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Blog Tour: Mirror X (The Van Winkle Project #1) By Karri Thompson

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Mirror X  

(The Van Winkle Project #1) 

Pub June 30th 2014 
by Entangled Teen 
ARC for Review 

Summary GoodReads
Cassie Dannacher wakes up in a hospital over 1,000 years into the future after her space capsule is retrieved from space. She soon learns that 600 years prior to her arrival, the earth was struck by a plague, killing over half of the world’s population. Naïve and desperate, Cassie, who longs for home and is having trouble adjusting to the new, dictatorial 31st century government, is comforted by Michael Bennett, the 20-year old lead geneticist at the hospital where she was revived.

But why is Cassie in genetics’ hospital in the first place, and why do several of the people around her seem so familiar, including Travel Carson, the hot and edgy boy she is fated to meet? Soon she discovers there is a sinister answer to all of her questions – and that they want something from Cassie that only she can give.
Correct Summary?
I was born more than a thousand years ago.
Put into a cryogenic tube at age seventeen, forgotten during a holocaust that decimated the world, I've finally been awakened to a more serene and peaceful future.
But things at the hospital are new and strange. And it’s starting to scare me.
Everyone is young. Everyone is banded and tracked. And everyone is keeping secrets.
The cute geneticist Michael Bennett might be the only good thing in this crazy new world where “life is precious” but no one seems free to live it. The problem is, I don’t think he’s being totally honest with me, either.
When I’m told only I can save the human race from extinction, it's clear my freeze didn’t avoid a dreadful fate. It only delayed the horror…

The Way I See It
Alright y'all this is going to be a tough review because I absolutely hate revealing any spoilers in my reviews…Lets just say WOW a lot of stuff that I want to talk about would be pretty spoilerific. First things first I LOVED this book!! The world building was outrageously good and the premise was SoOOOOOO original! It was like Brave New world meets 1984 meets The Handmaid’s Tale, Mirror X had little glimpses of each and it was woven together perfectly creating a completely brand new world on the cusp of destruction! One thing I have to point out is the synopsis on goodreads is wrong... it states Cassie comes from a space capsule. In the book that is not true. This is going to be a series so it may turn out that she was in a space capsule, but in the book she was discovered in a warehouse in a cryogenic chamber. The reason I said yet is because this book is LOADED with twists and turns ups and downs so even though we are told that from the very beginning it very may well turn out to be something different. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK in this series!!

ystery, Cassie wakes in a curious state unaware of the deception that surrounds her.
nnocent, young and alone in a strange world Cassie doesn’t want to trust but she has no choice.
evelations, things have been set in motion Cassie cannot run but the most painful thing is those she has come to care about are the ones keeping secrets.
egret, Dr Bennett promised to take care of Cassie but his feelings have developed into much more. The lies and deception haunt his every thought.
ptions, no longer having any left Cassie will venture on a very dangerous path but she will do whatever it takes to protect whats important.
eprieve, for a small moment Cassie embraces the warmth that radiates through her heart. Within this tiny window she has everything she could wish for.

tinction, (I’m totally cheating with this one lol! *winky) Cassie knows what must be done her heart and love for humanity will be her guiding point. Turning her back would only result in death. Faced with a scary future she will strive to be everything she can be to help create a better world.

OMGee!!! So many things I want to talk about!! Okay here is one… You have to be a pretty mature reader for this one. What I mean by that is, its pretty controversial so as a reader you have to have that mature mentality to be able to look at the issues from different angles. Genetics is always a touchy subject if you can remove your opinion on the matter and try to understand everyones different perspective then the enjoyment of this novel becomes ten fold! There are so many mysteries that I didn’t even know were mysteries until I got punched in the face with a bazinga. The punches kept rolling all the way until the very end with the exception of a couple things that seemed pretty obvious EVERYTHING else was surprising and shocking. I loved loved loved this first installment which is going to give #2 pretty harsh and maybe unattainable high expectations, I hope Ms Thompson is up for the challenge. As it stands Mirror X was pretty flippin stellar!!

My Fav’s
Wait till you meet him!! He totally Rocked my socks and the way he was there for Cassie was incredible!! I think he's keeping a secret...shhhh 


We find out some pretty shocking things about him ESPECIALLY towards the end and it broke my heart. He hasn’t been the best decision maker but when he starts leading with his heart is when I started falling for him. Not sure how much, yet.


Wow, he was heartbreakingly amazing. I wanted so so so much! I love this guy 100% I fell for him straight away the way he cared for Cassie was amazing!


At first I wanted to punch her because I thought she was being selfish BUT when I opened my mind and started looking at things from different perspectives I understood. Did I completely change my mind, no, but I saw why she felt the way she did. Im very happy to report that even though at first she came off a certain way her character grows, and makes what I think is the perfect decision.

My Rating
4.5 Warehouse, Bots, Paleontologist, Crush, L-Band, VW1, Claus, Dancing, Magnum, Ella, Magnolia’s, Pottery, Tar, Files, Australia, Victoria, Travel, Shen-Lung, A Promise of a difficult yet positive future filled stars!! For a dystopian that knows how to capture and portray a world where nothing is as it seems and future is a luxury PICK THIS ONE UP!! I’M SERIOUS!! SOOOO GOOOD!!!!!

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About the Author
My debut YA novel, Amateur Angel, was released May 1, 2012. The next book in that series, Hollywood Angels, comes out September 1. The first book in my upcoming dystopian trilogy, The Van Winkle Chronicles, will be released by Entangled Publishing Summer 2013.


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