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Book Review : Liam's List (Volume 2) by Haleigh Lovell

Liam's List
by Haleigh Lovell

Published: April 24th, 2014

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A New Adult Romance packed with 
Heat and Heart. 

His best friend's sister. 
 A list. 
A love story. 

 Complete novel. No cliffhanger. Dual POV. 

Rated 18+ for language and strong sexual content.

Volume 1 & 2

Vivian's List (Volume 1)
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Liam's List (Volume 2)
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My Review

Liam's List is volume 2 of a two-part series by Haleigh Lovell. When I read her debut novel, Vivian's List, a few months ago I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed it and I could not wait to see what was next for Vivian and Liam. I read VL in one sitting and the same thing happened with Liam's List. It was another page turner! I really liked VL, but LL had a little extra something. Miss Spicy Cinnamon Vivian and Mr. Hot Peppers Liam sure know how to spice things up ;)

Liam's List picks up where Vivian's List ended. Liam's has left for Iraq to continue is military mission. Vivian is keeping busy with school while she awaits Liam's return. Having the person that you love away for such a long time is difficult. But, Liam and Vivian soon find interesting ways to ''keep in touch'' ;) After tragedy strikes, Liam returns home broken. He will never forget what happened in Iraq. A part of him dies after that tragedy. Vivian has been separated from Liam for months. When he comes back home she sees a drastic change in him. They grow apart and their relationship suffers because of Liam's behavior. Liam can't find his way back from the darkness that has been suffocating him since he left Iraq, but Vivian will do whatever it takes to bring happiness back into Liam's life.   

I loved Liam List!!! It was very different from VL and I liked how the story was written. Vivian and Liam lived tender and steamy moments. They laughed and cried together. Vivian showed her unconditional support to Liam when his life was a complete mess. His emotional scars were deep and it took him some time to overcome all the emotions that he was feeling. What I loved about these two is that in VL, Liam was the one that encouraged and helped Vivian discover who she really was. And, in LL she helps him. This book was emotional and heartbreaking. It also felt so real to me because these are things that happen to couples in reality.

Vivian and Liam once again set my kindle on fire!!! Holy Crapola!!! These two have something against having sex in a bed ... lol!!! Oh, what a steamy interesting list, Liam!!!! *Fans self*

Overhall, this was a great sequel and I liked the banter between all the characters. I was happy to see that Vivian reconnected with her brother Julian. I really hope we get to see more of these characters. Julian and Casey would be quite an interesting couple to follow and I'm positive that these two together are FIRE!!!!!

My Rating

I give, Liam's List, by Haleigh Lovell 4.5 sensual, memorable, emotional, flirty, sex-on-a-glacier stars! <--- Yup! That was freakin' hot!! Great series by Haleigh Lovell! I can't wait to see what's next by this awesome author! ;)

About the Author

Haleigh received a B.A. in Journalism and a B.A in Sociology. Despite training as a journalist and a sociologist, Haleigh soon found she preferred making up her own stories--stories with heat and heart. An expert at the art of procrastination, Haleigh is easily distracted by food and can often be found snacking on Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Pringles, Kit Kat bars, Toblerones and sushi.


  1. I haven't read these books. I tend to shy away from debuts until I know they're good. Sounds like those tender sexy moments make this one yummy. I'm adding it to the TBR pile. Thanks

  2. This sounds like a sexy series. Gotta love the visuals you included. ;)


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