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Blog Tour: Sharing You (Sharing You #1) by Molly McAdams

Sharing You
Sharing You #1
By: Molly McAdams
Published: July 1, 2014
By: William Morrow
Source: Publisher (eARC for Review)
Mature Content
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GR's Summary:

Twenty-three year old, Kamryn Cunningham has left all she’s ever known and moved to a small town where no one knows her name, who her parents are, or her social status in the horseracing world. Months after opening her own bakery and evading attempts of being set up by her new best friend, she meets Brody. Kamryn fights the instant pull between them because there’s a detail she can’t dismiss. Brody’s married. To say that twenty-six year old, Brody Saco has had a rough marriage would be an understatement. After marrying his pregnant girlfriend, he spends the next six years in a relationship filled with hatred, manipulation and guilt involving a tragedy that happened five years earlier. When he keeps running into his sister-in-law’s best friend, Kamryn, he can’t ignore that she makes him feel more with just one look than his wife ever has; and soon he can’t continue fight his feelings for her. When staying apart proves to be too difficult, Brody and Kamryn enter a relationship full of stolen moments and nights that end too soon while they wait for Brody to file for divorce. But the guilt that comes with their relationship may prove to be too much for Kamryn, and Brody might not be strong enough to face the tragedy from his past in order to leave his conniving wife.

My Thoughts:

Sharing You, by Molly McAdams, is a story where readers will be sure to have very strong opinions!  I have read quite a few books by this author and have enjoyed them immensely.  She is an auto-buy/auto-read author for me.  Coming in to this story, I had very strong beliefs on the sacredness of marriage, and still believe that if a person is miserable in their marriage or wants to be with someone else, then they should get a divorce before participating in an affair.  I still feel that way, and even though I didn't necessarily agree with the extramarital affair, I did enjoy the story, and saw how the main character, Brody, was a good man, who was stuck in a difficult situation.

Brody married Olivia, "Liv" five years ago when she became pregnant with his son.  He wanted to do the right thing by her, and make a solid family.  However, Brody quickly started seeing what a truly horrible woman Liv was.  She didn't let him see his son while he was in the army, until he bought her a house, and left his career.  Then, a horrible tragedy struck, leaving Brody devastated.  Liv began acting even worse, and Brody stayed with her out of guilt, and because she threatened suicide. He felt it was his duty to get her the help that she needed.  Previously, Brody has resigned himself to a miserable marriage will never leave her.  Then his life changed, when he meets Kamryn "KC" at his brother and sister-in-laws house.  These two shared an instant attraction and connection.  Eventually, even though they knew that it was wrong, they just couldn't stay away from each other.

This was such a fast-paced and entertaining read.  I couldn't stop turning the pages!  Liv was a great manipulator, and such a talented actress.  I wanted to scream at Brody, and found myself getting frustrated because he kept falling for her act!  I wanted to tell him "wake up!"  "She's playing you!"  The sad thing is, everyone could see it but him.  All of his good friends and family knew the kind of person Liv was.  Then again, Brody was suffering from so much guilt for something that wasn't his fault, that he thought he deserved to be miserable.  Liv's parents were just as horrible as she was!  They tried to use their money and power to intimidate and bully him.  Liv's father was very intimidating and it was horrible to watch the lengths in which these people would go through to control Brody!  KC was a good person, with a huge heart.  Having an affair with Brody was tearing her up inside.  I felt bad for her as well. She came from a controlling, wealthy, and powerful family that treated her like property.  I could see why she had ran to escape her previous life, and now she was in another painful situation.

I loved Brody's younger brother, Jace, and KC's best friend Kinlee.  These two were great supporting characters, and added a wonderful side story.  They were both really fun and extremely likable!  I also enjoyed reading reading about KC's cupcake bakery.  I love the show, Cupcake Wars, and have a passion for baking myself.  So of course, I loved reading about all of KC's gourmet cupcakes, and her new business!   

My Rating:

I cannot believe that this story was based off of a real couple's story.  I wonder how much of what happened in this story was factual.  It's crazy to think of how much this couple had to go through to be together!  I give, Sharing You, by Molly McAdams, 4.5 Strong Connection, Resilient, Healing, Hope for the future, Soulmate Filled Stars!!!

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About Molly McAdams:

Molly grew up in California but now lives in the oh-so-amazing state of Texas with her husband and furry four-legged daughters. When she's not diving into the world of her characters, some of her hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and long walks on the beach … which roughly translates to being a homebody with her hubby and dishing out movie quotes. She has a weakness for crude-humored movies, fried pickles and loves curling up in a fluffy comforter during a thunderstorm ... or under one in a bathtub if there are tornados. That way she can pretend they aren't really happening.

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  1. Great review, Lindy! I'm not sure I could take the cheating part, though. Even if their marriage was awful, Brody could have left Liv before he became involved with KC, no? I guess I would have to read it myself to see how it would affect me. I just think that even if Liv was horrible to him, he could have divorced her from the get-go, and then he could have at least gotten joint custody for their son. No more blackmail...

    Happy reading! Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews


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