Monday, February 11, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday (5)

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Top 10 Favorite Romances:

I loved Bridget.  She was a strong, and snarky leading lady who brought Chad down to his knees! 

Carina and Max were an adorable couple!  I loved watching Carina grow as a character.  She transformed herself into a strong, confident, independent and assertive lady, and she made Max take notice. 

This story had a lot of angst, sexual tension, and hot and steamy make-out/sex scenes!  Also, the men were swoon worthy! 

Marcus was my favorite character in the Sea Breeze Series.  He was loyal, caring, compassionate, loved with all his heart, and would do anything for his friends, family, and the woman he loved.  "Low" was his soulmate, and I loved seeing two such genuine characters get their happily ever after. 

6.)  Charade by Nyrae Dawn 

Charade broke my heart, and put it back together again.  I loved how Colt and Chey fell  in love and supported one another through difficult and sad times in their lives.  Colt tried to portray a tough exterior, but deep down he was a man who loved with all of his heart, and just didn't want to get hurt.  Chey tried to be perfect but inside she was falling apart.  These two brought out the best in each other,  and could finally be "real" with one another and themselves. 

5.)  Easy by Tammara Webber 
Lucas is amazing.  He is gorgeous, intelligent, artistic, a hard worker, and a modern day night and shining armor.  He saves the leading lady, and they fall madly in love.  He sweeps her off of her feet, and the chemistry between these two characters is electrifying.  If you haven't read this story, I encourage you to do so now.  You will fall in love with Lucas, and wish that he was a real person. 

4.)  The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden by Jessica Sorenson 

 Callie and Kayden are two very broken characters.  You will hurt for them, and you will cry for them.  They fall into a very deep, and passionate love.  I only hope their love will save them from themselves... 

3.)  Fate by Elizabeth Reyes 
Vincent and Rose fall in love as teenagers.  Vincent is a "Bad " boy, and Rose is the "good" girl that's always trying to make him grow up and be accountable for his actions.  They have a very heated and passionate on again/off again relationship.  They have something special, and you will be rooting for them to make it! 

Sky is haunted by her past, and so is Holder.  Together, they solve certain mysteries.  Along the way, they break down, and pick each other back up again.  They become each other's best friends, and have a selfless, genuine, and unconditional love.  This book will make you cry.  Have a box of tissues. 


1.)  The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

A beautiful and poignant story about two people who are broken, and live with loss, and pain every day.  They fall in love and save each other without even realizing what is happening.  Their love transforms them, and it is the ultimate and most unconditional love that anyone could ever experience.  Nastya and Josh's story will transform you, and leave you hopeful... 

What are some of your favorite romance novels?                          

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  1. Yay I love Jacqueline and Lucas! I've been eyeing Avoiding Commitment but I'm kinda scared of emotional roller coasters.

    My TTT

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, Avoiding Commitment is a great read, but if you don't like emotional roller coasters, then you won't like this book.

  2. Great list ! I have a few that are still in my TBR list but I will make it a point to read them in march.

    Hopeless & Easy are 2 of my Fav's also :)

    Thank you for sharing with us Lindy!

    1. Your Welcome Mikki! It's always fun sharing my fav's :) There are just so many of them, that I hated narrowing it down to 10!

  3. hi lindy! i have heard really good things about hopeless and easy. both of them are on my tbr list. i also have an arc of the sea of tranquility that i want to read soon. great list this week!

    1. Thanks Thuy :) All 3 of those books are amazing! Let me know what you think once you finish them :)

  4. *Swoon* Easy & Hopeless are two of my favorites... I could just ramble on about them forever, lol.

    Lauren @ Lose Time Reading

  5. I love Easy (: and Smooth Talking Stranger (by Lisa Kleypas), Sempre, The Marriage Bargain (Haven't yet read the other two in the series), On Dublin Street, and The Vincent Brothers...
    I want to read Because of Low, Hopeless, & The Coincidence of Callie and Kaden.
    Great Post.

    1. Thanks Liz :) I need to check out Smooth Talking Stranger, and Sempre. I loved The Marriage Bargain, and The Vincent Brothers Series. I have On Dublin Street on my Kindle, but still need to read it. You will love the Sea Breeze Series (Because of Low is #2, and my favorite in the Series) Also, The Coincidence and Hopeless are awesome! Have you read The Sea of Tranquility? It's amazing!!!!


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