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Book Review:Trail of Obsession by Rebecca Tust

Trail of Obsession 
Rebecca Tust
Pub March 4th 2014 
By Author Self Pub 
ARC for Review 

Megan Cartwright is a victim, a survivor, and a fighter. In TRAIL OF OBSESSION, Megan Cartwright, a successful real estate agent, survives a brutal attack on a popular trail in Palm Beach, Florida. As she struggles to pick up the shattered pieces of her life, she discovers she's not only been given a second chance at life, but a second chance at love. 
When Megan crosses paths with Stephen Braun again, the handsome and charming Good Samaritan, who helped save her, neither one of them are prepared for the intense attraction that sizzles between them. 
Stephen helps convince the slow to trust heroine that love is worth the risk. But with a killer fixated on Megan as a target, as well as someone from Stephen's past with a debt to settle, Megan finds herself on borrowed time once again. 

TRAIL OF OBSESSION has believable, empathetic characters, complex emotions, and enough steamy romance to keep you turning the pages for more.

The Way I See It
Trail of Obsession was a well written suspenseful contemporary romance. Ms Tust's flow is excellent and pacing was great. I found myself immersed in the pages eager to see what would happen next Megan and Stephen are great together their chemistry is spectacular. They fall into a great relationship and it was fun reading how they both come to care for one and other. 

T-arget, Megan and her sister have a great friendship they are as close as two sisters can be. Its very unlike Megan to just not show up to dinner plans. 
R-escue, Stephen was out for a ride before coming upon a broken dying girl in desperate need of help. 
A-lone, Megan has always felt safe running alongside lake trail with like minded joggers and cyclist even walkers until a life altering attack leaves her shattered. 
I-deal, surrounded by her loved ones Megan will overcome many obstacles survivors have to face. 
L-ove, Megan’s parents return to their home but not without leaving her with tools to help keep her safe. 

O-pinion, Megan’s savior has been weighing heavily on her heart she must call on the advice of her friends on how to thank him. 
F-ind, Stephan and Megan were not expecting each other but some how they feel connected and at ease with one and other. This isn’t something Megan is inclined to change anytime soon. 

O-pen, unaware of her current situation Megan will begin to trust. Stephen is aware of Megan’s desire to not trust but he will show her its okay to risk pain in order to find love. 
B-lake, an unlikely allay will join forces with Megan’s friend to ensure her safety. 
S-ecret, broken and rotting inside a vile creature continues to reek havoc and turn a once quiet community into something of nightmares. 
E-scape, Stephen wants Megan to himself a getaway turns into something much deeper for the both of them. 
S-trength, Megan will have to use every ounce of will power to fight her way out of a deadly situation. She has so much to live for, a crazy “client” will not get the best of her. 
-olution, Stephen has never felt so much pain in his life he refuses to waste another minute on what if. He made a promise to Megan and will stick to it. 
I-nsubstantial, a psychotic part of Stephens past will not be forced to pay for her actions. Rather than instilling fear she elicits pity. 
O-pportunity, waiting and waiting for his chickee Megan will come face to face with her nightmare. 
-ews, a proud father and bundle of joy will teach Megan the goodness that can shower the world. 

I enjoyed getting to meet these wonderful characters and I’m looking forward to reading Blake and Chelsea’s story. Two very full of life side characters that will have zero trouble absorbing the spotlight. I hope we will get to revisit a bit of Stephen and Megan…I love LOVE LOVE when that happens. :) Like I mentioned earlier the pacing was good and I enjoyed all of the characters. I recommend this for a lazy weekend and throe that are into suspense. 

My Rating
3.5 Jog, Realty, Bike, Knife, Gift Card, Toby, Boat, Miami, Club, Cousin, Chicago, Get away, Client, Chains, Police, Pepper Spray, Backing up, Broken Leg, Hospital, Nephew, Love filled promises stars!

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