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Book Review & Giveaway : Vivian's List by Haleigh Lovell


Vivian's List

Haleigh Lovell
Release Date: 
September 12, 2013

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Her brother's best friend. A sexual bucket list. An erotic love story.

Vivian Sorenson is in a verbally abusive relationship. When her boyfriend, Brody, calls her "frigid" and "boring ol' vanilla," Vivian finally ends the toxic relationship and embarks on a journey of sexual self-discovery.

Liam Sykes has known Vivian all his life. She's his best friend's little sister and she's always been off-limits. When he happens upon Vivian's sexual bucket list, he crosses that forbidden line. Soon it becomes more than just sex as Liam picks up every jagged little shard of Vivian's shattered heart and pieces it back together, replacing it with a piece of his own.

** This is book 1 in a two-part series**
** New Adult Erotic Romance intended for readers 18+ due to language and sexual content**

My Review:

Vivian's List by Haleigh Lovell was a real surprise! When I read the blurb I was expecting a steamy book, but I got so much more. The way the author wrote this story was interesting. We get to read from both POV's, which is a big plus in my opinion. I love reading a story from a dual POV. The pages kept on turning and my kindle was on FIRE from the chemistry that Viv and Liam had together. Eeeeeep! *Fan Self*

Vivian is in a relationship that to the eyes of other is abusive, but she's in to deep with Brody to realize any of it. One night, she decides to call it quit after Brody reacts like a jerk and insults her. His words and actions deeply hurt her and she wants to make a point and prove that she's not boring O'l Vanilla, but  Spicy Cinnamon Vivian. She decides to write this Bucket List and Liam, her brother's best friend, finds it. Vivian enlists his help to make her fantasies come true and though at first he refuses, he can't deny her anymore once she tells him he's the only one she trusts. One by one Vivian's fantasies are becoming a reality and soon enough they fall for each other.

This story was fun, steamy and romantic. Yes, it's short, but the intensity that this couple has is INCREDIBLE! The connection between Viv and Liam is instant since they have known each other for a while. They are comfortable with each other and he cares deeply for her. It's easy to fall in love with both these characters. Not only do they have AMAZING chemistry together, but they have a unique friendship too. I found myself LOL a few times while reading this book. Not only with Vivian and Liam, but also with Vivian's friends. We all need those crazy friends that make us step out of our comfort zone ;) I liked how Liam made Vivian realize that she was getting lost in that toxic relationship. By telling her about a past experience he made her see that Brody had taken bits and pieces of her.

Ok, let's talk steamy scenes. Holy Hotness!!!! This book was extremely hot and sensual. The things Liam does with a can of whipped cream ... O_0 !!!! Woweeee!! There is nothing left of Boring O'l Vanilla after Liam puts his hands on her. He took Vivian's list and made her wildest fantasies come true. Each and every one of their moments were INTENSE and PASSIONATE

I'm not a big fan of cliffhangers. This book does have one, but nothing major. We are getting part 2 of this story in 2014. It will be called Liam's List, which will bring us the conclusion of this story :)

My Rating:

I give Vivian's List by Haleigh Lovell, 4 sexy, romantic, enjoyable stars! If you are looking for a story that is a quick, steamy, enjoyable read, look no more! This is the one ;)

About the Author

Haleigh received a B.A. in Journalism and a B.A in Sociology. Despite training as a journalist and a sociologist, Haleigh soon found she preferred making up her own stories--stories with heat and heart. 

An expert at the art of procrastination, Haleigh is easily distracted by food and can often be found snacking on Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Pringles, Kit Kat bars, Toblerones and sushi.


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