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Blog Tour: Rusty Nailed (Cocktail #2) by Alice Clayton

Rusty Nailed
Cocktail #2
By: Alice Clayton
Published:  June 24, 2014
By: Gallery Books
Mature Content
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GR's Summary:

In this sequel to Wallbanger, the second book in the Cocktail series, fan favorites Caroline and Simon negotiate the rollercoaster of their new relationship while house-sitting in San Francisco.

Playing house was never so much fun—or so confusing. With her boss on her honeymoon, Caroline’s working crazy long hours to keep the interior design company running—especially since she’s also the lead designer for the renovation of a gorgeous old hotel on Sausalito. So with her hotshot photographer boyfriend gallivanting all over the world for his job, she and Simon are heavy-duty into “absence makes the heart grow fonder” mode. Neither has any complaints about the great reunion sex, though! Then Simon decides he’s tired of so much travelling, and he’s suddenly home more. A lot more. And wanting Caroline home more, too. Though their friends’ romantic lives provide plenty of welcome distraction, eventually Caroline and Simon have to sort their relationship out. Neither wants “out of sight, out of mind,” but can they create their own happy mid-ground clich√©? 

USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton delivers another delicious, frothy cocktail of a book, shaking up her characters, stirring in laugh-out-loud humor, and serving sizzling romance straight up!

Cocktail Series:

My Thoughts:

Wallbanger was such an amazing book!  When I heard that Ms. Clayton would be continuing this series with three more books, I was excited.  I was also a little bit worried.  I wondered if the sequel could possibly measure up to such a phenomenal first book.  I'm very excited to say that Ms. Clayton nailed it, with the sequel, Rusty Nailed!!!  If you are a fan of Wallbanger, you will love Rusty Nailed.  It had all of the elements that I loved in the first book!  It was fast-paced, entertaining, fun, humorous, and downright sexy!!!

In Rusty Nailed, Caroline and Simon have been together for a year.  They both still have their own apartments, and Caroline likes it that way.  She enjoys having her space, and even though she misses Simon when he is away for his job, she anticipates his return, and savors their moments together.  She likes being independent and is happy with the way things are.  Their good friends, Mimi and Ryan's relationship is going strong.  Unfortunately, Sophia and Neil have broken up, and this is the one topic that Caroline and Simon tend to argue over.  

Now that Caroline's boss and good friend, Jillian, is getting married, things are starting to get even more hectic at Caroline's job.  Then, Jillian lets her know that she will be on an open-ended honeymoon with her new husband, Benjamin, and Caroline will be in charge.  Caroline is excited with her promotion, and the fact that she is getting her very own intern!  Jillian also asks Caroline to house sit for her when she is gone.  

Caroline quickly becomes overwhelmed, and starts to wonder if she took on too much, once Jillian is gone.  To top it off, Simon, is at home more often, and misses Caroline, as do her best friends Mimi, and Sophia.  They are worried that she is working too hard.  Caroline misses Simon also.  As these two try to navigate their relationship, you will not be able to tear your eyes away from this story!

Rusty Nailed was an excellent sequel, and has me excited and highly anticipating the rest of the series!  I love Ms. Clayton's casual writing style.  The conversations between all of these characters flow so naturally and realistically.  I enjoyed Caroline's friendships with Mimi and Sophia.  These ladies are hilarious, and often times had me laughing out loud!  I could relate to the dynamics of their friendship, hilarious banter, and appreciated their love and loyalty towards one another.  Simon was just as dreamy in this sequel as he was in the first book.  Maybe even more so.  He was such an attentive, sweet, and sexy boyfriend.  Even though it's been a year sice they've been in a relationship, things between these two have not cooled down one bit.  I love both of these characters individually, but together they're even better!

My Rating:

Rusty Nailed is a hit!  This story was excellent!  I laughed out loud!  I swooned over the sweet and sexy, Simon.  I loved and connected with all of the characters, and enjoyed how realistic this story came across.  Caroline and Simon felt like a real couple, who were dealing with real issues.  This story was a light-hearted, fun, feel good read, and the perfect bookish escape!  I give, Rusty Nailed, by Alice Clayton, 4.5, Hilarious, Romantic, Sexy, Swoon-worthy, I just can't get enough Filled Stars!!!!  This book needs to be pushed to the very top of your TBR!!!

Book Teaser:

About Alice Clayton:

Novelist Alice Clayton makes her home in St. Louis where she enjoys gardening but not weeding, baking but not cleaning up after, and is trying desperately to get her long-time boyfriend to make her an honest woman–and please buy her a Bernese Mountain dog. 

After working for years in the cosmetics industry as a makeup artist, esthetician, and educator, Alice picked up a pen (read laptop) for the first time at 33 to begin a new career: author. Having never written anything longer than a grocery list, she soon found writing to be the creative outlet she’d been missing since walking away from the theater 10 years before. 

She has a great time combining her love of storytelling with a sense of silly, and she was shocked and awed to be nominated for a Goodreads Author award in 2010 for her debut novels, the first two installments of The Redhead Series–The Unidentified Redhead and The Redhead Revealed. Her latest novel Wallbanger is a return to her trademark comedic erotica, or funny smut, that Alice has become known for.

Additionally, Alice loves spending time with her besties on Not Your Mother’s Podcast (check them out on iTunes) and has recently partnered with actor Greg Grunberg, blogger Brittany Gibbons, and actress Keili Lefkovitz on a new travel show that will begin filming in January. 

Alice enjoys pickles, Bloody Marys, eight hours of sleep and a good pounding.

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  1. I am sooo excited for this book!!! Loved, loved, loved Wallbanger! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Can't wait to read this one !!
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  3. I'm so glad the book measures up, I was afraid of that too :)

  4. I just finished this one and while I loved Simon, Caroline annoyed me a bit. The Wallbanger made up for it though.

  5. Great review I've been wanted to get Wallbanger for a long time now it looks and sounds so awesome! thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. Fab review Lindy! I loved Wallbanger too and am keen to see how things are going now! Caroline is such a fun character to read about, so I'm sure her issues are going to be Dramatized! lol

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  7. Thanks for the post and your thoughts on this book, I enjoyed reading them. I loved Wallbanger and am very excited to read more!

  8. Love it when book 2 is just as good. I still haven't read Wallbanger but I've heard really good things. Need to read it.

  9. I recently finished reading Alice's "Redhead' series back-to-back ... and the trilogy reached a satisfying climax! WALLBANGER is very near the top of my TBR pile, and I have the feeling that as soon as I'm finished reading it I'm going to need to get RUSTY NAILED right away.

  10. I so enjoyed this one too. And I agree, Clayton's writing has such a nice casual, conversational tone. Thanks for the great review!

  11. Can't wait to read this one !!
    Thanks for the chance.

  12. I am so in love with Simon :) Can't wait to read it, just started first few pages!


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