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Rival Demons (Peachville High Demons #5) by Sarra Cannon

Rival Demons

Sarra Cannon
Pub: Jan 19th 2012
By: Dead River Books
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Gr’s Summary
After narrowly escaping death at the hand of the Order of Shadows, Harper finds herself thrust into the strange and beautiful world of the shadow demons. But crossing through the portal doesn't mean she is safe. The Order of Shadows is determined to bring her home and transfer the Prima line to the Harris family. They send their most vicious hunters after Harper. Hunters who will not stop until they have found their prey.

Determined to keep her safe, Jackson takes her deep into an underground world filled with dangers of its own. Here, Harper will begin a journey that will teach her more about herself and her own path than she ever imagined possible.

But will her relationship with Jackson survive?
The way I see it:

Rival Demons...Alright this is where “Sh** gets real!” Jackson loves Harper and will do anything to keep her safe...Even if it means breaking her heart. Okay so usually I like to gush about books w/o spoilers that way you can get all of the fun amazing surprises for yourself, having said that, I will try my best to keep it that way. ;) So, Shadow Demons (Peachville High Demons, #4)  leaves you with a bang!! Such a bang that I frantically put down SD and picked up Rival Demons (Peachville High Demons, #5) to continue my reading.  S. Cannon= Brilliance! From beginning to end, I was mesmerized! Harper has come such a long way and has had to endure so much, it's a wonder she is still standing. Jackson, Lea, and Mary Anne come to rescue Harper just before the order ends her life, they fall through the portal into the shadow world...Jacksons main objective now is to keep Harper safe because he knows he would die without her. Harper’s goal is to destroy the order and save Jacksons brother once and for all. We get to see the shadow world and all of its beautiful attributes, S. Cannon has a gift in world building. While reading this wonderful book I felt like I was walking through the shadow world, so I know you will too. We know harper is special and an overall “BadA**” in this book we find out exactly why. Harper builds an incredible relationship with Mary Anne theres nothing these two wouldn’t do for each other.  It's nice to know she has such a solid friendship. While Jackson takes Harper into safety, she finds out CRUSHING information about Lea, and I must say I too was crushed...When faced with a decision it seems its hardly a difficult task for Jax! Yay! What was surprising was... Lea’s response so all and all even though I was crazy mad at her, in the end I understood. (psst it kind of broke my heart). Harper totally “Kicks Butt” some really incredible amazing things happen in this book, so get your tush out there and...Read.This.Book.
My Fav’s


Harper really, really, proves who she is, her worth, her passion, her bravery, and her over all awesome-saucy-ness! She fights for those she loves with all her heart and is willing to risk everything to save innocents. We know she is strong but not made of stone. Every decision she makes is thought out and exactly what I would have done! 

At first, I was a bit upset with him for keeping Harper out of the loop, but I had faith in his love for her. Was I ever right!! Once we find out what has been tormenting Jackson we realize the torture he has gone through and can’t help but to side with him.  
My Rating
5.0 Brilliant Awesome-Saucy-Ness, White Field of Roses filled stars! I’m dead serious when I say from beginning to end this is a must read! Get.This.Book.Now. Then tell me what you think!


  1. I hadn't seen this series before but it looks really good and I'll definitely look into it! Thanks for your review Ria!

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts

    1. Oh my goodness!!! You must!! They are so good!! You will devour them!!!!

  2. I heard a friend talk about this series once, your review makes me want to check it our even more Ria!!

    1. Such an amazing read my only regret was not reading it sooner ;)


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