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Book Review: I Want You to Want Me (Rock Star Romance #2) by Erika Kelly

I Want You To Want Me
Rock Star Romance, #2
by Erika Kelly

Release Date:
July 7th, 2015


Publisher via NetGalley

eARC received in exchange of honest review


From the award-winning author of You Really Got Me comes the next romance in her red-hot Rock Star Romance series, about a rocker who lives for his music—and loves with all his heart. 

Derek Valencia finally has the success he’s worked so hard for. His band is touring its debut album and great reviews are rolling in. But when pictures of him tossing naked groupies off a balcony go viral, it’s damage-control time. He’s assigned a “babysitter” whose sole job is to keep him out of trouble. 

Violet Davis swore she’d never work in the music industry again, but being a minder for a rock star will earn her enough to pay off the mortgage on her wildflower farm. And for a girl brought up in the foster care system, owning her own home means more to her than anything. 

Though at first the two bang heads, the rocker and the farm girl soon grow close and realize that they make sweet music together. But can a girl who craves the stability of life on a farm really make it work with a man whose life is spent on the road with his band?

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Lindy's Thoughts:

I Want You to Want Me was a very enjoyable read.  It focuses on Violet Davis and Derek Valencia.  Violet is a "minder," or person that is paid highly to help a person get their life back on track.  Usually, this includes people that have a drug or drinking problem, and need someone to get their life back in order.  She is very good at what she does, keeps her clients confidentiality, and is as good as a chameleon when it comes to blending in to any given situation.  

Violet learned how to take care of others due to the fact that she grew up in the foster care system, and often times took care of foster siblings.  However, Violet's dream is to pay off the farm that she inherited in Long Island, New York, and make perfume, soap, and stationary from the beautiful wild flowers that grow there.  In order to make her dream come true, she needs a substantial amount of money.

When Violet gets a job offer to "mind" the rock band, Blue Fire, (that has been getting in trouble for partying too hard, using drugs, and overindulging in alcohol and women,) her first instinct is to turn it down.  However, her good friend Emmie, girlfriend of the lead singer Slater, and sister to the sexy bass player, Derek, really needs her.  It doesn't hurt that her pay will be quadruple what she usually gets either!  Therefore, Violet takes the job.  

At first, Violet and Derek stand toe to toe, because he doesn't want a "babysitter."  Yet, there's no denying the instant sparks of attraction and chemistry.  Soon, Violet and Derek develop a friendship, work together, and forge a deep connection.  Violet has never had feelings for anyone, and has considered herself emotionally damaged.  However, she knows that Derek is special because he makes her feel so much.  She can't sacrifice her integrity by getting involved with a client.  Yet, she doesn't want to lose Derek.  What will she do?

I Want You to Want Me was a slow burning romance.  The author took the time to develop the characters, their chemistry, connection, and ultimately their love for one another.  Derek was patient about Violet needing time to trust in him, and their relationship.  At times, it frustrated me that she would take a few steps forward with him, and then turn around and take a few steps backward.   However, I understood that she had never had never had a home, love, or a relationship.  Therefore, this was all new to her.   This story did feel a bit long to me, and dragged at times, but I did enjoy it overall.

I loved getting to know Slater and Emmie, and want to go back and read their story.  It was fun reading about the close knit bonds of the band, and I hope to get to know more about these characters as the series continues.     


I give, I Want You to Want Me, by Erika Kelly, 3.5 Unexpected Love, Sexy Time, Reverent, They Were Each Other's Home Filled Stars!  If you are looking for a fun, sweet, and low angst romance, I recommend Violet and Derek's story!

Mikki's Review:

I Want You to Want Me, by Erika Kelly, was a sweet, passionate, enjoyable read. This book is the second installment in the Rock Star Romance series and can be read as a standalone. The author did a great job at bringing to life the story of Violet and Derek. I have read a few Rock Star romance novels since the beginning of the year and I have to admit that books in this genre are starting to add up on my TBR list.

In this book we follow Violet and Derek. These two characters have worked so hard to achieve their goals. Violet's work is far from easy. Working with celebrities and getting them back on track is not always a piece of cake. Her career is important to her, but what she really wants is a place to call home. She will do whatever it takes to save and keep her wildflower farm. Even if that means working in the music industry again. 

Derek is not your typical rock star. He's got the looks and the fame, but what is really important to him is to succeed with his band. They are on top of the music industry and he has worked really hard to get there. When the band gets into some trouble, Violet gets hired to set them back on track and stay away from trouble. Derek is captivated by Violet from the moment they meet. As days go by,  Violet and Derek get closer and their feelings start to grow. Violet knows she's playing with fire when it comes to Derek. She needs stability in her life and she's scared that Derek won't be able to give her that. Will Violet take a chance with Derek or will she keep running away from the man that is finally making her feel alive?

What I really liked about this book is how Violet and Derek grew as a couple. They both had their fears about taking the next step in their lives, but together they achieved their ultimate life goals. Their chemistry was amazing and I loved how they completed each other. I really liked how the author wrote about their pasts and how what happened to them affected the life choices that they have made until now. Violet was a strong and lovable character that I loved from the very beginning. Derek was a sweet and passionate hero that made me swoon. I could really feel the love that he had for Violet. My heart broke for him when Violet was pushing him away. He knew that together is what was meant to be for them, but her fears got in the way of their relationship a couple of times.

The secondary characters were great! I'm not sure if all the other members of the band will be getting their own book, but I really hope they do! Emmie and Slater, which are the main characters of the first book, were pretty awesome! I'm adding their book to my TBR list because their chemistry was super hot! 


I give I Want You to Want Me, by Erika Kelly, 3.5 entertaining, sizzling, follow your heart stars!

About the Author:

I’ve been spinning romantic tales all my life--I just didn't know it. Raised on the classics, I didn't discover romantic fiction until later in life. From that moment on, I’ve been devouring the genre and have found my true voice as an author. Over three decades I’ve written poems, screenplays, plays, short stories, and all kinds of women's fiction novels. Married to the love of my life and raising four children, I’ve lived in two countries and seven states but give me pen and paper, a stack of good books, and a steaming mug of vanilla chai latte and I can make my home anywhere.


  1. Great review, and must be a decent read. Greetings!

  2. Sometimes the best romances are the slow burning kind. Great review!

  3. Oh, how I love a rock star romance. I totally want to be a minder! I'd go hard ass drill Sergent. lol.

  4. Loved your thoughts on this review. I had such a fun time with this book and the heroine was one tough chick. I enjoyed the way she came onto the scene and got down to business.

    1. Thanks You! I agree, Violet meant business, and I loved her!!!!

  5. I loved how developed and deeply emotional this story is. Violet was a tough heroine with her hang-ups, but I understood why.

    Enjoyed the dual review.

  6. Great review Ladies. A shame that this book didn't blow you away though. Derek and Violet seem like a hot couple though... And the covers in this series... love them!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

  7. Okay so am I the only one with the song stuck in my head? I want you to want me.... I need you to need me..

    1. I had the song stuck in my head the moment I read the title! LOL

  8. I thought this one was pretty good.


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