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Book Review : The Slam by Haleigh Lovell

The Slam
by Haleigh Lovell

Release Date:
April 1st, 2016

New Adult

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From the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Haleigh Lovell, comes a sexy new standalone novel. 

His best strokes can be found off the court. 

Ender Hemsworth has been called many things: 
A Cock on Legs. 
Captain of Sigma Chi. 
Big man on campus. 
Star athlete at UC Berkeley. 
And he's always scowling like someone just took a piss in his Cheerios. 

Adelaide Vikander has been called one thing: 
Twenty Types of Trouble. 
And she likes to take the proverbial ‘piss’ in Ender’s Cheerios.  

When they’re forced to live together off campus, sparks fly and panties drop. 

Will Ender, the cold and unfeeling ‘Cock on Legs’ grow a torso, a head, and a warm, beating heart?

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The Slam is not the first novel I read from Haleigh Lovell. I have read her previous books and loved my reading escape every single time! I was excited to learn that she had written a new book and I could not wait to read it! I love sports romance novels and the synopsis caught my attention from the moment I read it.

Playboy Ender Hemsworth has met his match! He's always been fascinated by Adelaide Vikander. When he gets the news that she's coming to live with him and his brother, Ender is not sure what to expect. Adelaide is not what he expected and she has left him speechless. As days go by, Ender and Adelaide grow closer together. They coach each other and they share special moments. Adelaide is all grown up and ready to explore the world. That can only mean one thing ... Trouble. 

This was such a different and refreshing NA sports romance! I can honestly say that I have never met a character like Adelaide. She is so unique!! I have to admit that I was not a ints-fan of hers. I found it hard to connect with her at the beginning. That immediately changed when she started opening up to the world around her.  It was captivating to see the world through her eyes (Adelaide has Asperger syndrome) It was interesting to see her interact with people around her. Her social skills got a workout and it warmed my heart to see her make new friends and live new experiences. 

The chemistry between Adelaide and Ender was super hot and the author wrote some pretty steamy scene to indulge Adelaide's curiosity about sex. I loved how tender and passionate Ender was with her. He might be a playboy, but he was the perfect match for sweet and lovable Adelaide. This book is written in a dual POV and I'm so happy that the author wrote it that way. Ender had some stuff going on in his life as well and I wanted to know more about him. 

This book was filled with interesting characters that added a dash of extra awesomeness to this story. I laughed out loud so many times while reading Adelaide's journey. I had a smile on my face and my heart was happy. The banter between the characters, especially Adelaide and Ender, was so much fun! This cast of characters had a great chemistry and it made the story come alive. 


I give, The Slam, by Haleigh Lovell, 4 intriguing, sweet, fun, heart-warming, refreshing stars!

About the Author:

Haleigh Lovell is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of THE LIST series. She studied Journalism at the UW-Madison. Despite training as a journalist, Haleigh found she also enjoyed making up her own stories . . . stories with heat, humor, and heart. 

Speaking of hearts . . . the ones who truly have Haleigh's heart are her DIY husband, her tween daughters, and her three rescue dogs. 

Oh, and sleep. Haleigh also loves to sleep the sleep of a thousand martyrs.

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