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Sun Kissed (Guardian Angel #2) by Skyla Madi

Sun Kissed (Guardian Angel #2) 

by Skyla Madi 

Pub January 1st 2013

by Limitless Publishing
ARC For Review

Gr’s Summary

What if everything you knew, everything you believed was a lie? 

For Ruby Moore life doesn’t slow down. It’s just one roller coaster ride after another and when the higher power comes to visit, Ruby’s world is shaken to its foundations. He offers her a job and if she wants to protect those she loves, she has no choice but to accept it. 

Face to face once again with love, loss and death, Ruby is being forced to sacrifice her own freedom in order to protect her world from the clutches of the evil vampires and if she fails, her loved ones will have to pay the price.

The Way I See It

One thing I’ve noticed with books is that as they progress they get better! What about movies?  Not so much. Seriously! Unless the movie’s are done after books, they will more than likely be a disappointment. Having said that! WOW! Guardian Angel #2 was SUPER.FLIPPING.DEVOUR-ABLE! You should definitely come take a bite of this one. ;)

S-oul, lost without Eli, Ruby will seek solace within her friends.
U-nwilling to lose, Hunter will make a grievous mistake, costing everything.
N-ecessary, a huge sacrifice will be made to keep those Ruby loves safe.

K-ind, a stranger helps Ruby when she needs it most.
I-ndifferent, a father refuses to see whats in front of him. He will pay the ultimate price.
S-tranger, no longer the boy he was, Hunter will fail Ruby’s trust.
S-trength, no longer the girl she was, Ruby will show everyone the power she wields.
E-ruption from her soul, Ruby is transformed.  She knows who she is and what she must face.
D-estiny in her hands, Ruby will face the events to come head on! Even if it means her heart will shatter along the way.

Fist Pump! Sun Kissed was soooo much fun! Never a dull moment, from the first page to the last Ms. Madi will keep you at the edge of your seat! There are so many ups and downs and CRAZY GOOD twists! Several times I found myself staring at the pages open mouthed. Seriously.Embarrassing.I.Know! Good thing everyone knows I’m a little silly, what with investing all of my emotions into a book I enjoy... ;)

My Fav's

Let the growth begin! Ruby develops so much in SK. I saw her take stuff on in stride, that would break most! A fighter through and through. I never doubted she would develop into a total Bad A$$! Still beautiful and caring, she embraces who she is to the core. By doing so she shows everyone, she is a force to be reckoned with!

Okay well my wish for these two is looking bleak. Why oh why Eli!! Eli plays a key role in Ruby’s development, I love that he FINALLY accepts the way he feels for her. He is her rock and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe even if it comes to death. OMG their situation is soo heart breaking. I want Eli and Ruby to be happy already! I will say this... there is a teeny tiny glimmer of hope... I hope something comes of it! :)

**I have good news and bad news... Bad NEWS: talk about a flipping cliffhanger! Good NEWS: Salvation book #3 is out so you can be like me and jump right in!** 

My Fav Quotes 

“He was there for you when I wasn’t. He might have been a bad influence, but he kept you going and kept you safe. For that I will be forever grateful.”
~Eli (Kindle Loc 2145)

“Despite where you are and what’s going on around you, you got out of bed this morning...and that makes you the strongest person I know.”
~Eli (Kindle Loc 2664)

“In my day it was customary to ask the father for permission before you court his daughter”
“Your prolonged absence means you forfeited that right a long time ago.”
~Eli (Kindle Loc 2996)

“Guardian angels don’t kill goddesses,”
“No, they don’t. She wasn’t killed,...”
~Lucian (Kindle Loc 2756)

My Rating

4.0 Vampire, Spiked Punch, Discarted Letter, Ruined Dinner, Heated Confession, Dead Boyfriend, Scorned Witch, Sun Power, Heelian Blood, Sacrificed Happiness, Broken Heart filled stars! STILL.CALLING.ALL. YA Paranormal FANS! Go get your copy NOW!!


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