions than to focus on stories centering around emotional experiences? Including the most intense emotional experience of all, love?
Having read a slew of New Adult romances in the past year, I noticed again and again that these novels dealt with the repressed pain of emotional scars and how love can help heal our wounds. Everyone has emotional scars. Women and men. Everyone hopes to heal, and a loving relationship can be a conduit for both partners to heal together.
My own stories feature characters who are on a quest to heal their pain. I believe this is a universal desire. It’s my hope that readers of my stories may heal in some small way or gain some perspective regarding their own emotional wounds.


  1. This sounds like such a good, intense series. And I love the enthusiasm in your review, Mikki. I will definitely keep these in mind.

  2. I love that there is character growth. That's so key for me to love characters over a series. Great review.

  3. Wow Mikki, first I am impressed you read them back to back..i cannot do that. The series sounds intense and the characters have depth and growth which I truly appreciate.Sounds like I need to add these to my pile :)

  4. @Andrea
    It was an awesome series! I am so glad I got the opportunity to discover it!

    Thanks for stopping by! ;)

    I agree 100% with you Valerie! Character growth is very important in a series.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I am not a big fan of cliffhangers so reading a series back-to-back is something I do often. The only problem with that is that I have a HUGE book hangover once I finish it :(

    Intense, emotional and funny! I loved it!

    Thanks for stopping by! ;)


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