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Book Review: Fury: Episode 1 (The Cure #1.1) by Charlotte McConaghy

Fury: Episode 1 
(The Cure #1.1) 
Charlotte McConaghy 
Pub March 11th 2014 

by Momentum Books
ARC For Review 

In the tradition of Divergent comes a novel about a world where negative emotions are stolen ... and only those with fury can stand up and fight.

Eighteen-year-old Josephine Luquet wakes naked and covered in blood that is not hers on the same day every year—when the blood moon is full. Josi has not responded to the "Cure"—an immunization against anger mandated by the government—and believes herself to be a threat to others.

Then she meets Luke. Luke has had the Cure but seems different to the other "drones"—and he's dead set on helping Josi discover the truth about herself before the next blood moon.

But time is running out. Is Luke willing to risk his life to be near her? Does he truly understand what violence she is capable of?

Raw and full of passion, Fury is a story of love in a dystopian world, and how much we are willing to forgive in the struggle to remember our humanity.

This is a novella-length episode of Fury. It will continue with Episode 2 on 18 March and conclude with Episode 3 on 25 March. Please visit Momentum Books for release dates, further information, and to sign-up to be notified of the next release.

The Way I See It
I’m going to start off with one word…Intense. Yep I think that’s a good word to describe Fury by Charlotte McConaghy. We meet Josephine and Luke I’m assuming you’ve read the synopsis and I said INTENSE right from the beginning we jump into what I assume is current day “in the story” Josi recounts parts of her past and it’s all a whirlwind of action. Even though this is a novella and relatively short, it’s not a story you can just swallow in a couple of hours. This story is one you must fully relish and delve into. The world building is phenomenal and I felt immersed in the pages. Like I was walking along side Josi her fears became my fears and her desperation broke me. 

F-ound, Josephine has always been alone. No one ever sees her especially the drones that are everywhere around her. Until one night, she meets the person who will change her life. 
U-naware, working with someone to find answers should be easy but everything Luke has been telling himself is changing and he resents himself for it. 
R-ealization, the differences are too much the world is real, its harsh, and Josi is a monster nothing will ever change these facts she only has once choice left and she is determined to make it. 
Y-esterday, always a haze always a nightmare Josi only knows agony but anything is better than losing the very thing that makes her who she is. Josi doesn’t know what to do or how to change things but loving Luke is not an option. 

Eeeep Okay so I’ve got the feels and they are all over the place for this book! The ending is a little bit cliffy and yall know how I feel about that but that’s okay the second and third part are already available. Some of the vital questions are answered and some of my predictions were confirmed. BUT there is still so much that is unseen and I’m loving this series already I hope McConaghy is up to the challenge of making this series meet its potential. My heart goes out to this broken and unique dystopian society and I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen next. 

My Favs

Luke & Josi
These two are quite the pair so different and similar and all around perfect for each other. I’m looking forward to the next step. They are a big mystery and I’m hoping we get all of the answers soon. 

My Rating

4.0 Bar, Cigarette, Coffee, Bruises, Clip Board, Leather belt, Furies, Bloods, Uncured, Hiking, Dreadlocks, Night Terrors, an Unquenchable Loneliness that will pull at your heart strings filled stars. For a Dystopian unlike anything I’ve read so far check out part one of the Fury Series!!

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  1. Wow, this sounds crazy-good. I'm kind of burned out after just reading the Divergent trilogy back-to-back and not being much of a fan, but I'm curious about this series.

  2. Does sound intense. I like the premise though. The idea of negative emotions being removed...sounds really good. Thank for letting me know about it.


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