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Book Review: Dark Promise (Underworld #1) by M.L. Guida

Dark Promise 

(Underworld #1) 
M.L. Guida 
Pub March 3rd 2014
by Lyrical
ARC For Review

 Love can unlock the secret to saving two worlds. 

As the Golden Aspen Tree withers, darkness consumes the Dragon Demons of the Underworld, turning them feral. Prince Eric Wyvern must keep his darkness at bay and woo the silver-haired human tainted with angel blood whose touch is prophesied to save the Golden Tree and restore light to the Underworld. Cassandra Wright, a gifted psychic, has dreamed of Eric her whole life. When her dream lover joins her on a ski vacation, he plunges her into a nightmare. Imprisoned in a dying world filled with abuse and torture, she must become the Demon Prince’s mate or remain trapped forever. If she fails to fulfill the prophecy, the darkness will spread to her world. But how can she give herself to this dark and frightening version of the man of her dreams? Eric will give Cassandra the world, if only he can make her see past the darkness to the man he really is, and help him save it first. Release Date: March 3, 2014

The Way I See It

Dark Promise was a very steamy and alluring read. I enjoyed every turn of every page. Two souls were destined for one and other and the discovery of that love left me breathless. I enjoyed all of the characters and I am looking forward to seeing more of them in the future. One thing I would wish is for this book to have been longer. I am very anxious to seeing where this series goes. 

D-reams, nightly Cassandra is faced with a love that she cannot explain. 
A-wake, though no longer in slumber Cassandra lives through her dreams no one ever meeting up to the standards her dreams have set. 
R-esolve, a prophecy has destined two unlikely souls to be mated. Eric loves his mate beyond words now all he has to do is prove himself to her. 
K-ind, Cassandra’s heart is full of love and compassion. She has been broken in her past but she strives to move forward. 

P-osition, Eric has one chance to meet Cassandra and make her understand the love they share. 
R-esigned, Luke caused Cassandra unnecessary pain now its too late, there is nothing he can do or say to win her back. 
O-pening, brought to another world Cassandra is confused her heart leads her in one direction but her mind keeps her at bay. Cassandra doesn’t understand why she is drawn to Eric beyond words. 
M-agic, Eric uses every last bit he has to keep his love safe. Eric will face brutal torment with a smile in order to keep Cassandra away from his enemies. 
I-ndecision, Cassandra wants nothing else than to be beside her mate she will risk everything to save him. 
S-torm, Cassandra has fulfilled her promise and she has no regrets. Eric’s heart belongs to her as hers belongs to him. Everything leads to this moment the sacrifice and the love will encompass  the darkness that looms over everyone. 
E-scape, Cassandra knows exactly who and what she is. She will embrace that and retreat to her  mates arms and find the solace she has sought her entire existence. 

Sigh. This was a powerful and super sexy paranormal read. As this is the first in the series I am looking forward to seeing what comes next for this wonderful cast. The writing flow was good and the world building was phenomenal. I embraced each and every word. This book was one that I DID NOT want to PUT DOWN! The only thing I could say is I wish it were longer!(I think I may have already said that) As it stands I thoroughly enjoyed it. Guida is a master of world building, and the STEAM u la la! The premise is what originally had me pulled I thought the story line was different and I was drawn to it. Once I started reading I was immersed in Guida’s world! I highly recommend this for those that are into a SUPER SEXY Adult paranormal read!! 

My Fav’s 
Wow he has sooooo much pressure on his shoulders. His whole life he has been destined to one person and he will do what it takes to win her heart. The Prince has always had everything. When he stumbles upon his true princess his feelings go through the roof. He will do anything and sacrifice everything for her. 

She was dealt a super crazy card when she was young. She learned early on that she has to keep certain secrets to herself. Living and not knowing her destiny has been hard on her in more ways than she can count. Through it all her spirit stays pure and true to her heart. Cassandra is faced with the man of her dreams and she realizes his heart is pure and true to her. 

My Rating
4.0 Slopes, The Inn, Luke, Ski Lift, Lunch date, First KISS!! Underworld, Song of Tranquility restoring light into the dark! I want the next book like right the fric now!!!!

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  1. This looks kinda different. Sounds good. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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  3. Now this sounds really good and Ria I love your review. I did an acrostic review for a post this week and it isn't nearly as lovely as yours *hangs head*

  4. I haven't encountered this before, but you definitely made me want to give it a chance.


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