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Book Review : The Hurricane by R.J. Prescott

The Hurricane
The Hurricane, #1
by R.J. Prescott

Release Date:
February 16th, 2015

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Grand Central Publishing

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Emily McCarthy is living in fear of a dark and dangerous past. A gifted mathematician, she is little more than a hollow, broken shell, trying desperately to make ends meet long enough to finish her degree. 

Through an unlikely friendship with the aging, cantankerous owner of an old boxing gym, Em is thrown into the path of the most dangerous man that she has ever met. 

Cormac “the Hurricane” O’Connell is cut, tattooed and dangerous. He is a lethal weapon with no safety and everyone is waiting for the mis-fire. He’s never been knocked out before, but when he meet Em he falls, HARD. Unlike any other girl he’s ever met, she doesn’t want anything from him, but just being around her makes him want to be a better person. 

They are polar opposites who were never meant to find each other, but some things are just worth the fight.

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When I first saw the cover of The Hurricane, by R.J. Prescott, my first thought was Holy Hot Cover! Hello!! Have you seen it?!?!?! I read the blurb next and I was intrigued. It was giving me a different vibe from the previous fighter stories that I have read in the past and I was anxious to start reading it. 

When I finished the first chapter of this book, I was crossing my fingers that this story would be memorable. And, it was!!! R.J. Prescott’s first novel was a phenomenal reading escape that will stay with me for a long time. From the moment I was introduced to the amazing characters of this story I knew that this book was going to leave me with a book hangover that would last for days! This story is passionate, romantic, heartbreaking, but most of all it’s a healing journey for two people who complete each other to perfection. Emily and O’Connell are simply addictive and irresistible! I promise you that you will love them as much as I did! 

The Hurricane follows sweet and shy Emily “Sunshine” McCarthy and bad boy fighter Cormac “the Hurricane” O’Connell. These two could not be any more different from each other. When Emily meets O’Connell for the first time she feel things that she should not feel. He’s a bad boy and he’s trouble. She knows that falling for him would break every one of her rules, but his persistence to become friends and to keep her safe leaves her speechless. O’Connell knew from the first moment that he saw Emily that she would be his. He’s in for the fight of his life to conquer her love, but Emily is keeping him away and only wants to be friends. She’s running from a past that has changed her life and he will do whatever it takes to take that fear away and make her feel safe and loved. 

I wish I could go back in time and read this book for the first time. I loved everything about this story. From the unforgettable characters to the beautiful breathtaking love story, R.J. Prescott wrote a passionate love story that was heart melting. She took the “sweet girl falls for the bad boy” storyline and made it her own. It was unique and memorable. Her writing style is captivating and will keep you turning the pages until the very end! Sunshine and O’Connell were such amazing characters to follow! I loved how they changed while the story developed. Their love made them stronger and it was beautiful to witness their friendship bloom into something more. 

Their chemistry was out of this world amazing!!! Each scene that they shared was putting a smile on my face. Emily’s sweet personality made me want to be her friend and O’Connell’s love for Emily made me swoon so many times! They both had a difficult childhood that has left them emotional scars. I won’t go into details about what happened to them because I feel that each reader needs to live every single moment of this amazing reading journey. I loved how Emily and O’Connell trusted each other with their life journey and how they healed those emotional scars with the power of their love. 

The Hurricane not only had phenomenal main characters, but equally addictive supporting characters. Danny, Kieran, Tommy, Liam, Nikki, Albie, Ryan and Max were great friends to Emily and O’Connell. They all had their place in this amazing journey and it simply would not have been the same without them! It was so easy to relate to all the characters and I already miss them so much!! I feel like they are my family. I love them to pieces!! <3 They made me laugh and I can’t wait to reunite with them. Even if this story ended in a good place, there will be a second book about Emily and O’Connell. The Aftermath is scheduled to come out by the end of 2015. I can’t freakin’ wait!!! Woohoooo!!! I need more Sunshine and O’Connell in my life!!! I have no clue if the other characters will be getting their own book, but I really hope so!!!


I give The Hurricane, by R.J. Prescott, 5 fantastic, heart melting, romantic, healing, memorable, captivating stars!

About the Author:

I was born in Cardiff, South Wales Although I left to study law at the University of Bristol, England. Four weeks before graduation I fell in love, and stayed, ten years later I convinced my crazy, wonderful fire fighter husband to move back to Cardiff with me where we live with our two equally crazy sons. Juggling work, writing and family doesn't leave a lot of time, but curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate for family movie night is definitely the best part of my week. “The Hurricane” is my debut new adult novel.


  1. This is her first novel? That's awesome you loved it so much - I hope you like the second one even more! :)

  2. Want! Dude, she's a mathematician! I'm crushing already. The two of them sound so freaking good, I can't wait to read this.

  3. I usually really like these opposites kinda stories. A mathematician and a fighter? Sounds all kinds of good.

  4. Wow Mikki! This sounds soooo good! love it when you are left with that book hangover! And amazing chemistry... yes please!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace


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