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Blog Tour: My Love At Last by Jaclyn Marulanda

My Love At Last
Jaclyn Marulanda
Pub August 2013 
by Author Self Pub 

Danielle Bryan is ready to get back to her hometown of Mooresville North Carolina after college graduation, the place where she grew up and missed so much. It was the place she first fell in love but didn't know it until her true love returns home to settle his deceased fathers estate. When she sees him again he has her heart beating a little faster. A childhood friendship is rekindled with true romance and steamy nights, revealing a love that has always been there. 
A sexy, sweet and fun romance

The way I see it

My LOVE at last...Hmm, just finished it and I must say it was nice. Yep nice, nice girl, nice guy, nice story, and nice ending. 


If you want sweet and nice this is PERFECT for you. Its a story about a boy, a girl, and love. If I had to put a label on it I’d say it was Hallmark. Not Paramount... not HBO... and not Lifetime...You won’t find shocking drama or earth shattering angst or steam up your glasses sexy time. What you will find is sweet love and second chances.

arriage, two sweet children vow to be together forever.
outh, pressure and circumstances prove to be to much for this besotted duo.

essons, life has shown Danni that there are people who use and care less.
bstacle, a father who should be loving continues to push Timmy away.
alues, once a child and now a woman, Danni will pursue her ambitions.
ncounter, years later a mother and a childhood friend discuss current affairs.

lone, Danni see’s TJ for the first time in years it seems as though fate has reunited them.
rust, dates after dark sleeping on the couch. Danni knows TJ would never hurt her.

L-ife, has a way of throwing obstacles. With each one TJ and Danni find a way to be stronger together.
A-bsent, for too long these two have been separated. The time has come to face life and to fight to be together.
S-ituation, complications that were unexpected. Once thought to be a deterrent will be the final seal to this duo’s story nothing will ever keep them apart.
T-ime, has been kind and loving and has given these two another chance.

Gah!! Let me tell you as far as HEA’s are concerned this one has it nailed. Signed, sealed, delivered. I would have done a few things differently but thats just me. This was a cute, sweet romance but nothing too deep. If your looking to cuddle up with a cute book this one is for you.

My rating

3.0 Back Yard, Rock Proposal, Spilled Backpack, Grocery Store, Cottage Hotel, Home Depot, Failed proposition, Love Everlasting filled stars. For something sweet and quaint pick this one up.

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About the Author

Jaclyn is a 29 year old stay at home mother to four wonderful children who keep her plenty busy. Being a mom to two year old twins, a four year old and a soon to be two year old keeps her on her toes. She started her journey to self-publishing romance novels after being inspired by other great romance authors and have enjoyed every minute of it. When she is not writing or running around after children she likes to spend her time reading a good book and enjoying the quiet.

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