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The Veil (Devil's Isle #1) by Chloe Neill

The Veil 
(Devil's Isle #1) 
Chloe Neill 
Expected publication: 
August 4th 2015 by NAL Trade 
ARC for Review 

Seven years ago, the Veil that separates humanity from what lies beyond was torn apart, and New Orleans was engulfed in a supernatural war. Now, those with paranormal powers have been confined in a walled community that humans call the District. Those who live there call it Devil's Isle.

Claire Connolly is a good girl with a dangerous secret: she’s a Sensitive, a human endowed with magic that seeped through the Veil. Claire knows that revealing her skills would mean being confined to Devil’s Isle. Unfortunately, hiding her power has left her untrained and unfocused.

Liam Quinn knows from experience that magic makes monsters of the weak, and he has no time for a Sensitive with no control of her own strength. But when he sees Claire using her powers to save a human under attack—in full view of the French Quarter—Liam decides to bring her to Devil’s Isle and the teacher she needs, even though getting her out of his way isn’t the same as keeping her out of his head.

But when the Veil threatens to shatter completely, Claire and Liam must work together to stop it, or else New Orleans will burn…

Life As Was Known Has Forever Changed

This is my first book by Chloe Neill I will say her form of writing was engaging and it kept me interested throughout. The world building was great although things were a bit dire its to be expected of a war zone. I felt as though I was in the scenes provided by the author so I have to credit the world building. I enjoyed the concept of this read and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. I recommend this read to anyone that is into paranormal or almost post apocalyptic stories. This was a very entertaining read indeed.

The Story, faced with a war between humans and paranormals New Orleans experiences absolute destruction. The Veil is closed but it comes at the cost of many innocent lives. Now as the situation stands no one may practice magic of any sort or they will be sent to a paranormal prison. Unfortunately our main girl Claire happens to be a sensitive. Doing everything in her power she hides the gifts afforded to her. On a night that everyone celebrates the winning of the war she is faced with letting someone die or doing the only thing she knows how protect those who cannot fend for themselves. New Orleans has always been her home and Claire intends on keeping things that way. Not knowing who or what to trust she will be tested again and again.

The Characters, Claire has friends that she keeps close. After the war ravaged her home Claire only has the choice of keeping the store intact and taking care of her town as best as she can. Liam who happens to be the male lead is hunting the demons that took his sister away from him. We are introduced to a plethora of side characters that add a rich layer to this tale. Liam and Claire make an undeniable pair full of character and charisma. Unfortunately the timing is off and Liam being the level headed one decides things cannot progress for these two. I look forward to a possible relationship blossoming between these two.

The End, wow talk about a culmination of event and emotions leading to a spectacular no holds bar fire works ending. I enjoyed and devoured every minute of these events. We aren't sure what is going to happen next but the reader isn’t totally in the dark. A new promise is made and no one will be unaffected. Full of power and determination Claire along with Liam have vowed to make things right. Surrounded by a group of people who want to see justice both Liam and Claire will see to it that these wishes come true. I’m looking forward to seeing where this story goes. There are so many things that appear to be in the works that I can not wait to see what the author has in store for all of us. Loving life, and living to protect those she loves most Claire will stop at nothing to see her efforts come to fruition.

My Rating
4.0 Veil, War, Paranormal, Party, Last Dance, Walking, Wraiths, Sign, Computer, Interview, Devils Isle, Veil, Thought, Best friend, Store, Delivery, Bounty, Trainee, Nix, Friends, Foes, Mystery, Para, Sensitive, Father, Angel, Message, Contractor, Warrant, List, Explosion, Lost, Kiss, Unattainable desire love filled stars

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  1. I have read Chloe's Chicagoland Vampires series and love her work, so I enjoyed this one to Ria. I liked Chloe and loved the world building. So many threads left open for future books... looking forward to them!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

  2. Love it when there's some good world building. The feeling of being in the story is so wonderful.


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