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Book Review : At Any Turn (Gaming the System, #2) by Brenna Aubrey

At Any Turn
(Gaming the System, #2)
Brenna Aubrey

April 28th, 2014


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So You Want to Be a Hero?

Millionaire CEO Adam Drake, overcame a tortured past to build his own gaming empire. He’s in complete control of his life. With his new found love for brilliant geek girl blogger, Mia Strong, the last piece of his life is in place. He's at the top of his game. 

Your Princess Is in Another Castle. 

Until suddenly, she withdraws from him, leaving him in the dark. Something tells him she needs help. But she's too stubborn or scared to ask for it, and the more he tries to take control, the further he pushes her away. He can’t solve this problem by writing a check or a few lines of code. 

He’ll have to dig deep and put himself at risk…or risk losing her forever. 

This New Adult contemporary romance is intended for readers over the age of 18 due to adult language, sexual content and adult situations.

Gaming the System Series

At Any Price
(Gaming the System, #1)

At Any Turn
(Gaming the System, #2)

At Any Moment
(Gaming the System, #3)

The conclusion of Mia and Adam's story.

The Way Ria See's It

ERMERGERSH!!! If you know what WoW REALLY stands for this is a must read for y’all! Seriously I flipping love these characters so hard! It’s not even funny! At Any Turn has been a whirlwind of emotions for me! This is one hellova roller coaster so y’all get ready. All of the characters are back and we get to meet some new ones emotions run high in this installment. There were even times I wanted to murder Adam and Emilia! The love they share is epic but they are immobilized by fear, I don’t know what will happen next but I’m DYING to find out!! I cannot get my hands on the next book fast enough!!!

A-dventure, going on a soul finding hike is just the beginning of what Adam is willing to do for Emilia she has embedded herself deeply into his heart.
T-rust, Emilia and Adam love each other but a relationship is something foreign and they cannot fully let go of their secrets.

A-cceptance, Emilia’s dreams are coming true but at the same time they will crush the man that she loves. She cannot betray the person she was and wants to become so she will push Adam away.
N-eed, Adam cannot be without control a horrific past experience broke him and made him the person he is today. Adam refuses to go back to the same scenario of the past where he couldn’t help the one person he loved most.
Y-ielding, Emilia is a strong independent woman who will not be governed by the man she loves. Trust is a very delicate thing between these two; it keeps dwindling at every turn.

T-ruth, sometimes love isn’t enough and the pain is too deep. Adam cannot fathom a life without Emilia but every push and every rejection is like a stab wound that will not heal.
U-ncompromising, Adam resolves to fight; his life is nothing without Emilia.  If baring his soul is the only way to show her how deeply he cares, he will face the nightmares of the past and do what it takes to be by her side.
R-egrets, Adam and Emilia have many flaws they both have a tough road ahead of them but at least everything is out in the open.
N-ever, once was enough for Adam he will not let go of Emilia again they belong together no matter the circumstances.

GAH!!!!! What’s with all of the bloody cliffhangers already!!! My heart is BLEEDING I NEED the next book NOW!!! Seriously if you have the teensiest bit of nerd in you this is a must read! If you know what Comic-Con is…yea this series needs to become a part of your collection! At Any Turn was in Adam’s POV (which btw “Thank you!” and “Yum”) It was quite the treat to be in his head. I feel like I really got to know him. On the down side I had no clue what Mia(Emilia) was doing so her brush offs really got under my skin. I feared the worst. Sadly once everything comes out, not only were my fears confirmed, but I was SHOCKED as all get out. Things are not looking good in the Bat Cave I’m more than curious to see what Aubrey will do with our brave hero’s.

My Fav’s
Well duh! After being inside this brainiac’s head how could I not love him! Lol okay so I fell in love with him in the first book, after reading this installment the love runs deeper than I thought possible. Adam is just what Emilia needs, I wanted her to realize her mistakes and come back to him. OMG he does the unimaginable and even though he’s broken he continues to love Emilia without restraint. That took guts and a deep serious commitment! He is the epitome of what a nerd girl could want!

Okay so I was like totally mad at her because of the way she treated Adam…BUT! She had her reasons and they were valid so I’ve completely forgiven her and chastised myself for ever doubting her. She finally figured something out that she was after for a very long time and I’m looking forward to finding out how she came to the conclusion! I was super excited when we found out! Sigh…Mia and Adam are in for a tough road but together these two are a force. I want so much to see them happy! With Mia’s strength and Adam’s perseverance there is nothing they cannot overcome!

My Rating

4.0 Mountain Man, Dinner Date, Baltimore, Newport, Acceptance Party, Missing Work, Guarded Secrets, Lawsuit, Paintball, Vegas, Tequila, Christmas, Mistletoe, Tests, Bus, Yellow Clue, SylvanWood, Tight Hugs, Unrelenting Love filled stars!! This is a great series definitely something to check out!!! I want the next one NOW!!!

Mikki's Review

When I read At Any Price a few months ago, I did not know what to expect. I'm not very familiar with the gaming world. The only game I play involves shaking my booty to the sound of the music and following the avatar on the screen ... lol!!! I was pleasantly surprised by how much I got hooked to this fascinating world. At Any Turn was a roller coaster ride of a journey into the life of Mia and Adam. 

At Any Turn picks up a few weeks after the end of At Any Price. Adam starts his journey away from Mia. This trip has taught him to disconnect from the gaming world. He also realized how precious Mia is in his life. His feelings have grown stronger during his time away from her. Once he reunites with her he couldn't be happier about the way his life has changed for the better. But, a few weeks after his return, Mia's behavior changes and he starts worrying about her. The more he wants to find out what she's hiding, the more she pushes him away. Will Adam find a way to break Mia's walls? Is the love they have for one another real or was it just a game?

When I finished reading At Any Price, I was really happy to hear that Mia and Adam were getting two other books. I really did not know what to expect in At Any Turn. Once I finished the last page of At Any Turn I was shocked! I was breaking my head trying to find out what Mia was hiding! I even had to talk with my co-blogger Ria about it. She was thinking something totally different from what I was thinking. Of course I can't mention what we talked about because it would be a spoilers, but .... We both were right at the end. I never saw that coming! 

This book was written in Adam's POV, and I really liked that! I'm a big fan of male POV's. Brenna Aubrey did an awesome job with this one! My heart broke for Adam on many occasions, but I screamed at him a lot as well! Sometimes I just could not understand his behavior. He was driving me nuts!!! He can't let go of his control over Mia. Talking about nuts ... Mia ... OMG!!! She drove me nuts as well!!! I wanted to virtual slap some sense into her so many times!!! But, then I found out what was happening and BAM!!! I just wanted to be there to hug and support her. In a relationship communication is the key. Mia and Adam were struggling in that department and with Adam being such a control maniac they pulled apart from each other. What I loved about Adam is that he was always there for Mia. Even if he did some things I did not approve of, he never meant to hurt her feelings. He's crazy about her and I felt it while reading this book. This book was deep, emotional and heartbreaking! Their journey is far from over and the ending left me on the edge of my seat!! I want At Any Moment like yesterday!!!!


I give, At Any Turn, by Brenna Aubrey 4 intense, moving, FallenOne loves Eloisa stars! 

About the Author

Brenna Aubrey is an author of New Adult contemporary romance stories that center on geek culture. Her debut novel, At Any Price, released December, 2013. 

She has always sought comfort in good books and the long, involved stories she weaves in her head. Brenna is a city girl with a nature-lover’s heart. She therefore finds herself out in green open spaces any chance she can get. A mommy to two little kids and teacher to many more older kids, she juggles schedules to find time to pursue her love of storycrafting. 

She currently resides on the west coast with her husband, two children, two adorable golden retriever pups, two birds and some fish. 

Brenna’s short story “The Love Letter” was the Grand Prize winner of the Jane Austen Made Me Do It Short Story Contest. As such, it was included in the anthology of the same name (Ballantine, 2011)


  1. I don't know this series but I am intrigued about the gaming world.

  2. I've heard really good things about At Any Price, and finally bought it this weekend. I'm glad to see you enjoyed At Any Turn. Thanks for the review, Mikki!


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