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Book Review : Fearless (The Story of Samantha Smith, #1) by Devon Hartford

The Story of Samantha Smith, #1
by Devon Hartford

July 26th, 2013



At the age of sixteen, Samantha Smith’s innocence was shattered in the blink of an eye. She kept the pain to herself for three years, burying her terrible secret beneath black clothes and black makeup, afraid to tell anyone. The price for her silence was the loss of her happiness and all of her friends.

After moving from stuffy Washington D.C. to laid back San Diego, where Samantha is now a freshman at San Diego University, she is determined to find new friends and reclaim her optimistic spirit. Having thrown away her goth exterior, she hopes that her new sunny look will heal her wounds. 

Dreaming of adventure, she wishes to escape the humdrum middle-class existence that has repressed her fiery nature for as long as she can remember. But her parents are pressuring her to major in Accounting because it’s the safe thing to do. Samantha secretly considers ditching the business major to study Art, a choice that would horrify her parents if they ever found out.

When Samantha crosses paths with a troubled, handsome, tattoo-clad bad boy, her life spins into overdrive, and Samantha finds herself juggling more adventure than she ever dreamed possible.

 The Story of Samantha Smith Series

Fearless (The Story of Samantha Smith, #1)

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My Review:

*Ahem* Do I have your attention? I don't usually start my reviews like this, but can I just say that this series has some blazing hot covers!!! Holy Cannoli!!! *Fans Self* Fearless is the first installment in The Story of Samantha Smith Series. I had such a great time reading about Samantha's journey! 

Samantha Smith leaves her hometown of Washington D.C. and moves to San Diego to start college and leave behind a suffocating past. New town, new friends, new life. That's how Samantha's journey started, but when sexy and confident Christos enters her life everything is about to get complicated. The more time they spend together the more they get under each other's skin. Will Samantha find a way to let go of the past and take a step towards her future with Christos? 

What a fantastic debut novel from Devon Hartford!! This book had a captivating storyline and lovable characters that were easy to relate to. It was a real page-turner! I stayed reading way pass my bedtime. I was really curious to find out what was Samantha's secret. When I found out, my heart broke for her. Trying to let go of the past is not easy and at some point it always catches up. I was proud of the way she revealed her secret to Christos. She tried to keep her distance from him, but Christos did everything in his power to keep her close and to make her feel safe and loved. 

I really liked Samantha. Her inner monologue was hilarious!!! I LOL so many times while reading Fearless :) I have to admit that the only thing that got me super nervous was her jealousy towards EVERY single woman that was around Christos. I can understand her jealousy when they started getting serious, but before that it was a bit too much. Christos ..... Oh, my squeeee! Where do I start with Christos?!?!?! I absolutely loved him!!!! Every single time he would say Agàpi mou I would freakin' melt!!! It was soooo sweet!!!! Behind that Bad boy image hides a man with a heart a gold. I loved how ART brought these two closer together. Talking about ART ... There is one scene in the book where Sam gets a bit naughty in her Art class ... Ouuuu my God!!! That was steamy and hysterical all at once! I would have paid big money to be sitting next to Romeo and Kamiko ;) What I really loved about Samantha and Christos is that their relationship was not rushed. Every tender and steamy moment occurred at the perfect time! 

I often mention that the supporting characters are very important when I read a book. Madison, Romeo and Kamiko were AMAZING!!! This story would not have been the same without them! I had to literally put my kindle down when Romeo was talking. He's freakin' hilarious!!!! This book does not end with a major cliffhanger, but it does leave you wanting more of all these addictive characters! 

My Rating:

I give, Fearless, by Devon Hartford 4.5 exciting, sexy, flirtatious, funny stars! I'm extremely happy I got to read and review Fearless and I can't wait to see what's next for Samantha and Christos! Amazing work by Devon Hartford! :)

About the Author:

A lot of people ask me, “Why is a guy writing romance novels for women?”
The answer is simple. Everyone falls in love. Even Men.
Imagine that. ;-)
Of course, I’m half-joking, but also half-serious. Most men behave as if they have no emotions and certainly never—GASP!—talk about them. Men control their emotions. No man is a man if he lets his emotions get the best of him, right? Men conquer their emotions.
Emotions are as much a part of a man’s human experience as they are a woman’s. I’m sure the specifics are as different as individual people can be. But if a man wants to have a complete experience as a human being, he must embrace his emotional nature and learn to understand it.
What better way to explore emotions than to focus on stories centering around emotional experiences? Including the most intense emotional experience of all, love?
Having read a slew of New Adult romances in the past year, I noticed again and again that these novels dealt with the repressed pain of emotional scars and how love can help heal our wounds. Everyone has emotional scars. Women and men. Everyone hopes to heal, and a loving relationship can be a conduit for both partners to heal together.
My own stories feature characters who are on a quest to heal their pain. I believe this is a universal desire. It’s my hope that readers of my stories may heal in some small way or gain some perspective regarding their own emotional wounds.


  1. Yes, you have my attention. AND the author is a guy? Yeah, bring it.

  2. I think it's very cool that the author is a guy. I mean, my husband pretty much reads the books I
    tell him to, so I get it. And I love the male perspective. Samantha's story sounds intense yet fun. I'm glad you liked it, Mikki!

  3. I'm adding this book/series to my TBR pile. Great review. :)

  4. @Valerie
    Good! I'm sure you will love this series!

    Thanks for stopping by! ;)

    Oh, that's awesome Andrea! I wish my husband would read what I read ... lol!!

    Thanks for stopping by! ;)

    I hope you get to read them soon!

    Thanks for stopping by! ;)

  5. Tattoos are just my thing. I can't resist picking up a book cover when there are tats on it. This one has some serious tattery, and I love it. The book sounds like a fun one, too!


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