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The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred

The Sweet Gum Tree

Published May 12th 2005 
by Ellora's Cave
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Sweet tea, corn bread, and soup beans—everyday fare for eight-year-old Alix French, the precocious darling of a respected southern family. But nothing was ordinary about the day she met ten-year-old Nick Anderson, a boy from the wrong side of town. Armed with only a tin of bee balm and steely determination, Alix treats the raw evidence of a recent beating that mars his back, an act that changes both of their lives forever.

Through childhood disasters and teenage woes they cling together as friendship turns to love. The future looks rosy until the fateful night when Frank Anderson, Nick's abusive father, is shot to death in his filthy trailer.

Suddenly, Nick is gone—leaving Alix alone, confused and pregnant. For the next fifteen years she wrestles with the pain of Nick's abandonment, a bad marriage, her family and friends. But finally, she's starting to get her life back together. Her divorce is almost final, her business is booming, and she's content if not happy—until the day she looks up and sees Nick standing across the counter. He's back…and he's not alone.

Once again Alix is plunged into turmoil and pain as Nick tries to win her love, something she resists with all her strength. Only one thing might break the protective wall she's built around her emotions—the truth about Frank Anderson's death. But when that truth comes out and those walls crumble, neither Alix nor Nick is prepared for the emotional explosion that could destroy as well as heal.

The way I see it

Southern living meets housewives of O.C.!  Hello?!  Lol Okay, when I first read the synopsis I was like “What?"  "Oh no he didn’t!”  Right away I was intrigued!  I’m going to take this moment to be brutally honest...

Don’t be mad...

I promise I don't mean this in a mean way...

What the BEEP is up with that cover?

Wow!  Its almost a deterrent.  The purple writing on top with the tree, the ugly car, and the ugly font..."Clashy," but hey to each is own!  Don’t let the cover stop y'all!  This is a great book!  At the purchase price of $1 and change?  Yeah!  Do it!  Worth it!  I Mean it!  Ms. Allred tells one of the sweetest, most endearing, life long love stories I’ve ever read.  The banter was delightful, entertaining, and had me laughing out loud.  One minute, I was like “Awww,” the next I was like  “No!” and “Gaahhhh!!,” oh and a couple of Eeeps! 

T-ough, life was not easy for Nick
H-onest, the judges influence effects everyone.
E-scape, from an unsuitable father.  Nick will flee.

S-isters, together always, the three of them will never part.
W-ell being, Nick would never let any harm come to those he cares for.
E-ntered, a father long forgotten returns for what is rightfully his.
E-nvied, by others Alix will not let herself be affected.
T-rust, promises are made, and hearts will meld.

G-uilty, for many things.  Nick stands accused of a horrendous crime.
U-nforgiving, Alix will hold on to her anger, it is all she has left.
M-istakes & marriages, Will anything ever come together?

T-ormented, a loss too painful for Alix to bear, she will carry this cross forever.
R-eturn, Nick will cause an unexpected shift for Alix.
E-ngaged, Nick will fight for his love till his dying breath.
E-ver After, Will they have theirs?

There was so much that was covered in this book, that I was surprised at the flow and effortlessness of it.  This truly was a great read.  There weren’t any “panty dropper” moments or “steamy” sex scenes, but this book is about growth and life long love.  Don’t get me wrong there were some shockers, of which I saw every single one coming whether it was predictability or my amazing foreshadowing recognition skills.  Either way I recommend this BOOK!

My Fav’s

She was a little spitfire and I loved her honest and loyal heart.  She wanted one thing, okay two things, which included, saving a boy and becoming a writer.  She had to live through some really craptastic events to get there.  I must say she faced everything head on never backing down. Alix almost broke along the way, but I must say the outcome was awesome.

Pain was all he knew as a child, and all ne needed was a way and a purpose.  It seemed Alix would be that for him, one morning and some bee balm would change his life forever.  When “Life” barrels into him, he has no choice but to keep his promise to a young girl. He will spend the rest of his life working towards that promise. There were times I had my doubts, but I was so happy they were unfounded. 

My Rating

4.25 Bee Balm, Wreck Yard, Church Function, Backyard Bully, Tornado Kiss, Prom Confession, Best Friend, Living Nightmare, Forgiving Love, Everlasting Love filled stars!! Seriously don’t mind the cover get this book!! 

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