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Book Review: Take Me On (Pushing the Limits #4) by Katie McGarry

Take Me On
Pushing the Limits #4
By:  Katie McGarry
Published:  May 27, 2014
Publisher:  Harlequin Teen
Source:  Publisher
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Acclaimed author Katie McGarry returns with the knockout new story of two high school seniors who are about to learn what winning really means. Champion kickboxer Haley swore she'd never set foot in the ring again after one tragic night. But then the guy she can't stop thinking about accepts a mixed martial arts fight in her honor. Suddenly, Haley has to train West Young. All attitude, West is everything Haley promised herself she'd stay away from. Yet he won't last five seconds in the ring without her help. West is keeping a big secret from Haley. About who he really is. But helping her-fighting for her-is a shot at redemption. Especially since it's his fault his family is falling apart. He can't change the past, but maybe he can change Haley's future. Hayley and West have agreed to keep their relationship strictly in the ring. But as an unexpected bond forms between them and attraction mocks their best intentions, they'll face their darkest fears and discover love is worth fighting for.

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My Thoughts:

Katie McGarry continues to bring it, time and time again with her, Pushing the Limits Series.  I have loved every single book in this series, and every time I find out a new one is going to be released, I get as excited as a kid on Christmas!  In Take Me On, we get, Rachel's brother, West's story.  West has grown up in a mansion with the best designer clothes, car, private school education, and anything money could buy.  However, he's never had a sense of home.  While he's very close to his youngest siblings, twins Rachel and Ethan, his relationship with his parents is complicated.  West feels like a failure because his mother had him to try to save his oldest sister, Colleen, who was dying of Cancer.  They had hoped he would be a bone marrow match; but he wasn't.  His father has always been more interested in his business dealings, than his family, and West has always been a bitter disappointment.  When Rachel's car accident almost kills her, West blames himself, and can't face her.  His life spirals out of control with fighting at school, and with his father.  He is kicked out of his private school, forced to go to a public school, and then kicked out of his home.

Haley and West meet when she is about to be jumped, and he comes to her rescue.  Little does he know that Haley can take care of herself, because she use to me a national kickboxing champion.  Haley doesn't fight or date fighters anymore.  When things went horribly wrong with her ex-boyfriend Matt, she told herself that she was done with the fighting world.  Her life isn't going so well, as her father got laid off from his job, forcing the family to lose their home, live in a shelter for a while, and now with an abusive loser uncle.  After Haley and West meet, both of their lives turn around for the better. 

I loved, Take Me On.  Haley and West were highly developed and complex main characters.  I felt like I knew everything about them.  I could picture everything; from the way they looked, to the way they behaved, and their backgrounds.  The were both very real to me.  The both of them were very strong in their unique way, but also very vulnerable.  West projected strength and a tough exterior.  He was a hot head, and acted off of his emotions.  He stood up for what he thought was right, but was always getting himself in to trouble, because he didn't think things through.  On the opposite end of the spectrum was Haley.  She was hurting and falling apart inside.  She was trying to hold up her family, and refused to shed tears.  She was a thinker, and was constantly in her own head.  West and Hayley balanced each other out.  West taught Haley to fight for what she wanted in life, and Haley taught West to think before acting out.  These two had a beautiful romance full of substance, understanding, unconditional caring, loyalty, and friendship.  I loved the way things progressed between them.

This story was realistic in many ways and had a lot of life lessons weaved beautifully between the pages.  Ms. McGarry made her story very relatable.  It was about how hard life can get , and then when you feel like giving up, how important it is to fight for what you want.  It was about inner strength, resiliency, friendship, family, and forgiving yourself and others.  It was about taking chances, and how two people who can appear to be complete opposites can have so much to offer one another.  More than anything this story was about the strength of the human spirit, and it's not about the person who is physically strongest winning, but the one that never gives up.

My Rating:

Take Me On was a real page turner!  Ms. McGarry continues to surprise me with her stellar knowledge of the human spirit, her realistic characters, gritty plots, and the breathtaking beauty of her stories!  I give Take Me On, by Katie McGarry 4 Devastatingly Emotionally Charged, Broken, Resilient, Life Sustaining Stars!  Read this series!  You will love it!!!

My Favorite Quotes:

"For now, I'll be that home she lost--I'll be that soft, secure place where she can land."  (eARC, Loc. 2641)


"I try to deny it, but West also drains the darkness from my soul.  I don't want to love him, but I do."  (eARC, Loc. 2813)


"Are you fighting or are you running?  Because this is on you.  You can say whatever you want and you can push me as hard and as long as you want, but I'm not tapping out."  (eARC, Loc. 3075)


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About Katie McGarry:

KATIE MCGARRY was a teenager during the age of grunge and boy bands and remembers those years as the best and worst of her life. She is a lover of music, happy endings, and reality television, and is a secret University of Kentucky basketball fan. Katie would love to hear from her readers. Contact her via her website,, follow her on Twitter @KatieMcGarry, or become a fan on Facebook and Goodreads. 


  1. Oh awesome. Love when an author can keep surprising ya and putting out great reads like that. I've had book one on my tbr pile since it came out. Sounds like I need to get on it!

    herding cats & burning soup

    1. It's am amazing series Anna! You will love it!!!!

  2. Oh, I'm so glad this one is good too! Can't wait to get to it.

    1. Val, it was such a great read! I know that you will enjoy it :)

  3. I received Pushing the Limits from a friend who insisted that it was amazing, and I am sure it is. I have read good things, but I still haven't gotten to it. *kicks self
    Thank you for your review. I have to start this series.

    1. You're Welcome :) Yes,you should start this series! Once you read one of Ms. McGarry's books, you will not be able to stop!

  4. I know I've seen Crash into You, and Pushing the Limits around on other blogs but I didn't know they're part of the same series. I've heard good things about Crash into You too. I think I'll have to look more into this series.


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