Friday, July 24, 2015

Burn, Rewrite, or Re-Read Tag!

Magen from Corrie the Book Crazed Girl tagged me in the Burn, Rewrite, or Re-Read Tag!

The Rules: there are three rounds, wherein I use a random number picker applied to my "read" shelf on Goodreads for three books, and then decide what I'll do to those three: burn, rewrite, or reread.  

*I decided to go with my New Adult Romance Read Shelf this time around.

Round One:

Burn: I would choose Wanting Forever by Diana Gardin.  I wasn't a fan of this book.  It was unrealistic, and the story didn't flow smoothly.  

Rewrite:  I loved Focus on Me, and wouldn't change too much.  I guess If I had to pick something, it would be for the two main characters to get together a lot sooner than they did.  I love this whole series, and Megan Erickson is one of my favorite authors!

Re-Read: Reckless!  I love this whole series, and can't get enough Kellan Kyle!

Round Two:

Burn: I would choose I Am Yours.  While I enjoyed this story, it was confusing at times, and the main male character was difficult to like in this segment, because he continually hurt another main character in the story that I loved.

Rewrite: I would choose Stripped.  I enjoyed this story.  However, I was able to figure out most of the plot twists early on.  So, I guess I would make it harder for the reader to figure out, and try to keep them guessing.

Re-Read:  Tease hands down!  This was a book I devoured in one sitting. 

Round Three:

Burn: I would choose Wild Cards.  While I enjoyed this story, It was very predictable and there was a little too much push and pull between the characters.

Rewrite:  I loved Need Me.  So my rewrite would be pretty small.  I'd just eliminate a certain letter that Ben wrote.  This letter really made me angry with him, and I thought it was not cool of him in the least.  Other than that I loved this story!  It was fun, sexy, fast paced, and easy reading.   

Re-Read:  Stay With Me would be my re-read pick.  Where do I start?!  This story was beautiful.  It had such emotional depth to it that it made me cry, and feel so much.  Calla was real, and I related to her inner struggle with her physical appearance due to the scars that she had on her body.  I have some too.  Her character spoke to my heart.  Not to mention that the sexual chemistry and love story between Calla and Jax was breathtaking.

Wow!  This was so much harder than I thought it would be!  Especially, when I would get more than one book that I loved.  It was pretty fun though :)  

I am Going to Tag:

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  1. Hi there, just wondering what makes you want to re-read a book. Is it the theme, or the interactions between characters, the pace of the book? Do you prefer more sensual or sweet reads and is that a factor to re-read a book? cheers, Charmaine

    1. It's an appealing theme + Dynamic Characters + Sweet & Steamy Moments with fast-pacing!!!

  2. Burn, Re-write or Re-read. Yikes! I think I can do this, I will try but burn. Oh no! Post will go up sometime this week.

  3. Now this would be a tough one to answer. Though some books fit a category easily, others don't.

    Fun to see how you would arrange them, Lindy!

    1. With the game, you have no choice. You have to fit the 3 books in to each category! It was pretty tough at times.

  4. Oooh... I have to get onto my post, I think! Sounds fun!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

  5. I'm gonna get on this! I'm nervous but determined.

  6. OH! Love your post! I would so re-read Stay With Me! Hello, JLA all the way! And Tease is such a good read. :)



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