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Book Review: Crossing the Line by Nicola Marsh

Crossing the Line
World Apart #1
By: Nicola Marsh
Published:  May 8, 2014
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GR's Summary:

Laying it all on the line for love… Mia Cresswell is tired of being good. Achieving geek status at college doesn’t equate with fun. So when she heads home to her dad’s tennis academy in Santa Monica on spring break, she’s determined to be bad. And hot Aussie tennis star Kye Sheldon is just the guy to help her do it. However, Kye’s troubled past continues to dog him and attending the Cresswell Tennis Academy is his last chance at the big time. He can’t afford to screw up…by screwing the boss’s daughter. But Mia and Kye’s relationship is much more than a vacation fling. Will it be game, set, match, when the truth is revealed? Or will Mia and Kye have a real shot at love all? 

My Take on this Journey:

Crossing the Line, by Nicola Marsh, is another fast paced, sexually charged, delight that you will not want to put down! Ms. Marsh is well known for her contemporary romance novels, that are always too good to pass up.  This is just one more of those in a long line before it!

Mia Cresswell is one of the rich and famous.  Though she doesn't equate herself with that crowd, she delights in the opportunities that her father's fortune affords her in life.  She has come home for spring break, ready to break away from her nerdy persona that she has earned in college.  At her father's tennis academy, she spots the gorgeous, beyond sexy, Kye Sheldon, an Aussie, who has been recruited by her father, to do great things for his establishment.

Kye Sheldon comes from a mysterious background that comes out little by little.  The reader gets the side of him that loves them and leaves them.  That is, till he has what he thinks is going to be a one night stand with the luscious, irresistible, Mia.  

Mia is a firecracker that has an appetite that cannot be extinguished!  Mia has some issues with self-love, and finds out the hard way, that she may have been better off by just being her authentic, "good girl," self instead of the representative she introduced to Kye to begin with. She came on strong, more like her best friend Dani, than herself.

Dani is one of those friends that you never want to leave alone with your boyfriend girls!!!  You know the type.  But, Karma is a bitch...   Something happens to Kye that he can't figure out, the night that he hooks up with Mia, that leaves his life plan way out of his control. Fate has stepped in and now, even if he wanted to quit seeing her, he can't seem to follow through.  The feeling is definitely mutual.  Kye has no idea who Mia really is until he is in too deep and then realizes he will most definitely have to choose between his last shot at the big time, or Mia, whose father will never go for them being in a real relationship.

Crossing the Line was a lot of fun to read.  The primary and secondary characters were well developed, the story is written with a dual perspective, and Kye's delectable-Hotness in the story gets blazingly scorching, when these two get down and dirty, from early on in the story!!!  This book is about two broken characters that find a love that they never expected to come their way. Believe me readers, when I say, you can't miss out on this one!  Ms. Marsh knows how to weave a sexy novel!

I give, Crossing the Line, by Nicola Marsh, 5 Scorchingly Hot, Brazenly Passionate, Liquid Gold, Blazing Lava Stars!!!

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About Nicola Marsh:

USA TODAY bestselling author Nicola Marsh writes flirty fiction with flair for adults and riveting, eerie stories for young adults. 

Based in Melbourne, she has published 45 books and sold over 5 million copies worldwide. She writes contemporary romances for Harlequin Mills & Boon, Entangled Publishing and is self-published. Her first indie release, Crazy Love, was a 2012 ARRA (Australian Romance Readers Award) finalist. BANISH, a thriller with Harlequin Teen Australia, is her young adult debut (August 2013), closely followed by the release of a paranormal YA series starting with Scion of the Sun (Month9Books, November 2013) 

She's also a Waldenbooks and Bookscan bestseller, a 2013 National Readers' Choice Award and RBY (Romantic Book of the Year) winner, a multi-finalist for awards including the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, RBY, HOLT Medallion, Booksellers' Best Award, Golden Quill, Laurel Wreath, More than Magic and has won several CataRomance Reviewers' Choice Awards. 

A physiotherapist for thirteen years, she now adores writing full time, chasing after her two little heroes, barracking loudly for her North Melbourne Kangaroos footy team and her favourite, curling up with a good book!

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