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Book Review: Courage (Mark of Nexus #2) by Carrie Butler

(Mark of Nexus #2) 
Carrie Butler 
Pub October 15th 2013 
by Author Self Pub 
ARC for Review 


Courage (Mark of Nexus #2) is a New Adult paranormal romance that features four unique points-of-view. The novel is best enjoyed after Strength (Mark of Nexus #1).
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Making a deal with the bad guys wasn’t the highlight of Rena Collins’ semester, but, hey, it saved her boyfriend. Now, in order to appease the human-altering organization known as ERA, she’ll crawl under their microscope while they study the Mark of Nexus and plot their eye-glazed version of the future—until she realizes that’s not all they’re plotting.
Wallace Blake has always known his girlfriend is unlike most girls. But now that information has surfaced regarding the two bloodlines that balance his supernatural race, he finally understands why. Rena belongs to one of them. She’s been augmenting his power, all along...
Enter: Corynn Catley. Brought into the country under the guise of an internship, she’s intended to become ERA’s secret weapon. Kind of. Her abilities cancel out Wallace’s, rendering him powerless, but that’s exactly what he’s always wanted. Too bad it only works when his girlfriend’s not around.

All the while, Rena fails to notice the crush her geeky best friend, Aiden Ross, is nursing. He’d give anything for her to see him in a new light—even reinvent himself through questionable means—but there’s a reason people are told to be careful what they wish for. Finding the courage to tell her could put everyone’s lives in danger.

The Way I See It
Okay so last we left off at the bat cave all was well. For then. This is now. Rena knows war is just a step away and she has to get ahead of the curve if she’s to keep everyone safe. With Wallace at her side it should be a piece of cake. Not if the bad guys have anything to say about it! Cue the super cute girl with a fun accent and the ability to give Wallace everything he's ever wanted. An opportunity to have a normal life. Ms. Butler keeps everything hush hush till its time to reveal. There is another book on the horizon and I’m looking forward to finding out all of the answers. In Courage we do find out more about the history of these powers and their counterparts. There are those who simply have the power there are those who enhance it and those that cancel it out. There was a lot of action, drama, heartbreak, and even some funny moments. Cole is a breath of fresh air I absolutely love his personality. I’m looking forward to more!

C-ouple, things are far from perfect between Wallace and Rena but they hope to make their relationship last. Meeting everyone in Rena’s family was a challenge but it sparked knowledge that could potentially help them in the future.
O-utraged, what was supposed to be an internship and studying abroad has become a dangerous part in very wicked plans. Corynn has to protect her family even if it means hurting others she has an important role to play and will let herself be ERA’s puppet.
U-nwilling, losing Wallace tears Rena’s heart to shreds but love is not selfish and she wants him to have an opportunity to find happiness. Wallace cannot imagine being without Rena but he has never had the freedom to hug someone unabashedly that will be the catalyst to ERA’s plans being fulfilled. 
R-egrets, Aiden has loved Rena for so long but he kept his feelings to himself. Now that she and Wallace are over Aiden will make a rash decision that will change everything including himself.
A-lone, Gabby has been close to Aiden and Rena they have always been there for each other. All of a sudden Aiden’s changed and truths are revealed Gabby doesn’t know what to believe and finding herself in an unplanned dilemma puts everyone on edge.
G-uise, being apart wasn’t something Wallace and Rena could do very long. When two souls touch there is no pulling them apart. Wallace has given his heart to Rena and he plans on safeguarding her forever.
E-ndgame, the plans are out several casualties later Rena will once again make a deal with the devil, but this time she will set the rules. ERA’s plans are completely insane together with her friends Rena will find a way to save humanity.

Egads! The next book is going to be killer I just know it! I loved seeing Rena with Wallace they have a very sweet relationship. The whole family comes together in this one unfortunately the person at the helm is insane! Cray Cray! My heart want to go out to Faye(evil mastermind) but it just can't I know she has suffered but her plans are batsh*# crazy. I don’t know how Wallace and Rena are going to stop her but I do know something must be done. There where several OMGee moments that were left unresolved but I’m hoping to get answers to them soon! This is labeled as paranormal NA and even though there were a couple of brazen moments Rena and Wallace haven’t sealed the deal, I hope they do asap I’m dying here! I enjoyed this read and recommend it for those that enjoy paranormal with a bit of mystery.

My Fav’s

Rena & Wallace
Wow what these two would not sacrifice for each other. There love is powerful and that type of devotion only comes once in a lifetime. They aren’t perfect because they have their insecurities but they are constantly trying to find a way to work together. Love is worth fighting for and these two prove that constantly. I can’t wait for them to find their HEA and live in peace. 

My Rating

3.5 Dating, Touching, Engagement Party, Shotgun, Nexus, Carnival, Embrace, Sacrifice, Opportunities, Shower, Dynari, Augari, Nullari, Virus, Watch, Yellow House, Enduring Love Filled Stars! For an intriguing read with a lot of action pick up this series!

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About The Author

Carrie Butler daydreamed her way through college—until they thrust a marketing degree into her hands, slapped a summa cum laude seal on the corner, and booted her out into a less-than-stellar job market. Instead of panicking at the prospect of unemployment, she used her Midwestern logic to steer into the skid and point her life in the direction she really wanted to go: writing out those daydreams. 

Her passion for New Adult fiction led her to co-found NA Alley—one of the first websites dedicated to the category. She is the author of Strength (Mark of Nexus #1) and Courage (Mark of Nexus #2).



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