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Book Review: The Only One (Cowboy Fever Series #5) by Karen Wiesner

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The Only One
Cowboy Fever Series #5
By:  Karen Wiesner
Published:  November 2013
By:  Whiskey Creek, LLC
Source:  Author
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GR's Summary:

Return to cowboy country in Fever, Texas, where the heat isn't the only thing causing a fever! See if you can find the heirloom wedding band!
More than five years ago, Ken Abrams, Triple Aces Ranch co-owner, and his wife Karla were madly in love and expecting their first child. Tragedy took that unborn daughter from them and drove them into opposite corners. Seeing how unaffected Ken seemed by the loss of their child shook Karla’s whole world. He didn’t want to talk; didn’t even appear to grieve. The very next morning, he was back out on his horse, doing ranch work, and she couldn’t forgive him his ease in coping—especially when his work seemed to take over his entire life so she rarely saw him anymore. Devastated, Karla left him. Ken is the only man she’s ever loved, and, after five years apart, she knows she has to make a decision: wash her hands of their marriage, or confront him about the loss of their unborn daughter.
Ken never understood why Karla left him, and, the few times he’s contacted her, she’s been as cold and volatile as a rattlesnake. He can only believe she also blames him for the death of their unborn child. He allows her the silent separation, unwilling to risk her asking him for a divorce. The death of his daughter tore him to pieces. Losing Karla will finish him for sure. 
When Ken shows up with her four brothers at the exotic dance club Karla’s been working as a waitress to make ends meet, she sees that he hasn’t changed at all—and she tells him she wants a divorce ASAP. Can Ken prove the loss of their child all but destroyed him and she’s still the only one for him?

Cowboy Fever Series:

My Take on this Journey:

The Only One, by Karen Wiesner, was the continuing saga of the Cowboy Fever Series.  This was the sad story of the loss and separation of Ken and Karla Abrams.  These two were great characters.  The book was a wonderful addition to the series.  Ken and Karla knew each other growing up, when Karla was still a tomboy.  She was brought up to be as tough as her brothers and could hold her own against anyone.  Karla's mother died when she was very young from a massive stroke.  She was devastated when her confidant died, and she was left with her four troublemaking brothers, her father, and a house filled with silence.  She felt devastated and bewildered.  No one understood her, and she thought their lack of emotion meant that they didn't feel the pain she was enduring from her mother's death, though they were dealing in the only way they knew how to.  Karla thought all men were made from the same mold, and from that point was untrusting of the opposite sex.  Karla grew into the most beautiful woman in the world, in Ken's eyes.  Once he fell in love with her, he never looked in any other direction.  Not even back in the direction of his first love, the ever unforgettable Maggie May, the town slut.  Once him and Karla got together, he realized true love for the first time.  He knew then that what he had with Maggie wasn't what he felt for Karla.

Karla and Ken married, though they didn't have much to start off with.  Ken was a loving, caring man that was misunderstood by his wife after one year of marriage.  They lost their first child right before her birth due to less than standard care during pregnancy, and the fact that she was vasa previa.  Karla was devastated, as was Ken.  Ken threw himself into his work on the ranch, and closed himself off from his wife, who was grieving in a way he couldn't allow himself to.  Karla thought that Ken didn't care because he returned to work the day after the funeral.  She left her husband, and they were apart for 5 years.

This novel was a very sad story of time lost, because of misunderstandings.  Ken loved his wife so much and was devastated with the loss of their child, and then the loss of his wife when she walked out on him.  Karla moved away to the big city of Lubbock, and without any skills had to get a job in an erotic dance club, waitressing.  She was a head strong woman and didn't want to ask anyone for anything.  She had aspirations of going to school someday and doing more with her life, but with the wages she was making, that time wouldn't come too soon.  These two are reunited by her brothers, as they kidnap Ken to get him to the club to face his wife.  The wedding of their friends at Triple Aces, April and Shawn is upon them, and decisions have to be made.  Will love be enough?  Read it to see if they get the HEA they deserve!

Ms. Wiesner does a wonderful job with her ability to make the reader connect with the devastation, torment, and heart wrenching sadness, that encompasses these two characters.  The reader is a part of the story in every way.  The love between these two characters was magnetic.  I loved this story immensely.  I look forward to the last segment in this series, which I will be reviewing next month.  Don't miss out on this wonderful series.  A definite must for your TBR!

I give The Only One, by Karen Wiesner, 5 Heartfelt, Emotionally Charged, Second Chance Love filled Stars!  

My Favorite Quotes:

"I can't forget... This heat.  The lava that fills me at the mere thought of the things we used to do together.  The things I wouldn't let anyone else do to me because I belonged to you so completely.  I wanted to believe I was the only woman who could ever hold every part of you.  (Kindle Loc. 5487) 


"God in Heaven, he'd thought he'd never survive the loss of his baby.  He'd been torn to pieces, unable to function.  He hadn't known how to be whole anymore."  (Kindle Loc. 5547)


"The day we first kissed was the day I lost my heart..."  (Kindle Loc. 5671) 


"Don't hold back, babe...  Never with me.  Especially not now."  (Kindle Loc. 57040)

"I love you, Karla.  That'll never change.  I'll go to my grave, and you'll still be the only one."  (Kindle Loc. 5708)


"You keep acting like it was physically impossible for you to be there for me, Ken.  But you can be there for me.  Haven't you just proved that you can be?  That sharing all this brought us closer?  That we love each other more when we support each other?"  (Kindle Loc. 5741)


About the Author:

Karen Wiesner is an accomplished author with 100 titles published in the past 15 years, which have been nominated for and/or won 125 awards, and 37 more releases contracted for spanning many categories and formats.


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  1. I'm not familiar with this series, but your review, and those five flowers, has me curious. I also like the quotes you've included. Nice review, Lindy!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful review, Ro. After Drifter's Heart, Book 6, one last novel will complete this series: A Wing & A Prayer, Book 7, with April and Shawn as the main characters (they're from Book 4, Taming April). Check it out here:

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