Friday, February 1, 2013

Hooked (Hooked, #1) by Liz Fichera

Pub Jan 29th 2013
Harlequin Teen

GR’s Summary  

When Native American Fredricka ‘Fred’ Oday is invited to become the only girl on the school’s golf team, she can’t say no. This is an opportunity to shine, win a scholarship and go to university, something no one in her family has done. 

But Fred’s presence on the team isn’t exactly welcome — especially not to rich golden boy Ryan Berenger, whose best friend was kicked off the team to make a spot for Fred.

But there’s no denying that things are happening between the girl with the killer swing and the boy with the killer smile...


The way I see it

The cover of this book did a number on me! GAW-JES!! So you’ve read the summary above right? Do it, then tell me your not curious, and I’ll call you a liar! Let me just say... I’m Hooked on Hooked. ;) First of all, I wasn’t too sure about Fred, but wow she is such a beautiful person that you cant help but fall in love with her and her odd name. M’Kay, now lets talk about how original and refreshing this book was! It was different because Fred and Ryan are two of the unlikeliest people on the planet to come together. Some how thanks to the one thing these two love most in the world it becomes inevitable! Fred has some issues at home and Ryan does too, so I guess these two have more in common than we thought. Unfortunately due to Fred’s differences from all Ryan has known, she becomes the brunt of everyones ridicule. It takes something pretty drastic but I was SOOO relieved with Ryan’s decision. It was like a huge weight lifting off my shoulders. This book was so good it tugged and tugged at my heart strings. To me Hooked spoke of love, curiosity, revelations, deceit, ridicule, poor choices, regret, hard work, dedication, acceptance and reverence. When I finished reading after all of my crying, I had a huge smile on my face, I was so happy with the way it ended.

My Fav’s 

Well, what can I say other than this girls spirit shines so brightly I can see it through the pages. Given her situation it would have been understandable if she became closed off and angry the same way people acted toward her. It takes someone special to not let ignorance burden their spirit. Fred is also extremely dedicated, committed, and loyal, that is admirable.

At first I felt like he was a bit of a coward. I knew he was capable of so much more but didn’t really have the drive to stand up to his so called “friends” and tell them what he was really thinking. All of the crappy things Seth did and not really being interested in Gwyneth should of all come to light. Thank goodness Fred walked into his life. It takes him a bit, but he gets it together and does all the right things. He of course is instantly forgiven and you realize just how amazing he really is. :)

My Rating

4.5 Shiny, ancestral, over, the children of the River People Stars!! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this book because I’m sure you’ll be “Hooked” as soon as you pick it up!!


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  1. Awesome review!! I have been curious about this one. It does sound really good and me being a golf girl myself, I love the the MC is a female golfer!!

    1. Thank you!! Yes I'm so glad I read it, or should I say devoured it!!


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