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Book Spotlight : Ladies Man (Manwhore, #3) by Katy Evans

Ladies Man
Manwhore, #3
by Katy Evans

Release Date:
April 26th, 2016

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He’s not the guy you date. 
He’s the one night stand. 
You’d think this man who sent hot looks my way, who called me succulent, would want to strip me bare and spread me out on his bed like every other woman in Chicago. 
Except, he passed on my offer…. 
Just like I once passed on his. 
He’s wary, like I am. 
He’s broken, like I am. 
And everyone knows two broken parts can’t ever make a whole. 
So I try to distract myself with dating. 
Tahoe and I are strictly friends. 
He doesn’t think my new beau is good enough—he doesn't think any man is, especially himself. 
The more time Tahoe and I spend together, the more confused I feel. 
I'm trying to open up to love. 
But I'm quickly realizing that the only man I want is the stubborn, cocky, unattainable playboy Tahoe Roth. 
The one my mother warned me about. 
The one my body craves. 
The only one who will surely break my heart. 


A new standalone contemporary romance from Katy Evans' NYT bestselling Manwhore series  


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Lindy's Thoughts:

I LOVE all of Katy Evans' books!  There is not a single bad one in the bunch!!!  Her books captivate me and are an addiction that I never want to quit.  I love how raw, passionate, alpha, and in need of healing her male characters are.  She always makes me fall for her bad boys!!!

In the first three books of the Manwhore Series, we got Rachel and Saint's story, which was fantastic!  Since then, I have been waiting with baited breath to read about their best friends Tahoe and Callan, and Gina and Wynn.  It has been obvious since the beginning that Tahoe and Gina shared the ultimate attraction.  However, with Tahoe being the epitome of a Ladies Man, Saint has warned him to stay away from Rachel's best friend.

In this standalone addition to the Manwhore Series, we finally get Tahoe and Gina's story, told exclusively through Gina's point of view.  Gina had her heart broken when the man that she loved walked out on her, and told her that he didn't love her.  Her parents don't make time for her, and she feels unlovable.  Gina wears a "mask" that she hides behind.  She doesn't let anyone get too close to her, and will not be seen by anyone without a full set of makeup on, looking her best.  Gina has wanted Tahoe, and made it clear to him.  However, he repeatedly tells her that he is not good enough for her, and would only hurt her.  Therefore, while these two flirt, and find the most beautiful of friendships, it is obvious that they both yearn for more....

Ladies Man was the ultimate page-turner!  The story was seamless, the characters were captivating, and the story arc was enthralling.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I literally did not want this story to come to an end.  Tahoe was a bad boy, but he had a heart of gold, supported Gina, was always there for her when she needed him, and made her a priority in his life.  As we get further into the story, we learn what made Tahoe the ultimate bad boy who shunned commitment, and the reason was heartbreaking.  

Gina was a character that I loved as well.  I cried and felt her emotion on a personal level, when she reflected on the rejection, and betrayal that she experienced by those that were suppose to love her.  I also enjoyed catching up with Rachel and Saint, as well as being introduced to Tahoe's family.  His younger sister Livvy is set to do an internship with Tahoe's and Saint's other best friend, Callan, and I cannot wait!!!  Livvy is a firecracker!  I loved meeting her, and think it will be a lot of fun to see how she interacts with Callan.  Plus, I could totally see Tahoe being an overprotective older brother!

My Rating:

I give, Ladies Man, by Katy Evans, 5 Toe-Curling, Primal, Playful Sensuality, Wounded Hearts Healing Filled Stars!  Ladies Man is the ultimate sexy and swoon-worthy read!  You don't want to miss out!!!

Mikki's Review:

Ladies Man, by Katy Evans, was one of my most anticipated reads of 2016. Whenever I see Katy's name appear on my social media or emails, I freak out just a little bit. She's one of my favorite authors and she gave me my first book husband, which is the one and only Remy. She creates the most amazing, sexy, protective alpha males and the heroines that steal their hearts are equally captivating.

In Ladies Man we finally get Gina and Tahoe's story. Both these characters are introduced in the first three books of the Manwhore series, which follows Rachel and Saint's passionate and captivating love story. You could feel their attraction from the moment they met and now we get to read about how it explodes into a beautiful friendship, which soon turn into an all-consuming love story. This book can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend that you start the Manwhore series from the very beginning. Rachel and Saint are absolutely amazing!!!

Gina has been hurt by an ex-lover and since then she's been hiding behind a mask. The only person who can see behind that mask is Tahoe Roth. He's the ultimate ladies man and the only man that Gina craves. She wants him more than anything, but he keeps on pushing her away. Their attraction is undeniable and sparks fly when they breathe the same air. Tahoe Roth knows that giving in to temptation will only break Gina's heart. She wants only one night, but he knows that if he gives in, he will keep her forever. Will Tahoe break all his rules and give in to temptation?

This was such a page-turning reading escape! I read this book in one sitting and I did not want it to end! I fell in love with Gina and Tahoe in the previous books, but they absolutely stole my heart in this one! Tahoe might be the ultimate ladies man, but the way he protects and loves Gina left me breathless! You could feel his love for her and that he would do anything to make her happy. Even breaking his own rules, which could lead to trouble. This story is told from Gina's POV only so I was curious to see what secret Tahoe was hiding. There was a reason why he became such playboy and let me tell you that it broke my heart when I found out what happened to him in his past.

Gina was such a great heroine to follow. She's lovable, fierce and she goes after what she wants. It was easy to relate to her and she's the kind of heroine I love to cheer for in a book. We all hide behind a mask and have a protective wall surrounding our heart. It takes a lot of trust to let that mask fall and break those walls, but when you find the one person that will cherish and love you forever, it's all worth it.

Gina and Tahoe's chemistry was blazing hot and the sexual tension between them had be fanning my face more than once! I loved how strong their friendship was and how they turned to each other for support. Even if Tahoe was keeping Gina away from him, he was always there to keep her safe and make her smile. Their love story captivated me from beginning to end and I'm positive that many readers will fall in love with them just as much as I did! 

It was amazing to reunite with all the characters from this series. Seeing Rachel and Saint so in love makes my bookworm heart happy. This was a great addition to the Manwhore series and I can't wait to get Livvy and Callan's story. Livvy is Tahoe's sister and Callan is Saint and Tahoe's best friend. This is another book that will rock my world! I can feel it!


I give, Ladies Man, by Katy Evans, 5 passionate, tempting, exciting, protective, heart-melting, ''come here'' stars!

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About the Author:

Katy Evans is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Her debut REAL shot to the top of the bestselling lists in 2013 and since then all of her titles have been New York Times bestsellers. Her books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages across the world, with over a million copies sold worldwide.

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