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Good Vibrations ( Welcome to Paradise Series #1) by S.L. Scott

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Good Vibrations

Welcome to Paradise #1
By:  S.L. Scott
Published:  May 8, 2013
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GR's Summary:

I grab her exploring finger just as it reaches my happy trail—a trail that if I let her wander down further will lead us to do things we can’t take back. Things like three-word phrases being confessed that would end me if I was rejected. Things like selfishly wanting to own her body and doing things to her that would make my fantasies blush. And things like making her promises too soon that won’t do either of us any good. She makes me want a future that’s not possible, and one I don’t deserve.

Listening to my ego got me into this situation. Will listening to my heart get me out?

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Lindy's Thoughts:

I love the book cover for Good Vibrations.  It's cute, has vibrant and relaxing summer colors, and looks like a story about an easy-going, fun-filled summer romance.  So, after seeing this cover, I was excited to sign up for the Good Vibrations Blog Tour.  The story is told from the dual perspectives of Mallory, and Evan.  Mallory is in the summer before her senior year of college, lives in Colorado, but decides to spend the summer with her best friend Sunny in Hawaii.  Sunny has gotten Mallory a job, and they both will be working together at a local beach restaurant, and with one another in Sunny's small apartment.  However, things don't go as planned, when Mallory arrives in Hawaii, is ready to be picked up, and ends up stranded.  While waiting in the airport, Mallory notices a good looking guy making out with a girl, and promising to call and write her.  The guy is Evan, and he waste's no time in trying to pick up on Mallory right after the other girl leaves.  Sunny ends up letting Mallory know that she hurt her hand, and is at the E.R., so she can't pick her up from the airport.  Evan offers Mallory a ride, and at first she is adamant about not taking a ride from him, but ends up changing her mind.  Evan let's Mallory know that the girl at the airport wasn't his girlfriend, and he doesn't do relationships.  Mallory figures, at least he's truthful, and she's on vacation, so why not have a little bit of fun.  The attraction is strong, and Evan and Mallory end up sleeping together, and spending the night at Evan's place.  However the next morning, when she wakes up, Evan is gone.  He left her without leaving a note, making her feel like one of his typical one night stands.  When he returns, she confronts him.  Things don't go well, and he takes her to her friends apartment.  A few days later Mallory runs into Evan and a few of his friends at her new job.  She also meets a good looking Hawaiian named Noah, and learns that they had a falling out, but doesn't know why.  As the story continues, Mallory realizes that Noah is interested in her, and so is Evan.  Whenever Mallory and Evan are together they have a passionate, yet, volatile relationship, and with Noah, she feels nothing more than friendship.  With Mallory leaving Hawaii after the summer, they will have to decide whether what they had was a summer fling, or the beginning of a more meaningful relationship.  

I felt very conflicted about this story.  I enjoyed the fact that it was fast paced, fun, entertaining, and not full of angst and drama.  This story was a great beach read, and the perfect story to pull out when you're on vacation.  However, Mallory irritated me with her wishy-washy ways.  One moment she was adamant that she was through with Evan, and the next moment she was jumping into bed with him.  At the beginning of the story, I felt that she didn't have much of a back bone.  She let Evan walk all over her, and treat her like his typical one night stands, all the while professing that she was different from his other girls.  I felt that there could have been more character development.  The reader is not told enough about Evan or Mallory's past.  I didn't connect to the characters as much as I would have liked, because I felt like I only knew them on a superficial level.  I don't know if the author is holding back for further in the series to divulge the information.  Evan made a huge amount of character growth in the story.  He learned how to take a chance, and trust again, even at the expense of getting his heart broken.  I really enjoyed seeing Evan's transformation.  Ms. Scott is an excellent writer, with description and aiding her readers in the visualization of the story.  I could easily visualize everything with the succinct prose, and it takes a master author not to drag out their descriptions to the point of boring the reader.  

Overall, I would recommend, Good Vibrations, by S.L. Scott.  If you enjoy New Adult Contemporary Romance, and are looking for an easy, fun, fast paced bookish escape, this is the book for you.  I really enjoyed the secondary characters, and am looking forward to Sunny and Zach, Kate and Murphy, John, and Noah, all getting their own stories.  They all had unique personalities, and contributed to the story which felt natural and not forced.  I have to say that my favorite aspects of the story were the beautiful Hawaiian setting, and the love scenes.  I went to Hawaii on my honeymoon, and felt like I was visiting all over again.  There is nothing like falling in love with the crystal blue ocean, sunsets, and white sand of the tropical paradise that is Hawaii.   


I give Good Vibrations 4 Flirty, Fun in the Sun, Summer Lovin' Stars!  This story was fast-paced, had great romance scenes, fun times with friends, and was the perfect beach read!  I loved the beautiful tropical setting of Hawaii.  Ms. Scott wrote vibrant and clear descriptions that made me feel like I was surfing in the ocean, having fun at the bonfire with friends, and having a few cocktails while splashing around in the luxurious swimming pool!  Good Vibrations is a relaxing read, that is enjoyable, and the ending will leave you ready to jump in to the sequel of the Welcome to Paradise Series.

Favorite Quotes:

"She leans closer, lowers her voice, and says, Any girl that can knock my little brother off of his high horse deserves some respect."  (eARC, pg.  223)


"It's time to face reality.  I can't stop thinking about her.  The girl has gotten to me.  I don't know how, but what I do know is if she asked me to give up all the vices I love the most, I would do it.  If she asked me to make love to her on this bar right now, I would definitely do it.  But what scares me the most is, if she asked me to be in a relationship with her, I would do it and I don't do relationships.  I don't know why this girl makes me feel this way and I don't like it, but I'm coming to terms that these feelings are too strong to deny anymore."  (eARC, pg. 226)


"She is warmth and sunshine and the light to my dark.  She makes me want to bare my soul even though I shouldn't."  (eARC, pg. 345)


"Desire bubbles inside me.  I haven't desired anyone in years.  I've lusted and I've always gotten what I lusted after.  But desire, desire feels like an old friend that I didn't know I missed until it returned.  I desire this girl."  (eARC, pg. 367)


"Evan Ashford is going to be the death of me-one way or the other-and yet I'll happily walk hand in hand towards that death with him.  I don't have time to dwell on the joy I feel, the happiest I've been in ages.  I've had boyfriends in high school and a couple in college, but I've never felt for them what I feel for Evan."  (eARC, pg. 391)


"We come together as the rain continues to pour.  Our world engulfed by sighs and moans, frenzied bodies slick and steady, finding a rhythm all our own."  (eARC, pg. 482)


"I meant what I said outside.  Three words that came from the heart, shared in a moment of passion and closeness I've never shared with anyone before."  (eARC, pg. 487)


Ro's Take on this Journey:

Good Vibrations, by S.L. Scott, was an enjoyable, fast paced read, full of fun, laughter, love, romance, lust, and secrets.  This was the story of Mallory, a nice girl, from Colorado, who is on her 2 and 1/2 month summer vacation to the tropical paradise in Hawaii.  She is going into her senior year at the University when she returns home.  She has decided to get as far away from Colorado as possible, because her relationship with her boyfriend back home has just ended, (due to his cheating) and she is heartbroken. Mallory is looking for an Adventure, full of passion, and romance without any boundaries, though she's never been a no attachment's kind of girl.  While arriving at the airport in Hawaii, she comes face to face with the most gorgeous guy she has ever seen.  With his dark ocean blue eyes, wild brown hair with golden hues, six pack muscular build, tall, stubble faced, with outrageously kissable lips, she thinks that she has just found herself a "Hawiian God."  Unfortunately, he is with the perfect blond girl, saying their goodbyes, as the girl is leaving paradise.  While consoling the sobbing, needy girl, the, "God" is making eyes at her over the girls shoulder.  There goes her ideal guy.  She thinks to herself that all men are cut out of the same cloth.  Mallory walks out of the airport, and calls her friend, Sunny, that she is spending the summer with, and going to work with at Kahone's, (a restaurant/bar).  Unfortunately, Sunny has hurt herself, and is at the E.R., so she has to try to get a cab to her friends apartment.  The good looking guy that just left his girlfriend off, Evan, greets her, and offers her a ride to her destination.  She calls him on his bullshit behavior, and he is smitten by her straight forwardness.  Most girls fall at his feet.  There is an immediate attraction and curiosity there, and Evan has an air of confidence that appeals to Mallory.  She feels safe, so she takes the ride.  From this point, the relationship begins.

Evan comes from big money, and though he drives a Maserati, he does not act pretentious.  He stays in a little back pool house to his parents mansion on the island, and works as a surf instructor at the beach.  He is educated.  He went to Oxford and Yale, but dropped out due to some problems, that still have not come to light in this first segment of the series.  Evan has a lot of secrets, and has come from a dysfunctional family life of privilege, but is very unhappy, and a disappointment to his family.  The reader is drawn into this character from the onslaught.  He is a multi- dimensional character with depth.  When you begin the journey, the reader is made to believe he is just a punk out for a good time, but there are reasons for his behavior that come to light.

Mallory is a nice girl that has been played too many times, and doesn't want any ties.  She wants to spend her summer uninhibited, like her girlfriend Sunny keeps encouraging her to do.  She is swept away by Evan, and their encounters are eye opening for her.  She has never felt this way before, and feels that maybe Evan feels the same, though he has made himself perfectly clear about the kind of guy he is.  Mallory thinks to herself, "As we walk next to each other in silence, once again I feel like I'm moving into the fire.  Somehow though, I know that the burn will be well worth the ride."  (Earc pg. 8)  

There is a cast of characters that add so much to the story, and the reader is able to see where all the angst and inner demons come from in Evan's life.  He has two best friends, Murphy, (who has fallen for his sister Kate) and Zach, (who is in love with Sunny) and a rival in Noah, (his long ago friend, now his nemesis, who likes Mallory), and Johnny (who runs the restaurant/bar, and is in love with Sunny.)  The descriptions are beautiful, and my visualization of all the different places made me feel happy and relaxed.  This is a well weaved storyline, full of controversy, misunderstandings, angst of not being able to be with the one they love.  There is a lot of expectations, and interference from Evan and Kate's mother, and she is a piece of work, who is snobby and into high society.  There is a great household manager, (more like a surrogate mother, Ms. Chart) that has given Evan and Kate the only nurturing and love they have ever received.

This novel was great.  I loved the way it was written, and the conflicts along the way.  There are a lot of twist and turns, misunderstandings and triumphs.  It made for a good, fast paced read full of humor, fun, excitement, longing, and romance.

I give Good Vibrations, by S.L. Scott, 4 Bright, Magical, Sun-Swept, Tropical, Romance- Filled Stars !

Favorite Quotes:

"Then I notice his hands.  They're very masculine, strong hands with long fingers that seem like they could play every note to perfection---every one of my notes."  (eARC, pg. 9)

"Just because you have to go back to school doesn't mean you'll lose me.  I'm yours.  You marked my heart as yours the day I met you.  So relax in the knowledge that I'll be here, soulless, heartless, less of a man altogether until I see you again."  (eARC, pg. 211)

"How can I relax knowing you're living life halfheartedly?  I laugh softly.  I feel the same way though.  Does that mean if you have my heart and soul and I have your heart and soul then we are whole?  Yes, I feel complete knowing I'll have a part of you with me.  He lightly chuckles.  You'll have the only parts that matter.  With closed eyes, I press my ear against him, and listen to the rhythm of my heart beating in his chest."  (eARC, pg. 212)

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About the Author:

S.L. Scott has a degree in Journalism and is the author of the novels—Naturally, Charlie, and A Prior Engagement as well as several novellas, including Sleeping with Mr. Sexy and Morning Glory--all currently available on Amazon. Pursuing her passion for telling stories, she spends her days escaping into her characters, letting them lead her on their adventures. She is a Contributor to Huffington Post and writes for her own blog along with several other popular sites.

Traveling, music festivals, and surfing are a few of the hobbies she loves, but she doesn't get to enjoy on a regular basis. She has an obsession with movies, a varied taste in books, and collects Fitz & Floyd teapots. With a memory full of useless trivia facts, and a Keurig addiction, she loves a fun night in with her family as much as a loud night out with her friends.

Scott lives in the lively city of Austin with her husband, two young sons, and two Papillons, enjoying life in the beautiful hill country of Texas.
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