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Blog Tour: Take Two By: Laurelin Paige

Take Two 

Laurelin Paige 
Release Date: February 4, 2014 
Pub: Samhain Publishing 


He’s ready for his close up, but she’s the one calling the shots. 

On the night of her graduation from film school, straight-laced Maddie Bauers fell completely out of character for an oh-my-god make-out session with a perfect stranger. Complete with the big O. 

Seven years later, that romantic interlude is still fresh in her mind. That stranger is now a rich and famous actor. And she’s one very distracted camera assistant working on his latest production. She might consider another tryst…if he even remembers her. 

Micah Preston does indeed remember Maddie. Too bad he’s sworn off Hollywood relationships. He allows himself as much sex as he likes—and oh, he does like—but anything more is asking for trouble. For the woman, not for him. Yet knowing Maddie could want more than a movie-set fling doesn’t stop him from pursuing her like a moth drawn to hot stage lights. 

But as the shoot nears its end, it’s decision time. Is it time to call, “Cut!” on their affair, or is there enough material for a sequel? 

Warning: Contains a dreamy movie star hero, a focus-pulling heroine, off-the-charts instant chemistry, steamy sex in near-public locations, and a new use for lip gloss.

The Way I See It
Let me start off by saying that I’m a pretty big fan of Laurelin Paige. When I read Take Two I knew I was in for a treat. The story was steamy as is expected from Ms. Paige. Both of the main characters were very likable and over all endearing. This was a fun light read nothing heavy looming in the background and I enjoyed watching these characters connect from day one to seven years later. This is the perfect book for a lazy sunday where you want to fill it with something fun and light. 

T-imid, Micah see’s a girl with legs for miles and he invites her to join him. Maddie does something very out of the norm for her she gives into her bodies demands. 
A-ssistant, Maddie flopped her dream but she has made a name for herself elsewhere. Now she is requested and she can name her price thats how talented she is. 
K-indle, Maddie hasn’t seen Micah in years but it feels like he doesn’t remember her. Micah not only remembers her he wants to finish what started 7 years ago. 
E-ntertainment, they have agreed to keep their interactions a secret. Everything around them seems to be in technicolor due to the risks they are taking. 

T-ruth, it slips from Maddie’s mouth she will not take it back good or bad these are the facts. Nothing to do about them now. 
W-orthy, all Maddie wanted to do was be a part of Micah’s inner circle she wanted to be a part of his family. It will take the wisdom his mother holds to open his eyes. 
O-pportunity, Micah has been a douchebag he is tired of his mistakes its time to correct them. It’s time to do the right thing admitting his feelings is the first step. Will he be in time and will Maddie reciprocate? 

Did I like this book? Yes. This was super fun and flirty. Nothing to deep or disturbing just an enjoyable fun loving read! You will relate to the characters and become invested in their success. Maddie is a hardworking beautiful girl, the pull that she has with Micah is intense. Ms Paige will make you feel right along with Maddie and Micah. Both of our main characters have legitimate fears but nothing dark or scary in their closets. It was nice to read about people with the same type of problems and fears that most of us have. The side characters were delightful, Micah’s best friend, and Maddie’s best friend added a lot of life to the story. Like I said earlier for a fun fluffy read pick up this book! 

My Rating 

3.5 Corona, Wrap Party, Camera Assistant, Airport Pickup, Best friend, Set Up, Missed Mark, Movie Mom, Red Carpet, Hot Air Balloon, Surfaced photographs, Award Show Confession, Love Filled, Promising Future Filled Stars!! For a fun and flirty read pick up this book!

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About The Author

Laurelin Paige is the NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Fixed Trilogy. She's a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there's kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three daughters. Her husband doesn't seem to complain, however. When she isn't reading or writing sexy stories, she's probably singing, watching Mad Men and the Walking Dead, or dreaming of Adam Levine.

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