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Branded (Sinners #1) by Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki

Branded (Sinners #1)

Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki

Pub June 28th 2013
by Authors Self Pub
ARC for Review

GR's Synopsis
Fifty years ago the Commander came into power and murdered all who opposed him. In his warped mind, the seven deadly sins were the downfall of society. He created the Hole where sinners are branded according to their sins and might survive a few years. At best.
Now LUST wraps around my neck like blue fingers strangling me. I’ve been accused of a crime I didn’t commit and now the Hole is my new home.

Darkness. Death. Violence. Pain.
Now every day is a fight for survival. But I won’t die. I won’t let them win.
The Hole can’t keep me. The Hole can’t break me.
I am more than my brand. I’m a fighter.
My name is Lexi Hamilton, and this is my story.

The way I see it 

Oh dystopians... dystopians... How I love thee... Let me count the ways...









A good dystopian will make you feel all of those emotions! More than once, and usually more than one at a time. Three cheers for Branded! I’m not a doom and gloom kind of gal as y’all know. I like to focus on the positives in life. 

Well Ria, that doesn’t make sense! 

Dystopias are just F’d up societies under the guise of a Utopia, emphasis on the f’d up part! This is true! 
What I see is soo much deeper than that! 
With every dystopia I’ve read I’ve seen what the human spirit can overcome, I see love being a driving force for good in a world thats overcome by corruption and evil.


"Yea yea, laugh it up"! 

Ria, don’t be cray! This is fiction baby. That stuff isn’t real! Those are just wonderful and amazing stories that someone made up...

Well, I’ll have you know, all of the amazing dreams people have accomplished were once a tiny idea that began as fiction. I love every one! When I say “peace be with you” at church I mean it! I love reading about the good that can come out of darkness and Branded was a PRIME example of that...I’m already DYING for the second in the series!!! 


#Branded Go Blue!!

B-lue, lust was Lexi’s accusation, though most would say it was her punishment.  I saw it as her liberation.
R-esourceful, Cole is given a set of orders, and he will do whatever it takes to see them through.
A-lyssa, a broken soul condemned by a virus. Lexi, a lost soul searching for her way. Two unlikely friends, become each others anchor in a menacing world.
N-otorious, for his rebellion, the Commander will stop at nothing to find him and make him pay for his revolt.
D-etermined to fight all odds for each other, Cole gives in to his feelings and Lexi realizes what she must do.
E-motions collide. Sacrifices are made. Loved ones are lost.
D-eath, every where people die, but one death in particular seems a bit too ominous.

As far as good dystopians are concerned Branded takes the cake! There were a lot of intense war style scenes, but something about the way these authors wrote them keeps you riveted and wanting more. I am really looking forward to what's in store for Lexi. I loved the way the story ended. There wasn’t a cliffhanger, but there was that “looming” sensation in the air. Thumbs up!  High appraisal!!

My Fav’s

Delicious, all muscle, good guy charm, none of the calories. He was ordered to do one thing...As he starts on this mission towards keeping the “sinner” alive, he can't help but think there is more to Lexi than she lets on. Cole decides he will do what it takes, no matter the cost to make sure Lexi lives. Is his heart too high of a price to pay?

We’ve met the tortured soul, the broken girl...I can honestly say you have not met a girl like Lexi Hamilton. I thought I knew pain.. Lexi brought me to a whole new ballpark and introduced me to a new game. The things that were forced on her brought tears to my eyes, and my heart breaks for her. I love that she is beautiful and doesn’t realize it, and just how amazing she is on the inside.

I knew there was something special about him. You’ll find out what it is soon enough! :) Pretty spectacular if you ask me!

If you know any thing about Dane’s or dogs in general you’ll automatically fall in love with Zeus. He is loving and kind, mans best friend. He is ferocious and fierce to the end!! He wins Lexi over and the way his personality is described was a perfect match to the Danes I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

My Fav Quote
Humans will not be a form of entertainment. And
remember, my brave friends, you can overcome
anything short of death-so free them.
~C. Hamilton (Kindle Loc 3726)

My Rating

4.5 WWV, Amethyst Eyes, Abandoned Noose, Blue Brand, Gold Band, Fierce Protector, Kind Doctor, Dying Girl, Guard Brawl, Near Miss, Hunted Family, Confessions, Final Confrontation, Lexington Bay, Soul at rest, Hopeful future filled stars!!


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About The Authors 

Abi and Missy met in the summer of 1999 at college orientation and have been best friends ever since. After college, they added jobs, husbands and kids to their lives, but they still found time for their friendship. Instead of hanging out on weekends, they went to dinner once a month and reviewed books. What started out as an enjoyable hobby has now become an incredible adventure.


  1. I love dystopians and love seeing humans overcome adversity and rise up! Great review!

    1. Aren't they sooo AWESOME!! Thank you for coming by :)

  2. Right you are, Ria! A good Dystopian does make on feel all of those feelings/ emotions you've mentioned. So glad you enjoyed this one. It's been long since I read a Dystopian and this looks like a good one to start. Cole sounds awesome and the pictures look like they'll really make the respective characters come out. Awesome review!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts


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