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Book Review: The Return of the Rebel by Jennifer Faye

The Return of the Rebel
By: Jennifer Faye
Published: July 1, 2014
Published: Harlequin
Source: Author (eARC in exchange for an honest review)
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GR's Summary:

The guy from the wrong side of the tracks…  

Being promoted should be a dream come true, only it means working closely with Cleo's childhood crush, Jax Monroe. Jax may no longer be the rebel she remembers, but he still gets her heart racing like no other. 

Jax cares too much about Cleo to let her get too close—but keeping his distance is proving impossible! As Jax reveals the extent of what he's been through, will Cleo show him that some things are too precious to put off until tomorrow?

My Take on this Journey:

The Return of the Rebel, by Jennifer Faye, was fun, exciting, full of intrigue, secrets, angst, drama, suspense and enticing romance. This book was so fast paced in could be read in one sitting.  A great book to take to the beach, and jump in the ocean when the heat gets turned up on high!!!  Ms. Faye has created a great little story, based in a small farmtown in Wyoming, where Cleo Sinclair has grown up on a ranch with her overprotective family.  Though Cleo loves her family and her life, she wants more, yearns to have it all. Her dreams are on a large scale, and now that Jax, her older brother's friend, (and her crush of a lifetime) has left town, there is nothing to keep her there.  Jax has gone after his dreams, and she wants to find her own too.

Unbeknownst to Cleo, her father has mortgaged their ranch to give her an Ivy League education.  During an argument with her father about not moving away, an unfortunate accident occurs and she is blamed for the accident.  Cleo still leaves the ranch, but is determined to make it to help save her family's ranch.  Cleo is in Las Vegas, a place her parents were totally against her going to, as an accountant, and asks to be raised up to a hostess position, in order to make more money.  Her first assignment takes her completely off guard, as she is looking into the eyes of the one man she has always wanted, Jax Monroe.  They begin arguing, when her boss walks up and introduces her him under a completely assumed name.  

These two are both in shock, and when alone, Jax tells Cleo the reasons for his assumed name and about the life and death situation he is imminently hiding from.  Cleo is a strong minded, in your face, type of gal.  She isn't going to let anything get in the way of what she has to do to get her man.  Jax made a promise long ago to his best friend that he would never lay a hand on Cleo.  Can he keep his promise?  This is a game changer.  Though he tries his best to watch out for the woman he cares about, he also tries to keep a distance, at first, but sometimes we can't change things in life.  Especially when they are destined to happen, like now.

With danger lurking around the corner, the angst is high and the stakes even higher.  The drama reaches a crescendo, Cleo is in real danger, and the suspense is over the top, and the romantic relationship is palpable!!! The characters were well rounded, the book was fast paced, the scenery was well scripted and the reader can invision every single bit of it.  I loved the story line, and Ms. Faye has done a wonderful job with these characters. The whole story was believable and intriguing.

I give, The Return of the Rebel, 4 Outstanding, Exciting, Riviting, Angst Filled, Fiery Stars!!!

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About Jennifer Faye:

Jennifer Faye is a two-time RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice Best Book Award nominee. Maybe that’s partly due to the fact that she has spent most of her life with her nose in one book or another. It was only natural that she would go on to spin tales of her own. Now living her dream, she resides in Pennsylvania with her patient husband, one amazing daughter (the other remarkable daughter has flown the coop to chase her own dreams) and two spoiled cats. She’d love to hear from you via her website.


  1. I'm hoping to get to read this one eventually. Gotta do some catch up reading. I really enjoyed the last one I read of hers :)

  2. I love books that are good enough to only require one sitting! Nice.


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