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Devil's Game Scavenger Hunt

Devil's Game
Reapers MC, #3
by Joanna Wylde

Release Date: 
June 3rd, 2014


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In DEVIL’S GAME we learn what really happened between Liam “Hunter” Blake and Em Hayes during her kidnapping in Reaper’s Legacy. As the daughter of the Reapers’ president, Em has found that the men in her life have always been more concerned about keeping her dad happy than showing her a good time. Then she meets Liam. He’s not afraid to treat Em like a real woman and he’s definitely not afraid of her father.

Liam was born and raised a Devil’s Jack, sworn enemies of the Reapers, and has always defended his club no matter what. But then there’s Em…with her smile and vulnerability and just this way about her that puts him in the middle of the hardest decision he’ll ever have to make.

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Tuesday May 13th:

Guilty Pleasures
Hesperia Loves Books

Clue/Excerpt #6

He raised a brow.

“Is this the part where you confess you’re actually a man?” he shouted right as the music died. Heads turned and it was just like high school again. Everyone was looking at me. Liam glanced around at our audience, then winked at me. “’Cause if you are, I’m totally into that. Whoever did your boob job is a fuckin’ artist.”

I burst out laughing as the next song started.

“No,” I replied, rolling my eyes. “But there’s a reason I haven’t dated very much. My dad’s part of a motorcycle club. The local president, actually. Anyway, one of the guys in the club has a nephew, and Sophie’s the kid’s mom.”

Liam straightened, his face turning blank. I don’t know what I expected . . . Concern, maybe? A snide remark? Somehow the total lack of expression in his eyes was worse.

“What’s the matter?” I asked. Damn it, carrying on a conversation in this place was nearly impossible. Had I made a huge mistake? Shit. Would Liam be like all the other guys, too scared of Dad to make a move?

He shook his head.

“Sorry,” he said. “Just remembered something I forgot to do earlier. Hey, you want to get out of here?”

“Um, I’m not sure—”

“That came out wrong,” he told me, smiling again. Had I been imagining things? “I meant, do you want to go to another bar? Public place, lots of witnesses, but maybe a little quieter? I want to really talk to you and it’s kind of hard in here. There’s a place down the street I like. Owner is an old friend of mine.”

I frowned. “I don’t know,” I said. “I don’t want to leave Sophie and Kimber.”

“We don’t have to,” he yelled. “No worries.”

I smiled, thankful he wasn’t going to push me. My phone vibrated in my pocket, and I dug it out to find a text. Several of them, actually, including one from Liam telling me he would be early. It’d come in at the same time Sophie sent the picture. Oops.

KIMBER: He here yet? I want to check out his ass. See if its worthy . . . think he’ll let me touch? I think we shud make him dance with us!!!!!

I frowned. 

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About the Author

Joanna Wylde is a New York Times bestselling author and creator of the Reapers Motorcycle Club series. She currently lives in Idaho.


  1. I really enjoyed Devils Gsme! It's my favorite in the series, so far!

  2. I haven't read this series at all.

  3. Can't wait for Devils Game to be released beginning of June


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