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Book Review: Suddenly Last Summer (O'Neil Brothers #2) by Sarah Morgan

Suddenly Last Summer
O'Neil Brothers #2
By: Sarah Morgan
Release Date: July 1, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin
Source: eARC for Review
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GR's Summary:

Bestselling author Sarah Morgan delivers another irresistible hero in her O'Neil Brothers series who's more tempting than dessert and twice as sinful! 

Fiery French chef Élise Philippe is having a seriously bad day. Not only have the opening day plans for her beloved café fallen apart, but Sean O'Neil is back in town, and looking more delectable than ever. Last summer, they shared an electrifying night together…and the memories have Élise really struggling to stick to her one-night-only rule! Her head knows that eventually Sean will be leaving, so all she can do is try to ignore her heart before she spontaneously combusts with lust.

Being back in Vermont—even temporarily—is surgeon Sean O'Neil's worst nightmare. For Sean, returning home to the Snow Crystal Resort means being forced to confront the reasons and the guilt he feels about rejecting his family's rural lifestyle years ago. But discovering that Élise has settled in Vermont and still sets his blood racing is a very welcome distraction! Thinking he can persuade her into a replay of last summer is tempting, but remembering how good they are together is going to make walking away more difficult than he could imagine…

The O'Neil Brothers Series:

My Thoughts:

When I read Sleigh Bells in the Snow, I had the privilege of being introduced to the very warm, entertaining, and close-knit, O'Neil family, and their home, Snow Crystal Resort, located in Vermont.  I loved this story, which was about one of the identical twin brothers, Jackson, and the woman he fell in love with, Kayla.  Jackson was a very successful businessman, who loved Snow Crystal Resort, and was determined to save the business that had been in his family for generations.  

In Suddenly Last Summer, we get identical twin brother, Sean, and the head chef of Snow Crystal Resort, Elise's love story.  While Jackson and their youngest brother, Tyler, have always had a love for Snow Crystal Resort, Sean has always seen it as an unwanted pressure, and huge burden on his shoulders.  Since he was young, Sean has always wanted to be a doctor.  He made his dream come true, and now resides in Boston, as a successful doctor that doesn't do relationships.  Elise grew up in Paris, and learned from a renowned chef how to be the best chef she could be.  Unfortunately, she was also taught how vulnerable you are when you are in love, and how a person can destroy you.  She learned her lesson well, and does not do relationships, or sleep with the same person more than once.

Last summer, Sean and Elise had a one night stand, and it was sizzling hot.  These two have thought about each other often.  Sean gets called home when his grandfather, Walter, is put in the hospital.  Suddenly, Sean and Elise are spending a lot of time together, leaving them both questioning what they want from one another.

Suddenly Last Summer was such a sweet and romantic love story. I enjoyed the intimate and warm small community setting of Snow Crystal Resort, as well as the main characters and secondary characters.  As this series continues, you start to feel like you are a part of the O'Neil family.  I felt like I had relationships with the whole family, and those that were like a part of the family!  I found this story very touching, and loved the sense of family, home, loyalty, and love. 

My Rating:

Suddenly Last Summer was a very touching story that made me nostalgic, as I reflected on my own family, and childhood.  This story made me laugh, smile, and even cry.  I am looking forward to the next installment in the O'Neil Brothers Series, Maybe This Christmas, which will bring us Tyler, and Brenna's story!  I can't wait for Tyler to wake up, and realize that he is in love with Brenna!  It's going to be fun reading about these two free-spirited characters!  I give, Suddenly Last Summer, by Sarah Morgan, 4 Deeply Rooted, Family History, Healing, and Learning to take a Chance at Love Filled Stars!!!

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About Sarah Morgan:

USA Today bestselling author Sarah Morgan writes hot, happy contemporary romance and her trademark humour and sensuality have gained her fans across the globe. Described as ‘a magician with words’ by RT Book Reviews, she has sold over 11 million copies of her books. She has been nominated four years in succession for the prestigious RITA© Award from the Romance Writers of America and won the award twice; in 2012 for her book ‘Doukakis’s Apprentice’ and 2013 for ‘A Night of No Return’. She also won the RT Reviewers’ Choice Award in 2012 and has made numerous appearances in their ‘Top Pick’ slot. 

As a child Sarah dreamed of being a writer and although she took a few interesting detours along the way, she is now living that dream. 

Sarah lives near London with her husband and children, and when she isn’t reading or writing she loves being outdoors, preferably on vacation so she can forget the house needs tidying.


  1. Beautiful review, and heck yes you loved this as much as I did. I loved the side stories and banter.

  2. Great review. This sounds like a great summer read.

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  4. I had read Suddenly Last Summer and I loved it!
    I love these books!
    Can't wait for Maybe This Christmast :)
    I enjoyed reading this great review :)

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