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Blog Tour: A Matter of Fate by Heather Lyons

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A Matter of Fate  
By:  Heather Lyons 
Published:  August 30, 2012 
eARC, 423 Pages

Goodreads Summary: 

Chloe Lilywhite struggles with all the normal problems of a typical seventeen-year-old high school student. Only, Chloe isn't a normal teenage girl. She's a Magical, part of a secret race of beings who influence the universe. More importantly, she's a Creator, which means Fate mapped out her destiny long ago, from her college choice, to where she will live, to even her job. While her friends and relatives relish their future roles, Chloe resents the lack of say in her life, especially when she learns she's to be guarded against a vengeful group of beings bent on wiping out her kind. Their number one target? Chloe, of course. 

That's nothing compared to the boy trouble she's gotten herself into. Because a guy she's literally dreamed of and loved her entire life, one she never knew truly existed, shows up in her math class, and with him comes a twin brother she finds herself inexplicably drawn to. 

Chloe's once unyielding path now has a lot more choices than she ever thought possible. 

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My Thoughts: 

Heather Lyons is an excellent storyteller.  I was completely immersed in this story, and the moment that I had to put the book down, I would think about what I had read.  I took advantage of every spare minute that I got, to pick up A Matter of Fate, and continue reading. 

There were many aspects of this story that made me enjoy it so much.  First, I loved the fact that the story was unique and unlike anything I'd ever read before.  So many subjects and themes in the YA Paranormal market have been overdone.  I have read numerous stories about vampires, shape shifters, angels, etc.  It was nice to discover a whole new race of paranormal beings called, "Magicals."  Chloe, along with Jonah, Kellan, and numerous secondary characters in the story are magicals, and have various specialties and jobs chosen for them at birth.  Their life paths are mapped out for them, and the more important and powerful they are, the less control they have in their lives.  Chloe is the most powerful Magical there is, and is very resentful that fate has mapped out her whole life for her.  She is a Creator, and it is her job to both create and destroy on the councils (hand-picked higher ups) demand.  Identical twins Jonah, and Kellan are "Emotionals," and it is their job to create, intensify, and take away certain emotions of others.  The other magicals have jobs that include healing and bringing illness, seeking knowledge, inspiring art and music, nurturing the earth, causing natural disasters, and bringing peace and harmony, or cacophony.  Each magicals' job has a positive and negative aspect to it.  Even though they are born with a certain amount of power, they do not reach their full potential and full power until they ascend, which happens at age 18.    

Another aspect I enjoyed in, A Matter of Fate, was the connections that I developed with the characters.  At first, I was worried that I would not remember all of the characters, because there were so many of them.  However, Ms. Lyons did an excellent job of making each character unique, interesting, and original enough that they each came to life for me.  Each personality, and "voice" was authentic and distinct in the story.  As for the fact that Chloe fell in love with identical twins, Jonah, and Kellan, I found it hard to choose a favorite.  Usually in stories that have a love triangle, I have one clear favorite.  The author usually helps the readers lean toward one character, who happens to be the best choice for the main character.  Well, there was no such luck here.  Jonah and Kellan were both amazing guys, with great personalities, and overwhelming love for Chloe.  They were both selfless with her, and would sacrifice their own happiness to make her happy.  The fact that Chloe couldn't make up her mind between which brother she wanted, might irritate some readers.  I even felt like telling Chloe, "pick one already, you're being selfish and hurting both of them, and they don't deserve that."  Yet the author made me understand the turmoil, and guilt Chloe was going through, and I felt sorry for her having to make such a difficult choice.  I enjoyed that the story kept me guessing till the very end which brother she would choose, and I do believe that she ended up with the right brother.  

I also enjoyed the world-building in this story.  I could clearly picture the Mystical plane known as Karnach.  The author painted a beautiful picture of a thriving city full of elegance, grandeur, and style.  I pictured a Romanesque empire with old-world architecture.  The evocative imagery that Ms. Lyons created in my mind was enough to make me believe that Karnach could exist.  If I could travel there myself, I would love to see the city, and meet the various Elves, Goblins, Gnomes, Faeries, Dwarves and Magicals.

I highly recommend, A Matter of Fate, by Heather Lyons.  It is a unique and refreshing new story for the YA Paranormal genre.  There is magic, love, powerful and mythology-based antagonists, an action-packed plot, amazing characters, and an exceptionally well-written story.  If you enjoy the paranormal genre, I suggest you add this book to your TBR.  I guarantee you will enjoy your reading experience, and that you've read nothing like it!  

My Favorite Quotes:

"Forgiveness is a tricky thing.  There are those who say it's easy-to hold onto wrongs is tiring, so forgiveness is a natural thing.  And then there are those who think forgiveness is a sign of weakness, that once a wrong has happened, to let that person back in is only asking for more hurt."  (epub, 396)

"Love isn't always clean and pretty-sometimes it's messy, cruel, and confusing.  And sometimes, it doesn't turn out the way you want it to.  But then, the beauty of love is that it's very strong, and when it's real, it's worth it."  (epub, 397)

"But today is all about this moment.  Because that's what life is really all about.  A series of moments strung together.  We do our best to deal with what we have at any given second."  (epub, 420)

My Rating:

I give A Matter of Fate 5 Magical and Fateful Stars!

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           About the Author:  Heather Lyons

Heather Lyons has been putting stories to paper since she was a little girl.  Her first "published" book was a humorous retelling of The Princess and the Pauper.  After detours in archaeology and teaching, she is now writing and living in Southern California with her husband and three sons.  She likes cupcakes, baseball, hockey, reading, and collecting far too many handbags.

Heather Lyon's:  Website/Facebook/Goodreads/Twitter/Tumblr

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  1. Awesome review Lindy! I love this book too and I can't wait to read the sequel! I do have my favorite between Kellan and Jonah, but I will be happy which ever one Chloe choose! I also love your quotes! Thanks for stopping by my blog Lindy! :)

    1. Its always fun to see what somebody else's opinion on the same book. It looks like we both had similar thoughts :) I hope in the sequel both Jonah and Kellan get an HEA, because they both deserve to be happy and loved.


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